Questions for Jimmy

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Question from Snowy: Hey, Jimmy, (the present one) I've got one question for you...Why did you create the megalomanium in the first place?


CINDY: (rolling her eyes) uh, because he's totally clueless?

JIMMY: Hey! I believe the question was directed at me, VORTEX. Get your own question.

MARA: Guys, guys, chill out. It's just a Q&A. Let's all take a deep breath.

**Cindy huffs and crosses her arms, and Jimmy steps forward to explain**

JIMMY: I created megalomanium as a tool to understand the human ego...I wanted to see what areas of the brain were responsible for nasty, power hungry, self-serving behavior and...

CINDY: Oh, so it was a self-test?

JIMMY: I swear, Vortex! I'm warning you!

MARA: Cindy, can we keep it to a minimum? One more little quip from your mouth and I'm afraid I'll have to make you accidentally kiss Sheen.


MARA: Continue Jimmy? :-)

JIMMY: As I was saying, I designed the compound to see if I could enhance or decrease a person's ego...but the formula was too strong. I was going to destroy it, but I wanted to conduct a few more tests first...only then CARL had to go and wrap it up and bring it to Libby's birthday party...**glare**

MARA: OK, OK, that's enough. That's an entirely different issue. Well snowy, hope that answers your question!


Question from Amanda: Yeah..... hey I got a question! Present Jimmy, would you risk YOUR life to save Cindy?


JIMMY: Why should I? Would she risk her life to save mine?

CINDY: I already have, Mr. Appreciative! Glad to see you're so grateful!   

JIMMY: Um, when?

CINDY: How about...league of villains, or when those evil pants were on the loose? Or how about when our 50 foot teacher was rampaging around the town?....or the time that...

JIMMY: OK OK OK! I get it! But you did it so... grudgingly.

CINDY: What do you expect? You want me to come skipping onto the scene twirling a baton and singing, "for he is a jolly good fellow?"

JIMMY: Well, maybe not the baton part...

CINDY: Oh for cryin' out loud!

JIMMY: You know what? I've saved you more times than you've saved me. So I wouldn't be talking!

CINDY: Oh yeah?

JIMMY: Yeah!

CINDY: Well, then I guess you WOULD risk your life for me, wouldn't you?

JIMMY: Yeah!

CINDY: Yeah?



MARA:  You just CAN'T elicit an ordinary answer when these two are around....


Question from JimmyandCindyforever: I have a question For Present Jimmy and Cindy... Why do you have to turn a simple conversation into a knock down drag out fight?


MARA: I think I better answer that question before things get out of hand. They fight constantly because they like each other and can't deal with it. Am I right?


JIMMY: In your dreams!

MARA: Guys, I'm the author. I can make you do whatever I want.


JIMMY: Run....

CINDY: Right behind ya!


Question from Carrie: I got a question for present Jimmy and Cindy! Why do you guys fight all the time?


-cue fanservice-

CINDY: Um, how about because he's a big stuck up buttbrain who only cares about his stupid haywire inventions?

JIMMY: That is NOT true! I care about lots of things...

CINDY: Oh yeah, like what?

JIMMY: (crossing his arms) None of your business.

CINDY: You see? That's why we fight all the time. He's completely impossible.

JIMMY: YOU'RE the impossible one, Vortex. You make NO SENSE.

CINDY: Since when did a person have to make sense? Get with the program. We're not math equations, we're human beings!

JIMMY: I happen to like math!

CINDY: Well woopty doo! Tell me then, if I'm an equation, what do I equal?

JIMMY: (thinking) Zero.

CINDY: Oh, very funny! Aren't we the smart one?


Question from NekoGirl: Do you still like Betty? It seemed pretty obvious in two certain episodes, but considering the recent events, (& for understandable reasons too) do you still have that crush of yours on her? (& don't worry about denying being gaga over her either, I'm not telling anybody. ^_^)


JIMMY: Of course I still like her. It's just...all this alternate universe stuff makes me question the way I'm doing things. I'm afraid of hurting someone...Betty included.

Question from Daphney: Um... Jimmy... Do you love Cindy? HONESTLY!! Honesty is the best policy!


JIMMY: the record??....NO!!!!! I mean, sometimes I feel like she's a really cool person, but it's not like I like her or anything! What? Why are you looking at me like that? I swear!

Question from Lily Knotwise: Young Jimmy, why are you so afraid that you'll end up like Dictator Jimmy? Or at least, why are you afraid that anything in this alternate universe will happen in yours? I mean, they ARE alternate universes!


JIMMY: That's a difficult question to answer. I'm not sure if I even know the true reason for my fear. I guess the only way I can explain is if you try to see this from my perspective. If you got sucked into an alternate universe and discovered that your future self had become a heartless killer, wouldn't you be worried too?
What I've seen proves that I have the capacity to hurt a lot of people, regardless of what universe I am in. I'm more afraid of my own potential than anything else. I messed up big time when I created the megolamanium...and it could have just as easily been catastrophic in my own universe as well. What if I make another mistake like that? Who will suffer because of it? That's what I'm afraid of. What I COULD be, not what I am.


Question from Amanda: Jimmy, if that ever does happen. Well if the future you was set on killing Cindy to kill Aurora. Would you protect Cindy the best you can? (I tried sooo hard not to pop a JC so hard! :'( )


JIMMY: I'd protect ANYONE that my future self was intent on harming. It's my responsibility.


Question from Kate: Jimmy and Cindy (present day): Have either of you learned that fighting leads to nothing?



JIMMY: Well, maybe a little.

CINDY: OK, a little.

JIMMY: I'll admit that I'm very frightened of the fact that our fighting is capable of producing such disastrous results. I guess we can never really predict the consequences of our actions.

CINDY: I guess all of this has made me realize that I should be more careful about the way I act. Maybe we don't need to fight quite so much.

JIMMY: Maybe.

CINDY: Maybe. 

Question from Kate: Jimmy: leaving behind all the genocide and everything, haven't you at any time thought that it would be cool to have control over most of the universe and wished to be your future self?


JIMMY: Well, to be honest, I suppose I HAVE thought what it would be like to rule the universe. Of course, I'd tell myself that I would be a just ruler who'd better the lives of everyone under my rule...but I know in my heart that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Nobody should be command those many people.
Now, I CAN see myself being president of NASA...I could certainly show those N00BS I thing or two about space travel.

MARA: (raising an eyebrow) N00bs?

JIMMY: What?

MARA:'s just that seeing you use internet slang is a bit weird.o______O

Question from Ely:Please don't think I hate you, you're my favorite character but...let's be dramatic. The plan failed, you're about to die. What's left to say?


Well, it's nice to see that you're such an optimist. At any rate, I honestly don't know what I would say. I get the sense that people rarely act the way they thought they'd act in such a situation. If it really came down to it, though, I suppose I'd know, for not finding a solution. For not saving everyone.

Question from Lizz:  How many times did it take you to build Goddard before you succeeded?


I went through various prototypes, but once I had Goddard's basic structure, I just kept tinkering and adding onto it until he reached his current state. I'm still adding new features, even now.

Question from Pedro: Question for Future and Younger selves: Have any of you ever written any fanfiction before?


ALL: :blink:
JIMMY: No way! Fanfiction is for NERDS!

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