Crys's Motivational Posters

These hilarious gems were created by my dear friend Crys, in response to the fact that I was taking 4563275891274 years to write TOSOT. I am convinced that these posters played a significant role in me finishing the story before we all grew up, got old, and went senile. Enjoy them now, as I did.

Y U NO       creepy monk      Duck

Bible      unicorn         

shakespeare      spock      ghostbusters    

cat      ghost       einstein

twilight      text    

joker      nike    

ariel        rock      i came i saw i conquered

soviet russia      preamble

FDR      mudkipz     tree falls    

scar      MLK     sparta

liberty       free offer       lion king

sweeney       one ring      macgyver     

zombie      love   

cake is a lie      batman      chairs         

caveman      sesame st    

calamitous      hakuna matata

sheen      emo      house

blues clues      simpson, eh?

buzz     gaga       jack      kanye    

darth      needs                                         

cheezburgr      uncle sam      smokey     kitten


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