Questions for Dictator Jimmy

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Question from Krista: I've got a question! Alright, Dictator Jimmy, would you hug me back if I were to let you annihilate me? =D


DICTATOR JIMMY: . . . Come and find out...


Question from Krista: Okay, Dictator Jimmy... does your real side ever break through the effects of the Megalomanium?




APRIL: Never.


**three way exchange of glances**


Question from Megan: Why exactly do you feel the need to control the known universe and absolutely destroy the bodies, minds and spirits of all who oppose you?


DICTATOR JIMMY: In a physiological sense, power is a drug...a very addicting one. The Megalomanium acts by heightening your body's biochemical response to the thrill of Power. I literally cannot function without it.


Question from andrea: Dictator Jimmy:

1) What did you feel when you finally deleted everyone and when you were about to go, Aurora said she saw you like if you were fighting the megalomanium, were you?

2) What were you thinking in those moments?

3) Did you feel bad for leaving Aurora there by herself?

4) Do you regret that decision?

5) What did you feel when you captured Aurora?

6) What did you feel when she escaped?

7) If you are so powerful, why haven’t you fought the resistance movement or whatever it's called?

8) What would you do if you had Aurora in front of you right now?

9) If you knew you were going to be sprayed with the megalomanium, would you have ever invented it? Or do you love being an evil dictator?

10) Do you have (or would like to have or ever had) a wall full of Aurora's pictures and a record of where she's been and all that stuff as she has one of you in her room (oops! you didn't heard it from me...)

11) And finally will you ever forgive me for asking so many questions?



1) I don't remember anything about fighting the Megalomanium back on Earth. Aurora was obviously seeing what she wanted to see.

2) I was thinking about what my next move would be.

3) No.

4) It doesn't matter.

5) I don't squander my energy feeling anything.

6) You believe she escaped? Please, use what little intelligence you have. She never would have gotten away had I not let her.

7) I have fought them, but in all honesty, they bore me. The majority of them don't even put up enough of a fight to be worth my time.

8) It depends on the circumstance.

9) I don't really love anything, except power. I guess my old self would have said that no, he wished he never made the Megalomanium. But I have come to realize its true benefit.

10) I have vast computers full of data on every person I've ever met, Aurora included. So yes, in a manner of speaking.

11) My absolute limit is 10 questions. Enough wasting my time.



Question from loopin: I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!! Well, TWO questions actually....Dictator Jimmy, do you have any allies or accomplices of any kind? How about Future Carl? And when you do take over the galaxy and demand total obedience, what will you ask the people to do? Build monuments or something?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I would not exactly call him an accomplice, but I certainly can't dismiss the role Carl has played during the past 10 years. He's loyal...mostly. From time to time I have to remind him who makes the rules.

As for the second question, I don't want monuments. That's pointless. I want total and complete power...influence over the life of every galactic inhabitant. I want to play God on a universal scale. I've already made notable strides toward this goal, of commissioning English as the galactic language, setting up an entirely new economic system, and creating inventions to solve just about any problem imaginable...or to destroy just about any enemy imaginable. But it won't stop there...even if I control the entire universe. I'll invent something to take me to another one.


Question from gamergirlv: Dictator Jimmy, in what way do you plan on killing everyone here on IDOJ whose questions have annoyed you?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Finally, a question I don't mind answering. I normally wouldn't take the time to bother with people as pathetic as you, but several of you have managed to...command my attention. Congratulations.

I think I'd pick something slow...perhaps I'd jettison you into space one by one, so you can slowly watch each other suffocate while the blood boils inside your veins.


Question from Carrie: DJ: Where do you get your haircuts?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I built a robotic barber to cut my hair. It doubles as a lamp, footstool, cleaning bot, and automatic machine gun.


Question from andrea: DJ: What do you do in your spare time, or if you don't have any time to spare, what do you do on a usual day?


DICTATOR JIMMY: When I'm not out on conquests (which is happening more and more frequently, as I have fully automated ships, weapons, and robotic agents that do it for me now), I spend a lot of time in the lab. I make it my goal to build a better mousetrap, so to speak. If it hasn't been invented yet, I invent it. If it has been invented, then I improve upon it. Sometimes I create new weapons (like my suit, for example) or design new security devices for my fortress; other times I run all sorts of...interesting experiments.


Question from Bekboo: If I sprayed myself with Megalomanium, would you marry me?


DICTATOR JIMMY: No, I'd kill you.


Question from Amanda:  Hey DJ I have a question, are you ever lonely? And miss your old friends? (especially Cindy ;-) )


DICTATOR JIMMY: I don't know about lonely...more like bored. Yes, I get bored from time to time and wish I had someone to divert me.


Question from Alex: Are you trying to fight against the Megolamanium? Do you have nightmares about... the stress?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Not that I’m aware of.


Question from Bekboo: DJ: Do you use the love potion to blackmail people?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Why would I? I have more powerful ways to compel people to do what I want. Moreover, I destroyed the love potion long ago, to prevent myself or someone close to me from coming in contact with it by accident.


Question from Cindyfan7: Do you ever wonder what it could've been like had you not turned evil and into a jerk?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I probably would have gone right on being a naive and clueless genius concerned mainly with helping others. Perhaps I would have saved the human race a few more times. Nothing too interesting.


Question from Amanda: DJ, how come you didn't kill Aurora when you had the chance? Was it your past feelings for her stopping you? Or was it you wanted her to suffer for it all?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Well, the first time - back on Earth - I let her live because I wanted her to suffer. Suffer more than anyone else. Those who had been deleted no longer had any worries, so their suffering was at an end, and Sheen, Carl, and Libby, however much they missed Earth and their families, would have each other. But Cindy...Cindy...I wanted her to feel so alone and hopeless that death would seem like a welcome alternative in comparison.

The second time, 3 years ago when I captured her, the situation was different. Killing her seemed like a senseless waste of an entertaining game piece. She put up such an impressive struggle that I actually found myself challenged...something that is rare nowadays. After all, it isn't everyday that I come across an opponent who actually makes things interesting. So I let her live. I know it's only a matter of time before she comes back to face me again. Then I will kill her.


Question from andrea: don't u think that after 3 years it would be harder to fight Aurora? don't u think she might have more power than u expect? of course u'll play on her weaknesses, but u have weaknesses too! don't u think she might have learned a lot more than u imagine? why are u so confident? u shouldn't underestimate ur opponent...I don't know if u are confident enough to say it, but remember that "confidence is ignorance, if you are feeling cocky, it's because there's something you don't know".


DICTATOR JIMMY: A point well made, I concede. Indeed, I will never make the mistake of underestimating Aurora. She knows far more about me than most people, which makes her my most dangerous opponent. She is well versed in combat and has a talent for improvising. Her skill as a pilot is unmatched, and while she's certainly not a genius, she's no ordinary woman.  

However, Aurora has several things holding her back. Her ties to the past are still strong; she cannot view the situation objectively, and therefore acts according to her emotions and instinct. As long as she sees me as the person she used to know, she will never be able to kill me. Additionally, I have the upper hand both in technology and location - she will have to come to me and face me in my stronghold.

I am not saying that it is impossible for her to win. It is merely astronomically unlikely, statistically speaking. Still, though I don't know why, I have a strange premonition regarding Aurora. For better or for worse, I am certain that the next time we meet will be our final battle.


Question from Miss Punk: So do you ever get sad about things you have done?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Occasionally I feel regret, but it's merely a passing trifle.


Question from loopin: Any way, I gots anotha' question: DJ, have you ever wished for "Female companionship"? Like a queen or something?

Side note from Mara: OK, I'm really glad I re-read your note, because when I first saw your question, 'Have you ever wished for "female companionship?"' I thought you meant...erm, how shall I say this politely...PAID female companionship. I was all like *blink* "did loopin REALLY just ask that question?? Well, OK...

I was all set to answer, then I read the rest of the question and I was like "Oooh! So THAT's what she meant!" LOL. It was a near disaster. Anyway....


DICTATOR JIMMY: Well, as you may imagine there are a conspicuous lack of human females. I have only myself to blame for this, as my 11 year old self did not think ahead to the time when I might be interested in women. I could probably create a companion if I tried...I have the entire human genome sequenced, after all...but that would be boring, not to mention dangerous. I cannot let someone get that close to me, or they would have the opportunity to strike when my defenses were down. So no, for the time being, I will keep my distance from women.

Question from Miss Punk: So you're afraid that if a woman came to power with you, she could knock you down or take control?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Not afraid, no. I am just taking the necessary precautions, as I have always done. Whatever gratification a woman would provide wouldn't be worth the risk. Women...humans in general for that matter...are unreliable and unpredictable. The only people you can trust are your enemies, because you already know their intent.


Question from Amanda: Dictator Jimmy, by some weird twist of fate, that Aurora was on your side, would you consider her as your female companion?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I thought I made clear the fact that I cannot have a female companion. Even if, for some inexplicable reason, Aurora were on my side, it would not change things. Rather, it would make her all the more dangerous. Aurora and I could never be together. It would be like uniting gunpowder and flame. Both would be consumed and destroyed.


Question from Amanda: DJ: Was that awkward to answer that last question by any chance? Cause it was awkward to ASK…Ah. Honesty would be appreciated, but you wouldn't really care so can you be honest anyways?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Yes, I suppose it was awkward. I am not accustomed to having to answer strange questions posed by clearly inferior individuals.


Question from loopin: Dictator Jimmy, How come you cut your hair??? I miss the old wippy-dip hair do!


DICTATOR JIMMY: I outgrew it.


Question from PinkPrincess: Who do u think should die in TOSOT?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I don't really care who dies. But I will kill anyone who gets in my way, unless they are of better use to me alive.


Question from andrea: Hypothetically speaking, if ur younger self managed to do an antidote for the megalomanium, and there are some dreadful side effects, which would u prefer it would be coma for an extremely long period of time or death?


DICTATOR JIMMY: That is a very peculiar hypothetical question. I suppose being in a coma is preferable to death, but if I would only awaken to find myself out of control and tormented, than death might be a better alternative. I'd be very interested to find out what comes after this life. There may be other opportunities awaiting me there.


Question from Kate:  Do you ever get lonely? Why haven't you destroyed the resistance movement yet? If you were given the chance, would you kill Aurora?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Lonely? Not in particular. I have more than enough to keep me occupied. From time to time, I suppose, I crave some intelligent conversation.

In regards to your second question, why should I squander my time and energy hunting down rebels spread across several galaxies? No, I am waiting for them to come to me. They will very soon attempt a large-scale attack, and when they do, I will destroy them all at once.

You forget that I have, on several occasions, had the chance to kill Aurora. In the end, one of us will have to die. She will not rest until she has killed me or been killed by me...we shall see which way events turn. Her death would be somewhat regrettable, I'll admit. She's the only opponent who stands even a remote chance of defeating me, and without her I'll be hard pressed to find a challenge anywhere.

Question from Pigquet3: How many planets have you conquered? How many galaxies?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I currently have operatives working within the 3 largest galaxies in the local group: the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Triangulum Galaxy. This amounts to some 600 billion stars and half as many planets, only about 10% of which are habitable - so 30 million worlds. Naturally I have only conquered a few hundred thousand of these, and only a few thousand personally.

My methodology is simple. I ignore those worlds which do not contain intelligent or at least reasonably intelligent life. Planets that pose a greater threat than benefit are exterminated. Those that have potential uses are conquered and a portion of their resources enters into my possession. This in turn fuels further conquest.

At this point the war essentially wages itself. When I first began, I personally wiped out or subjugated worlds - but now I have amassed sufficient robotic and mercenary forces to do the dirty work for me. Meanwhile, galactic society becomes more fragmented by the day, leading to new conflicts and continuing warfare. In a sense, I have created something on a scale far grander than myself. Ultimately, though, only the slightest manipulation on my part can bring me anything I desire and at the same time have far-reaching and life-changing consequences for countless people. That is power.

Question from Sunnstar:
1. Do you remember anything about your life before you were Megolomaniumed? (Probably yes but just wondering)
2. If you could have one wish, what would it be?
3. Please define "friends" and "trust," you know, as an evil dicator and stuff.


DICTATOR JIMMY: Of course I do...although it certainly feels like something from a distant dream.

Where's the satisfaction in wishing? I prefer to go out and make things happen. You can't simply be handed something without having to work for it.

The definition of "friends" and "trust" is hazy at best. As someone with many enemies, neither of these words signifies a beneficial circumstance.

In my old life, I suppose I would have said that friends are the people you can count on in the most difficult circumstances. But the same no longer applies. Carl only remains my "friend" because he is weak-minded, and I know for a fact that Sheen would kill me if he were given the opportunity. Likewise, Aurora has made it her mission in life to hunt me down.

So you see, the people who you once counted as your friends may not remain as such once circumstances change. Therefore it is better to only count on yourself.

Question from Amanda: Oookay,I have a totally serious question. So, DON'T LAUGH. By some odd twist, Aurora was NOT against you, but just an innocent pedestrian as any other alien, would you force her into being one of your minions? She still DOES know karate, and you are know what she's capable of, so, do you ever wonder if she hadn't joined the resistance?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Aurora, an innocent pedestrian? I will admit, that almost made me laugh. Aurora and innocence are hardly compatible concepts.

If she were not a member of the resistance, but instead an independent criminal, then I would have killed her immediately. As she is now, she is predictable. Were she not pitted against me, she would not be.

I suppose you mean how would I react to Aurora if she wasn't Cindy - that is, if I had not known her from childhood. In that case, I suppose I'd have no cause to pay attention to her at all.

Question from Andrea: How do you feel when all the thing u do and everything you are is controlled by a teenage girl with a great imagination?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I suppose that must be some kind of which case, I'd like to thank her for putting me in the position I am in now, as the most powerful person in the known universe.

Question from Amanda: DJ, any regrets about deleting your own parents? Ever wish you HADN'T done that?


DJ: Deleting them was actually an act of mercy. They were of no further use to me, and it would only have caused them undue suffering to witness my actions. I feel that I spared them a horrible future, so no...I have no regrets.

Question from Amanda:  DJ: Do you think you're atractive, or do you know if you've had time to think about it?


KRISTA: He is one SEXY BEAST! ...Wait, did I just say that out loud?

MARA: Yep. Don't worry though, you're not the only one. Aurora thinks so too ^_^
MARA: Save it for DJ, hun.
Seriously though. o___O
DICTATOR JIMMY: I do not maintain my appearance to be "attractive" to other people. That would be a waste of my time. Rather, I use my technology to bring my body as close as possible to the human ideal. In this way I maintain perfect health and physical fitness.
GWEN: And now would you like to give us the not-gay answer?
MARA: Goodbye Gwen.

Question from Sunny:  Have you ever regretted kidnapping FC and FS, who used to be your best friends, at all?


DJ: My only regret is that Sheen chose to assist Libby in her escape. It was...unfortunate. I would rather have kept him as an ally.

Question from Daphney:  Do you really have a long-term strategy or are you just making it up as you go along? What do you plan to do if you really DO take over the galaxy (ie, beat Aurora and co. in the war?)


DICTATOR JIMMY: It's a little bit of both, I suppose. Strategies are important, but circumstances change rapidly and you need to be able to adapt. The key, then, is to have adaptable plans. That way, whatever happens, you're always two steps ahead.

Question from Tiffany: DJ, why did you kiss Aurora when you had her captured? :]]


Oh boy, wasn't looking forward to this question. I'm pretty sure the answer can't be "the author is a perverted teenage girl", and I'm pretty sure Gwen's "S&M!" rationale won't work, so...
Here we go.
DICTATOR JIMMY: Aurora challenged me...she said there was nothing I could do to make her suffer more than she already had. Aurora seems to operate under the assumption that she's got me figured out, but she's wrong. I'm the one who has her figured out.

She's so easy to manipulate. And what better way to play on her emotions than with a kiss? What could be more confusing and more terrifying than letting your guard down with your worst enemy?

Although to be perfectly honest, I had to be careful. As I said...what could be more confusing and more terrifying than letting your guard down with your worst enemy? I relied on the assumption that she wouldn't kill me the second her hands came out of those cuffs. Taking risks like that can be dangerous.

Question from Noemi:  Noemi--Well I have a question for DJ...don't know if it's been asked before ***blinks and quivers a bit as she watches the Dictator ***  Well u mentioned about all this conquering issues u're doing and so...I wanted to know what's the point of so much effort from you if know....u are human after all and well how old ru now 21??...
I mean u're not gonna live forever to keep with any plans u have till now, besides there's no one....mmm well I think there's no one who will like to continue with what u've done so far...**silence**


DICTATOR JIMMY: An excellent point, I concede. The mortality of the human body is indeed a troublesome problem.

However, I am working on several solutions to this eventuality. My first option is to stop the degradation of telomeres and the aging of cells, thereby extending the natural human lifespan indefinitely. If that cannot be done, then I have a second option. I have been working on ways to transfer the human consciousness into the body of another. That way, if my physical self were about to die, my consciousness could live on in another form.
Unfortunately, I've experienced some difficulties with this technology - namely that the consciousness of test subjects have been shifted straight out of this reality. Truly, the whole procedure is fraught with difficulty. I'm a long way from perfecting the technique, but as you said, I am only 21. With luck and caution, I will have plenty of time to figure out a way to circumvent my own mortality.

Question from Amanda: Okay, you mentioned about that. Well, what about a son? Have you ever thought about a second generation taking over FOR you? Just curious.


MARA: DJ is giving me the "I'm gonna kill the next person who speaks" look.

Question from Amanda: How long did it take you to find out "Cindy" was alive? And what was your reaction/thoughts?


DICTATOR JIMMY: Cindy? You mean Aurora? I knew she was alive all along. I left her alive when I vacated Earth, remember? But perhaps you meant to ask "how long did it take for me to find out that she had gotten to Planet Gorlock and was working with April"? It came as a bit of a surprise, actually.

I had expected her to get off Earth somehow, but April's involvement was unanticipated. The next time I actually SAW Aurora, however, was 2 years afterward - when we were both 13. I was in the process of building the Half Life at the time. I was collecting materials on a small, dense planet orbiting rapidly around a dying star, when my scanners picked up an approaching ship. The targeting on my gun turrets was still off, so she was able to slip past security and land on the planet. We fought briefly, she destroyed some of my equipment, then she retreated.

Question from Noemi: 1.- Which is in your opinion the major risk that you have taken till now without thinking on it?
2.- Have u taken decision on impulse??when and in what situation?
3.- U seem to be sorta flawless to others and that u don't let anybody catch u off-guard due to ur plannin coz u're thinkin on everythin....u're a genius after all. Anyway... till now has someone been exception to this perception?
4.- Which you think that is your major weakness? (u're a man after all...)
5.- Why u keep the hypno-ray and the wormhole generator? (don't ask me how I know it)
6.- U hv the hypno-ray so.... how come u didn't use it on Aurora when u captured her?? She could have done anything that u wanted
7.- I know sometimes u do regret the decisions u've taken as a dictator... then, if this happens why to live on contradiction with yourself?
8.- Which is your mayor fear?
9.- Last one[whispers]: Did u really kissed Aurora as a way to defy her or u did it on purpose coz u wanted???? Come on the truth....or both? u said once u wanted to maintain distance from women to not let 'em get u defenseless...


1) I take risks on a daily basis, but they're always calculated risks. I never act without thinking first. I've made mistakes, but never detrimental ones.
2) The decision to capture Aurora was what you could call an impulse.
3) Some of my opponents have been able to keep pace with me to some extent, but nobody has had the capacity to outstmart me.
4) Major weaknesses? Human weaknesses hold me back, to be sure. I am limited by the bounds of my own abilities. Of course, technology can infinitely expand my abilities. It's just a matter of designing and implementing it...
5) I don't have the hypno ray anymore. I use a more sophisticated technology - a sort of invisible, pervasive field that can influence others. I have a universal teleporter in my base that only works for me, but I left the wormhole generator behind on earth, since it was broken.
6) You mean, why didn't I hypnotize her into working for me, into becoming my accomplice? The last thing I need is help from someone like her.
7) Contradiction with myself? ....An interesting thought.
8) I have many fears that I safeguard against, but not one overarching, greatest fear.
9) I kissed her because it was the most emotionally disturbing thing I could do to her. She kissed me - she wanted to kiss me - and that knowledge alone is worse than anything else that could have happened while I had her as my prisoner.

from Gwen:
Dictator Jimmy, are you gay? AND IT'S OKAY IF YOU ARE. WE'RE ALL SUPPORTIVE HERE. Well, maybe not Aurora... D:


DJ: T_____T

I AM NOT GAY.  Men are extremely unnattractive.

Question from Anita: Would you say that women are attractive then? I mean, someone like Aurora... just wondering xD :P


DJ: Some women are attractive, yes. But certainly not irresistable, and not necessarily desirable.

Question from Laura: Anyways, DJ why did you 'delete' the earth population? It seems a bit...soft to me. Okay I can understand you deleted all those people you didn't know. But I thought you wanted to make those suffer, you knew, especially Cindy.Wouldn't it have been even more pain, if you'd killed her parents in a more traditional way right in front of her? See them getting physically hurt by you? Or was there something human left in you back then, that kept you from really murdering them?


DJ: The nanobots were simply the most efficient and effective way of achieving my end. Their sheer efficiency had the added effect of spreading a sort of hopelessness throughout the population - it was a cold, precise, and emotionless slaughter. I wouldn't have stooped to the level of getting my hands dirty with Cindy's family. It was much more satisfying to have my technology do it for me. It showed just how far I had risen above everyone else.

Question from Amanda: How many universal languages do you know? Or do you just know Latin and English?


DJ: I've studied numerous alien languages, and due to my photographic memory, I have become fluent in 25. I have little interest in learning these languages for the purposes of communication - since I became a threat, most races made it a prerogative to learn at least rudimentary English. However, languages do hold an academic interest for me. Latin is one of my favorites, though I'm partial to Ancient Maya as well. The Maya were brilliant astronomers in their day.

Question from Theywhosinginharmony: Is there any significance to the color of your BA suit? You know cause your fire is blue and your eyes are blue, and the one that Aurora has has green fire and her eyes are green. Or is that just a random accident? I have my own theories, but I'm afraid you'll shoot me with said fire if I tell you them.


DJ: The color correlates with the energy output of the suit. As you know, visible light is organized into a spectrum, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Red has the longest wavelengths and lowest frequency (and thus the lowest energy), whereas violet has the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequency (and thus highest energy).
Aurora's suit was an unfinished prototype, so I had only refined the suit's functions enough to get a mid-range energy output, with a frequency of 590 THz. My suit is more refined, achieving a higher energy output (visible in the spectrum at 650 THz). Ideally, I would like to create a suit that reaches 750 THz, the highest in the visible spectrum - in other words, violet. However, the infrastructure is highly complex, and I have not been able to make it operable without harming the wearer.
The color of the fabric is merely aesthetic.

Question from oreocookieclouods: Umm... what do you with the planets and galaxies after you take over them?


I mine their resources, collect revenue from the populace, collect scientific data, or sell the planet to mercenaries or other alien races that are in need of new living space. Despite my unpopularity, there are always people willing to do business with me. There are also always individuals willing to capitalize on the chaos caused by my actions - they in turn make the instability, crime, and death even worse.

Question from Crys: Oh and how do you feel about the nickname DJ?


DJ:  It makes me sound...misleadingly musically inclined.

from John Richards:
Do you plan to live forever?


DJ: I am fairly certain that it is impossible to stop cell degradation indefinitely...however, I may be able to greatly extend my lifespan if I can find a way to slow the aging process. I am currently working on research related to that goal.

Question from Katie: Dictator Jimmy, do you still have brain blasts? If so, do you still call them "brain blasts", or do you say something less catchy, but more specific, like "I just had an excellent new idea to inflict pain and suffering on the universe and bend it to my control"?Have you considered using your brain blasts to actually blast things? As in, "Oh no! The Dictator is here! Watch out before he brain blasts your family into charred corpses!"I think that would be cool.


DJ: Your questions suggest an...unusual level of enthusiasm.

Question from Lizz: do you ever go by your full name? I mean it sounds a lot more menacing that "Jimmy"?


DJ: I don't need my name to sound menacing. Allow me to put it to you this way: if I were to eradicate every member of your family before your very eyes, would you care even in the slightest what my name was?

Question from Crys: Why didn't you pursue Libby after Sheen sent her to Earth? You had the coordinates after all.


DJ: You are correct, I did have the coordinates...and from those coordinates I was able to ascertain that Sheen had accidentally sent Libby thousands of miles off course. She was stranded by herself, without supplies of any kind, in the middle of the Asian Highlands. Why would I waste time going after her? She was clearly not going to obey me, and neither was Sheen. It was better to simply tell him his mistake, and leave him to dwell on the likely outcome.

Question from Lizz: What kind of technology did you use to build that emotion maze? Also, did you have to test all the rooms on anyone before it was complete? If so, who? And what were the results?


DJ: The emotion rooms work by altering patterns of conscious thought through a variety of mechanisms including: Theta, Alpha, and Gamma brainwave modification, auditory, respiratory, and visual sensory stimuli, subliminal messaging, and hallucinogenics.

The project was originally conceived to study emotional responses and to ascertain the effects of neural manipulation. I was the first test subject: Through gradual exposure I was able to conquer each emotion in turn - I will not use a technology on others that I cannot overcome myself, lest it ever be turned against me. I had intended to continue the experiment with captured rebel soldiers, but after a few trial runs other matters became more pressing, and the project was put on hiatus.

Question from Crys: Alright! So, this question is for DJ (the uncured version). We hear rumors that your suit has healing properties. How badly do you have to be injured before the suit's restorative powers fail outright?


DJ: If a hydrogen bomb detonated 5 feet away from me, my suit's healing feature would be rendered useless. But short of complete bodily disintegration, it can heal practically any wound, fatal or not. The only way the restorative powers would fail outright is if I were in a coma or if I willed them to do so. It's an "opt out" type of feature, if you will.

Question from Sonicjet: Being a Dictator, have you ever thought about a successor(due to you wanting the power of knowing that the universe will still under your rule, even in a proxy (lets assume you are going to die one day)


I would also like to point out that it is a logical fallacy to assume that I would want an heir simply because I am mortal. True, I will take every measure possible to extend my lifespan, but I do not care one iota what happens to the universe when and if I die. I am not building some sort of empire for posterity. There is no ideology behind my actions that I would want continued in my absence.
I have no illusions about what I'm doing or desire to extend my power beyond my individual lifetime. Any such a desire would no doubt lead to grievous errors in judgment.

Question from Mystic: DJ: What is your favorite form of torture?


DJ: I have no single preferred method of torture. My philosophy on the matter is straightforward: the best form of torture is the one that is most suited to the victim.
I would not automatically use the same method on two different prisoners; one might respond best to psychological torture, one might be most affected by cold temperatures. Discovering which techniques work best is usually a process of trial and error - it's simply a matter of looking for what gets the largest response.
MARA: I would also like to point out that it helps if you know the victim ahead of time.
DJ: Well, yes, there is that...

Question from Crys: So this is kind of a layered question for DJ. I'm assuming that the Megalomanium incident was after the episodes involving Jimmy's clones, including the episode "The Trouble with Clones" in which Jimmy's evil clone gets locked in the Dark Matter Dimension. Did you ever give any though about tracking down your evil clone and taking over the Dark Matter Dimension? And.... If he reappeared in your universe, what would you do with him?


MARA: Actually, The Trouble with Clones happened after The Tomorrow Boys, so DJ wouldn't know about the dark matter universe. I will ask him about his evil clone, though. Hold on. *ahem* Oh DJaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
DJ: What.
MARA: Sup bro. Gotta Q for ya: what happened with your evil clone, yo?
DJ: Ignoring your painfully poor imitation of ghetto speak, I assume he was deleted along with the rest of Earth's inhabitants. At any rate, I never saw or heard from him again. I sincerely doubt he'd be any competition for me in my present state, so if he re-appeared now, I would simply get rid of him. Now if you will excuse me, I am running a series of experiments with my new 'Obliteray'.
MARA: As in, Obliterate + ray?
DJ: That's correct.
MARA: God, even as an evil genius, you still can't come up with good names for your inventions, can you? Sheesh. Zero creativity.
DJ: You will be less inclined to scoff when I use the aforementioned item to kill everyone you know and care about.
MARA: Keep it up, buddy, and I'll be forced to make you weep and confess your love for puppies, cupcakes, and frilly dresses in the next chapter. Remember that I am the author, and I control you all. So HA. Just...HA! Now f*ck off, I'm going on Deviantart.

Question from Georgia: What would you have done with the alternate-universe Jimmy had you encountered him before you got dosed with the antidote to the megalomanium? Would you have tried to win him over, tested stuff on him, let him go, killed him?


<>DJ: I would have questioned him thoroughly, taken DNA samples, made a copy of his brainwaves and cerebral structure, and then I would have killed him. Not cruelly, of course. I owe that much to myself.

Question from Crys: I have another question for his most high and mighty dictator-ness. Top Ten "To Kill" List.... Who's on it, and why?


DJ: I would certainly begin with everyone on this infernal board...

from Daphney:
DJ, will you ever be nice?


DICTATOR JIMMY: I'm done answering questions now. I have better things to do. **walks out**

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