Questions for Carl

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CARL: Yay, questions! I’m so popular!

Question from Sarah: So have you seen Elke again since, Carl Wheezer: Boy genius?


CARL: No, but I've been writing to her a lot! I send her letters and emails and pictures of llamas!


Question from NekoGirl: Carl, do you still like Elke Ekberg, or was it just in that one episode?


CARL: Of course I still like her! Next to Jimmy's Mom, she's my favorite girl!


Question from Krista: Um, Carl... why did you agree to go goth?


CARL: (looking embarrassed) Mara did that to me! It was so mean! You're not a nice person Mara!

MARA:  :-D


Question from Amanda: OH YEAH! I've always wanted to know this.......... What is sooo tasty *gags* about those disgusting alien food? Its called Plutonian Gut Chunks? *shivers*


CARL: Mmmm! Plutonian gut chunks! They look gross but after eating hypoallergenic protein substitute for years they're just so yummy!!


Question from gamergirlv: Carl, Do you ever wonder what happened to your future self?


CARL: I guess so. I'm a bit too worried about the current me to pay too much attention, though.


Question from Cindyfan7: Do you worry if future you is evil?


CARL: What?? My Future self is EVIL? THERE'S NOWHERE TO HIDE!!! **runs away**



Question from Amanda: Carl, does it scare you that your future self is on Dictator Jimmy's side? And not fighting with your friends? Do you ever wish he wasn't with him?


CARL: Well...

MARA: I can answer that for him. He's scared of everything, so ya.

CARL: Hey!!!

MARA:  ^_^

Question from Gwen:  Carl, are you afraid of what Mara will do to your older self?


CARL: (shifty eyed), uh...Mara is the most wonderful author ever and would never do anything mean to me.

MARA: That's riiight. Good boy! Fetch!

**throws him a dog biscuit**

MARA: Who's a good boy? Who is it?

CARL:  ^_^

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