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Question from Krista: Aurora, why do you keep that bulletin of Dictator Jimmy's locations and pictures on your wall? Is it a strange infatuation, or is it LOVE? 


AURORA: (blowing the hair out of her eyes) It's neither. It's a categorized record, that's all. You think I keep all those pictures there because I LIKE them? It's to help me keep track of his behavior patterns. I need to be one step ahead at all times. Who the heck told you about the wall anyway? -glare-

MARA: Heh...heh heh...


Question from Krista: Okaaay then. Next question. *Coughs and then puts microphone up to Aurora's mouth* What will you do once you (hopefully) cure Dictator Jimmy and revert him back to the old Jimmy?



MARA: (nods at Krista's microphone)

AURORA: How do I know if it'll even work? That's getting a bid far ahead of the game, wouldn't you say? If it works according to plan our troubles won't be over. My main priority will just be keeping him alive


Question from Krista: Oooh, I see.Well then, say high pathetically that the cure DID work, and Dictator Jimmy WOULD be reverted back to his original state. What would you do with him? *The chorus of the song "Pop, Lock, and Drop It" rumbles from nowhere* xD


LIBBY: (dancing) Sweet music!

AURORA: (glaring) Ignoring the irritating song, do you not get the concept? He's going to be a wanted criminal FOREVER. It'll never end. There'll always be people after him. I guess I'll...protect him.

MARA:  *blink* I've never heard that song before. **runs off to itunes**


Question from Megan: Aurora, what sort of feelings were you experiencing the last time you saw Jimmy on Earth?  Don't be afraid to break down and cry. :'( (I understand. Well, technically I don't.  And I don't think I ever will)


AURORA: (tossing her hair) Puhleeze, I'm not going to break down and cry.  

MARA: Not yet, anyway  :-D

AURORA:   *evil glare*

MARA: What? 

AURORA:  -_- Nothing. And no, you couldn't possibly understand. I'm not exactly a fan of analyzing my feelings, but stupid Mara's always making me say things that I don't want to.

MARA:  ^_^

AURORA: I guess...Fear. Anger. Sorrow. Regret. I remember thinking, "how did it come to this?" I wondered if I was the one personally responsible for everything that had happened. I asked myself why he was doing this to me, why I was his target. And the answer hurt. A lot.


AURORA: That's all.


Question from jimmyandcindy: If you had the chance to kill Dictator Jimmy, would you?


AURORA: It depends on whether or not there was an alternative. If Jimmy's antidote plan doesn't work out then yes, I will kill him. I should be the one to do it.

Question from kprrs3000: Aurora: How often do you cry?


AURORA: I can't afford to cry. Emotions distract me from my goals and endanger those around me.


Question from andrea: Aurora:

1) What will you do when you see Dictator Jimmy again?

2) Do you hate or have a grudge on DJ?

3) What are you most afraid of now?

4) And what did you do when you were alone in the world until April came?


AURORA: Oh, so now you're gonna hassle me, are you? Fine. Let's get these stupid questions over with.

1) Hopefully give him the antidote and end all of this.

2) Of course, wouldn't you?

3) What am I most afraid of? ...Losing the people I care about. Losing Libby, April, the kids...all of them. I've lost too many already.

4) Concentrated on surviving, mostly. It's kind of a blur. I remember spending a lot of my time trying to find food.

Am I done now?


Question from Miss Punk: Aurora, exactly how old are you?


Aurora: 21.


Question from Cindyfan7: Why do YOU have the bulletin board full of Jimmy stuff in you'r room?


AURORA: Okay, HOW many times am I going to be asked this question? There's a reason I keep the thing behind a curtain. It's a behavioral pattern study. You must know your enemy better than anyone if you are to defeat them.

Question from Miss Punk: Would you rather be married to Dictator Jimmy or have to fight him all by yourself?


AURORA: Married? Puh-LEEZE. Could you guys get your head out of the gutter for like 5 seconds? Jeez. I'm not getting married to anybody! Besides, even with the help of all my friends, I am the one who has to fight him in the end. That's the way it should be though; mano y mano, winner take all.


Question from Kate: How did it feel when you found out that Libby was still alive? If you could say one thing to DJ, what would it be?


AURORA: When I saw Future Libby again in Shangri Llama, I was...overwhelmed. I couldn't even feel myself breathe. I had always hoped she was still alive, of course, but I assumed that since she wasn't with Dictator Jimmy that he must have abandoned her somewhere, and that I'd never see her again.

What would I say to him? Pff, Trust me, I've said ALL sorts of things to him...except for perhaps the one thing that I wanted to say the most: Why? If I could ask one thing and one thing only, I'd ask him why.


Question from andrea: Aurora: -do u miss your family a lot or u've get used to it or what?

–have you ever thought about going anywhere fun since everything happened like an amusement park, parties, concerts ...?


AURORA: I don't think it's ever really possible to "get used to" the death of your family. Granted, I don't think about it every waking moment, but it's always there, somewhere deep inside me.

As far as entertainment is concerned, that hasn't exactly been my priority these past ten years. Not to mention that galactic concerts are mind-blowingly expensive, and the theme parks are just a ripoff. If you've seen one six-armed three-headed green alien trying to sell cotton candy at jacked up prices, you've seen 'em all.

April and I have gate-crashed a couple of really obnoxious high-end parties in our day. There's nothing like barging in on a bunch of fat rich snobs and putting a few rounds into the upholstery. The best parties I've been to, though, are the ones kept under the radar. They only happen a couple times a year, when the lowest, dirtiest scumbags crawl out of whatever hole they've been hiding in to get together and get stark raving drunk. They're highly illegal, but they're the best place to pick up information since you don't have to deal with bureaucratic red tape or any kind of normal inhibitions. They're pretty much a crime against all intelligent life, but they're extremely useful if you play your cards right. If you want reliable information, consult the criminals. That's rule number 1.

Question from Piqguet: Aurora--So, have you adapted to eating Planet Gorlock's food since you've been living there for 10 years, or do you somehow still eat our food?


AURORA: Ya, I've gotten pretty used to it. I still make sure my food is DEAD before I eat it though.


Question from Sunny: Do you know about the Lee-April-Nav triangle thingy? If so, who do you think April should marry--Nav or Lee?


AURORA: Ya, I could tell from the way Nav and Lee practically shoot sparks when they're around each other. The funny thing is, I always thought Lee and April would end up together - Nav's arrival just interrupted the inevitable.
I feel bad for Lee, but he needs to get over it and find someone else. Life is all about settling for less than what you wanted.

Question from Sunny: I see. So if April came to you and said she's considering breaking up with Nav because she just found out Lee is in love with her and she desperately needs advice, what would you tell her?


AURORA: If she was considering breaking up with him, then I'd tell her to do it. Marrying outside your species causes all sorts of problems, and if she were questioning her love for Nav, then I think she'd be better off with Lee. Though to tell you truth I don't think either of us is really cut out for marriage.

Question from Rachel: The WHOLE REASON you were angry with Jimmy and sprayed the Megalomanium in his eyes in the first place was because you were jealous of Betty and wanted Jimmy's attention. Do you ever find it ironic that for the past ten years you've been pouring all your time and energy into assasinating DJ?


AURORA: DON'T remind me. Sometimes I think the universe runs on irony.
I was a dumb kid who didn't think about the consequences of her actions, plain and simple. I wish I could take it back, but I can't. I guess the ultimate irony is that I'm STILL trying to get Neutron's attention, just in a different way.

Question from Katie: To Aurora and Future Libby: If you could give only one piece of advice to your alternate universe selves, what would it be?
To Dictator Jimmy, Future Carl, and Future Sheen: If you could hypothetically give one piece of advice to your past selves, say, from about 10 years ago, what would it be?


AURORA: One piece of advice for Cindy? I guess...think before you act. Don't be afraid to play dirty, and do what you need to survive...but don't underestimate the value of friendship, and never take the things you have for granted.

FUTURE LIBBY: I guess it would be somethin' along the lines of "sometimes things go wrong BIG TIME, but if you keep goin', stuff's bound to change". I dunno. I guess I would also remind younger me that friends are more important than matter HOW great clothes, music and jewelry are, they aren't as great as the people you care about.

DICTATOR JIMMY: I would remind my younger self just how much potential he has. I would caution him in his choice of friends and hopefully do away with a little of his naivete...although that will fade with time.

FUTURE SHEEN: I'd tell the younger me that he has no idea how lucky he is. Good things come to an end, so enjoy them while you can. I'd probably give him a few tips to help with the ladies too ;-) I mean, I've always known Libbs would be a total babe someday, and I should give myself a head start. Am I right?

FUTURE CARL: Umm...I don't really remember what I was like 10 years ago. It's all kind of fuzzy. But I guess I wouldn't give him advice. I'd probably ask him for some instead. What kind of person should I be? What makes me happy? What do you remember about being a kid? I wish I could be a kid again...

Question from Sunny: Aurora: How did you feel when Future Carl let you out? And how did you escape? Did you have any idea that he was acting on Jimmy's orders, or did you think he was risking himself to help a past friend?


AURORA: What? He was acting under Dictator Jimmy's orders? I don't believe you. He seemed terrified when he let me out of that cell.
And you should know better than to ask me questions like that. I don't want to talk about it. But if you MUST know, I made my way through his base, taking down whatever security got in my way, until I got to a room in Sector 1 with escape pods...there was a self-destruct module there too, but I couldn't figure out how to use it.

Anyway, I wouldn't know what to say to Carl if I saw him. "Sucks to be us" maybe? Or "why the heck are you still sitting around helping him you spineless coward"? But that's unfair, I suppose. I mean, Neutron isn't the easiest person to get away from. Just look at me. I've spent my whole life chasing him.

Question from Sunny: If you knew perfectly well that Lady Jaya was going to reject your idea (wasn't that part of the plan anyway?), why didn't you just fill the vial with WATER? It would have saved you a whole vial of antidote, and, more importantly, made sure everyone is prepared when they split into groups and sneak in the ship.


AURORA: Hey, you know what? The next time YOU face an evil Dictator, meet up with his younger alternate self, concoct a crazy plan, and then present that plan to a room full of criminals, YOU can decide what to do.
I didn't KNOW Lady Jaya would reject the plan. I mean, I knew she'd badmouth me, because she always does, but somehow I kept hoping that the other people present would be a bit more...courageous? and back me up. Cut me some slack, jeez. <.<

Question from Noemi:  1.- Do you think DJ has a weakness? If so, what is it?
Ahem [clears throat and almost whispering] I know u haven't told anyone about what happened when u were captured, but anyway someone told me your little secret...
2.- Do you really think DJ kissed u as a way to defy u? maybe just to hurt u or that it was a perfect excuse for him to do it on purpose coz he wanted to? After all he personally caught u getting out the Half Life
3.- Now that u're going to DJ's fortress i was wondering ...which of the 3 groups are going in without the antidote?
4.- Why don't u use the time machine to fix things up???


1) He thinks he knows everything. Unfortunately, I've never seen him act rashly - he really thinks things through, so his overconfidence isn't necessarily a weakness. I don't know...
2) I don't want to talk about it...
3) The groups will be as follows:
Group 1 - Libby and me
Group 2 - Nav and April
Group 3 - the kids
4) You mean, why don't I go back in time and prevent Jimmy from ever being exposed to the megalomanium? It would just create a paradox...a new history. But my history would still exist somewhere. I can't abandon it...I have to fix what's wrong here.
Besides, time travel makes my head spin.

Question from Pigquet: How many times have you actually faced the dictator in battle alone, not counting the first time back on the deserted earth before he took off? Unless that's too personal or upsetting for you to answer, in which case, sorry.
How and where did you get your piloting training, and when and how did you become one of the top ace-pilots of all?
Did you have to go through any schooling on Planet Gorlock when you moved there at age 11, since everything on Earth was pretty much out of the question and not important anymore, since everyone was gone and most important was surviving after this tradgedy. But, before entering resistance and war training, did Gorlock have its own "educational facility", as April called Linberg Elementary back on Earth when you were there, for the children to attend, or no they didn't do care about that stuff?
If so, what kind and what'd you do?


AURORA: How many times have I faced him alone? Very few. I wasn't willing to take that risk. I ran into him a few times by myself, but all the major battles I participated in were group efforts. The smallest number of people I've had for backup is 2 - Nav and April.

Hmm. Gorlock education is quite different from human schooling. As young children, Gorlocks are allowed to pretty much run wild, playing, learning about their environment, and forging friendships and enmities that last a lifetime. There is very little structure to their learning during their first 8 or so years of life. Then, when the child hits about 9 years old, he or she is shipped off to a live-in school environment that can best be described as abrasive, militaristic, and emotionally scarring. Natural Gorlock traits such as toughness, agressive behavior, and fighting abilities are carefully cultivated over the next couple of years. The children, if they are successful, graduate around age 13.

About 85% of Gorlocks go on to join the Gorlock army in some way. Some, like Lee for example, inherit other positions from their family. Still others, who show little capacity for bloodlust or who repeatedly fail their competency exams, are given the lowest, worst jobs in society.

Being human, I wasn't allowed to attend Gorlock school. Luckily for me, however, April's involvement in InterGalactic Showdown meant that she was granted the highest marks and allowed to graduate early - which seemed fitting for a child who had just helped save the planet. April showed such aptitude in the fields of weaponry and aeronautics that she was given an apprenticeship and allowed full access to all the ship equipment.

April stole me a copy of the keycode, and I spent hours flying all sorts of ships on the simulators. I practiced for over a year, and when the time came for April to take her pilot's license test, I came along. I switched with April, who knew how much I wanted to fly, and made it through both the atmospheric and spatial obstacle course with spectacularly high marks. I can't even tell you how surprised the score keepers were when they opened the cockpit to congratulate April on setting a new record - and found me instead. They were angry at first, of course, but from then on they held a new respect for me.

I had no problem accessing any of the ships or other equipment after that. I continued practicing, and eventually brought my piloting skills into use in battle. My natural ability combined with my drive for perfection made me one of the best pilots in the whole rebel alliance, if not the entire galaxy.

Question from Kaytron: Aurora, when you see April and Nav together, do you feel lonely or do you long for someone to call your own? Also, how does it feel to see your younger self and the Dictator's younger self together and flirting with eachother?


I pretty much gave up on the idea of marriage at age 11. I often wish things hadn't turned out the way that they did, but there's nothing I can do about it except to keep fighting.
Jimmy and Cindy are ridiculous. When I see them bickering and flirting, I want to punch both their lights out. It reminds me of the reason we're in this mess, not to mention that it brings to light pretty much everything I hate about myself.
People in love are ridiculous anyway. They don't realize how deranged they look to everyone else.

Question from Kaz: Hypothetically (damn you Krista) you wake up tomorrow and it's suddenly 10 years ago, and you're eleven again. And only you have memories of everything that has happened. How would you react?


AURORA: I hate hypothetical questions. Ugh. If I was sent back to the day of Libby's birthday party, I would make sure to tell Jimmy ahead of time that he had wrapped the megalomanium instead of the perfume. I'd stop him or anyone else from coming into contact with it, and then INSIST that it be destroyed.
Other than that, I guess I'd appreciate things a lot more. You don't know how wonderful things are until you lose them. I'd treat my friends and family better, for starters, and I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.
I think I'd give April a call sometime too. You know, I really do like her.

Question from Flank: I have a question for Aurora. You and April must have some free time and, I'm sure, you are relaxing in some way. What do you two do for fun? Watch intergalactic TV shows and eat tasty synthesized foods, explore the wonders of the vast Galaxy, just go to sauna coughwithnav?

**April and Aurora exchange glances**
AURORA: Hmm, I'm not sure if I should elaborate on all of our pastimes, since some of them occur in do I word this...
APRIL: Disreputable locations?
AURORA: There ya go. April and I belong to the criminal underworld. We've done some pretty sketchy stuff, honestly. For example, we have a few contacts who are really into illegal gambling, and although neither April nor I really gamble to any extent, we do end up at a lot of dodgy joints. Then again, when I stop to think about it, most of our excursions to places like those DO involve the war in some way, so I guess they don't really qualify as "leisure time". Plus, it's not much fun when you have to keep your guard up the whole time.
APRIL: Of course, these sort of ventures can be very rewarding as well. We have participated in quite a number of contests - fighting or otherwise - that helped earn us our reputation and quite a bit of extra money.
AURORA: Very true. Nav especially loves these, cause it gives him the opportunity to make a complete fool of himself in front of large groups of spectators. For example, since the nanites in Nav's system prevent him from getting drunk, he can win any drinking contest he enters, hands down. Of course, this fact doesn't stop him from pretending to be utterly wasted...
APRIL: (laughing) Haha, I will never forget the time that he stripped down to his underwear and danced on top of the...
AURORA: Let's NOT go there, April.
APRIL: Oh...
AURORA: Truth be told, when we have long stretches of free time between missions, things can honestly get quite boring. I go a bit stir-crazy, actually.
APRIL: Indeed. When you are used to action, it is difficult to adjust to a slower-paced lifestyle. My personal favorite leisure activity, of course, is the study and practice of firearms, but since this is not a social pastime, I cannot allow it to consume all of my time.
AURORA: Hmm, what else? We've done quite a bit of spontaneous sightseeing. I mean, when you cruise around the galaxy in your own private ship, it's hard to miss bizarre things along the way. Basically, the universe is filled with really weird stuff.
APRIL: I believe you mentioned movies in your question as well...Nav is a...what is the terminology...a real movie buff? He brings home all kind of old movies, both from Earth and other extinct civilizations. He almost never watches TV, but if it is a terribly made film with outdated special effects, he loves it.
AURORA: Oh GOD yes. Don't even remind me of all the B movies I've had to sit through with that man. Like "Quicksilver Highway" many times has he watched that now?
APRIL: 27, I believe.
APRIL: Oh, remember the time we were watching Old Yeller, and Nav started bawling his brains out?
AURORA: I know! He's more of a woman than we are!
APRIL: And then Lee walked in, watched like five minutes, and started crying too?
AURORA: I know! What the heck?
NAV: If I am indeed a woman like you, then I suppose you wouldn't mind sharing that sauna with me...
AURORA: Get lost!

Question from Macey:  So FC is a huge wimp who has stuck with DJ this whole time, but he did give you your suit and stuff. In other words, let's say he appears in front of you right now- what do you say to him?


I'd say, "move".

Question from Sonicjet: How did you acquire your ship? Have you ever had the urge to call April "Spock"?


AURORA: April may speak a bit robotically, but her people are more like the Klingons in ST: The Next Generation than the Vulcans. If anything, I should be calling her "Worf" (though in the Gorlock language, the word "worf" refers to a kind of fungal eye infection, so I don't think she'd appreciate the reference).  As for the ship question, it's one of the few things we've actually acquired through legal means. We bought it.

Question from Pedro: Why and how did you name the Desperado.. well.. the Desperado?


AURORA: "Desperado (noun): A desperate or reckless person, esp. a criminal; a person urged by furious passions, regardless of the consequences. " Pretty self-explanatory, right? Actually, April and I didn't name the ship. You can thank Nav and his usual flippant wordplay for that one.

Question from Katie: What do you miss the most from your life before the megalomanium incident?


This may sound superficial, but honestly, I miss the everyday stuff - like worrying about what shoes to wear, or spending 20 minutes trying to get my stupid cowlick to behave itself. I miss having garage sales and listening to track #5 on repeat on Libby's boom box. I miss homework assignments and having little adventures and imagining what high school would be like. I miss being carefree and not even knowing it.

Question from Emily: Athena and I were discussing this last night, Aurora, and without being too explicit, we were wondering how you keep yourself groomed and clean since the suit's been ingrained into your skin for so long...


AURORA:  I still take showers, if that's what you mean. The parts of the suit that can't come off have a self-cleaning function of some sort, though I'm not entirely sure how it operates. Either way, the silver tubing doesn't cover any, erm, important areas, so no festering for me.

Question from Lizz:  If you didn't have that suit stuck on yourself, what outfit would you wear?


AURORA:  Well, I used to wear a lot of camo and army surplus gear back when I was a teenager. I tried Gorlock suits for awhile, but Gorlocks don't sweat as much as humans and those leathery clothes just don't breathe.
I guess now I'd wear something simple and black...or maybe I'd even try street clothes for a change. Who knows.

Question from Georgia: Aurora and DJ : How did it feel to see and meet your younger, alternate selves? Was it like suddenly gaining a sibling? Or did they just seem like stupid kids, dead weight? I mean, I know that without them both of you would be dead right about now, but what did you think of the situation? And, specifically to DJ, on a scale of 1 - 100, how surprised were you to see the AU kids appear at the end of your battle with Aurora?


AURORA: Well, to steal a phrase from Nav, meeting those kids was like going on the world's weirdest acid trip. They weren't dead weight, certainly - having them in tow gave me the same sort of feeling you'd get if you were to find and read your own long-forgotten diary. Except in my case, the diary came alive and the version of me contained within its pages began to judge me on everything I've done wrong in my life.
DJ: I'd rate my surprise at about 70.25. The number would be higher, except that I was under the impression at the time that I was suffering from some sort of auditory and visual hallucination.

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