Questions for Future Carl

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Question from Liziana: Alright, I've got a question for Future Carl and Future Sheen: If Dictator Jimmy does get healed of the megalomanium, do you think you will ever be able to forgive him, and go back to being best friends like you used to?


FUTURE CARL: Um, I don't know. I mean, I guess I could forgive him. It's so hard.  I think I could be his friend again.  It wasn't really his fault.

FUTURE SHEEN: Things would never go back to the way they were, if that's what you're asking. Because of what he did to me...I don't think I can even look at his face. No, I'm getting as far away as possible. Preferably with Libby.  <3


Question from thenovaisover: What does Dictator Jimmy talk about when he talks to you?


FUTURE CARL: Um, well...he doesn't talk to me all that often...mostly I just take care of the bots. Jimmy says he needs a human to constantly check for computer error, just in case. It's a time consuming job. I don't get a lot of sleep.

But...he sometimes talks to me. Usually tells me his plans. Other times he asks for my opinions on things. He says he needs a human opinion in addition to the 10 different computer programs he made to uh, what was it, analyze possible holes in his plans and calculate probable outcomes? I think.

Once in awhile, more often now than in the past, he'll get into this really strange, quiet mood, and he'll tell me something that's troubling him. Usually stuff he's done, people he's hurt. I think he feels bad about Sheen. I know I do. Once he told me that should have killed Aurora when he had the chance. I didn't really know what to say back. I never do. I wonder if we'll ever be able to talk like we used to?


Question from Amanda: Have you EVER tried to bring up the topic about killing off families, friends, and pretty much destroying everyone's lives to DJ? If so, what was his response?


FUTURE CARL: I used to, but he usually threatened to send me off to join them, so I stopped talking about it.

Question from Andrea: . Carl: now that you've grown up, do you own llamas?


FUTURE CARL:, but um...I work taking care of the bots, so I wouldn't have time for llamas.

Question from Loopin: Future Carl, in that picture Mara drew of you, why are your wrists so sore and why are you so dang hot? Hey, you know what's odd? Future Carl reminds me a bit of Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, (The original version,) Only not ugly.


FUTURE CARL: Um...I have carpal tunnel from doing some of the work on the bots. I don't eat much anymore, so I lost a lot of weight. I don't get exposed to any allergens either, so I don't have to take my inhalar anymore. Wait.
...Did you just call me hot? Was that a compliment? ^_^...although I'm not sure I deserve it :-(

MARA: The quasimodo part lies in his bad posture LOL

Question from Andrea: F. Carl: what do you think of Aurora? I mean the way you risked everything to save her and all and that she still wants to fight DJ and isconstantly risking everything. I know that probably you say that you want her to stop this was that she's really the only one who can end this yadda yadda, but aren't you a little frustrated that she keeps putting herself in jeopardy after that close call? I mean imagine if she tried to get again into DJ ship and all wouldn't you be really mad at her for doing it? and if she actually does, which I doubt, will you help her end this war? DO you want this war to end? or would you like her to kill DJ for you to come to power?


FUTURE CARL: Oh, I don't want to be in power. That would be horrible, horrible. **shakes head**

Um...I didn't really risk everything to save her. Jimmy told me to let her out of the prison cell, and that if she could get out of the base alive, then to let her go. I didn't really understand what was going on.
To tell you the truth, I don't really get Aurora. She scares me even more than Jimmy. I mean, Jimmy is bad because of the megalomanium, but Aurora...she's always been like that. If Jimmy didn't have the megalomanium he couldn't look someone in the face and take them down. Aurora could.

I wish things could go back to like they used to be. Jimmy was my best friend. I think somewhere inside he still is. I hope he is. Because otherwise...

Question from Noemi: Remember when DJ captured Aurora?? He went into the cell when she was trapped and then he came out...
1.- .Can you tell us how was he acting after he got out of that cell??? Was there something different u noticed on him perhaps??? Did he tell u anything besides letting Aurora out?
2.- What happened to the nanobots??? what did DJ do to those?


FUTURE CARL: that you mention it, he seemed sort of...grim and silent. He seemed like there was a lot on his mind. I thought he would be happy about having Aurora captured, but he...told me to let her out. I didn't understand. When I asked him why, his face changed, and he looked... he looked like he was really enjoying the whole thing. He looked over and said that she hadn't suffered nearly enough, and that he was going to push Aurora to the limit.
I still didn't understand, but he was smiling in a really frightening way, so I let her out.
FUTURE CARL: As for the 2nd question, I don't know. I think they destroyed one another. The two nanobots were always fighting for the end I think they both wound up getting destroyed.

Question from Beks: Do you miss Elkie?


FUTURE CARL: Um, well, I haven't thought of her in a long, long time.

It makes me really depressed to think about stuff like that. But I guess I do miss her.

from Noemi
: Future Carl, as you are the one that has spent more time with DJ since humans were deleted I'm really wonderin' what happened to the gadgets that were in the lab Jimmy had durin' his childhood??? I mean there's the chrono arch and more stuff n it can be dangerous if DJ uses them...Does he still have those old inventions or he destroyed them?


FUTURE CARL:  I think he just sort of...left them there. He got rid of his old designs and built new inventions. I don't really know if he saved much of his old stuff, although I've seen the wormhole generator and hypno-ray in his lab...

Question from Beks: Say, hypothetically, that DJ was cured, and everything went back to the way it was...What would you do? Would you, say....look for love?


FUTURE CARL:  Well, to be honest, I have thought of finding a girl :unsure:....but I don't think anyone would like me, especially after everything I've done. Maybe I'll go somewhere nobody knows me.

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