Questions for Cindy

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Question from jimmyandcindy: Cindy and Jimmy: What would you do if I accidently ran into one of you two and you two kissed?


CINDY: I'd punch you in the face.

JIMMY:  *sweatdrop*

MARA: Now, now, let's give a reasonable answer.

CINDY: I'm serious. I don't like being forced to kiss people.

JIMMY: are you saying that you'd kiss me if it wasn't forced?

CINDY: Hey, I never said that! Stop putting words in my mouth!

MARA: Oh, I could say something really bad right now but I'm gonna refrain~


Question from andrea: I have a question for Cindy, Jimmy, Libby, Carl and Sheen: do you wish you have never come to this universe?


CINDY: Sometimes I feel that way. I mean, it's not exactly fun to see your future selves so messed up. But at the same time I feel like I'm learning something...something that might be important in our universe someday.

JIMMY: I agree. I've certainly had to re-examine the way I conduct my scientific research and the way I treat my friends. Knowing that you have the capacity for such great evil is really scary, though.  I guess in the end, I just want something good to come of this.

LIBBY: I think somethin' good's already come. I'm glad we're here...if nothin' else, I think maybe those two can get a taste of their own medicine on a galactic scale and see what it's like!  :-D


SHEEN: Haha! I'm just liking all the time I get to spend with Future Libbylicious... <3


SHEEN: And Libbylicious.

LIBBY: That's more like it. 

CARL: What about me? Don't I get to say anything?

MARA: Let me guess...the whole trip is really scary, it's aggravating your scapula, and you miss llamas and Jimmy's Mom.

CARL: I wasn't gonna say that! OK maybe I was...

MARA: Ya huh. I thought so.  ;-P


Question from Cindyfan7: Cindy: Do YOU have a bulletin board full of pictures of Jimmy????? If so why?  ^_^


CINDY:  Are you kidding me?! No way! If I did, it would be for dart practice. 


Question from Amanda: Cindy, ok so now that Jimmy is an all powerful dictator in the future, does it ever scare you that DJ is after your future self? I mean, he could easily go after you instead of Aurora, you are her past self, and killing you could kill Aurora (well I think it should). Do you ever worry about anything like that though?


CINDY: It's not my job to babysit my older self...although it does hurt sometimes to see what could happen to me if I'm not careful. I don't think I myself am in any danger. I really don't think the Dictator would glance my way, even if he knew who I was. More likely he'd go after Jimmy...try to win him over or something. I don't know, that's just my take on the situation.

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