Questions for Libby

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Question from Gwen: Libby, are you proud of the story your alternate self told you about Sheen? I mean, are you proud of what Sheen did for your former alternate self? (Yes, I know. I'm kinda hung up on this part of the story, but it was just so....amazing.)


LIBBY: Ya, I guess you could say I am…proud. A li’l bit surprised, actually. It’s all kinda freaky. I always thought I’d be the one savin’ Sheen’s sorry behind, not the other way ‘round. Guess it just goes to show ya that sometimes you never really know someone till the goin’ gets rough…like the time Sheen fought Yoo Yee to save me. You know?

FUTURE LIBBY: Mm-hmm. And I can see why you’d be hung up on that, Gwen. I was too. I mean, I was kinda dazed by the whole thing, but the more I think about it, the more I realize just how amazin’ it was…and how lucky I am. He’s really the only guy for me…excluding the fact that there are, you know, only like 3 human guys left.  ^_^  I just hope I can find him. Sometimes I feel so helpless. An’ by the way, why you so interested in him anyway?  <_< I’m gonna keep my eye on you….


Question from Cindyfan7: When did you first recognize the flirtation between Jimmy and Cindy?  ;-)


LIBBY: Puh-leeze. It's been obvious since day one. I mean, the first thing Cindy said to me when Jimmy moved here was "Wow, he has the deepest blue eyes I've ever seen", and the second was "Do you think he's smarter than me?"


Question from Amanda: Libby, when you see YOUR future self waiting on FutureSheen's engagement, does it ever bring out more feelings for Sheen?


LIBBY: No!! Well, maybe a little. That could change. I haven't seen Future Sheen yet, so I'm not promisin' anythin'...  ;-)

Question from Katie: How do you like your future self's fashion sense?


LIBBY: Hmm, well...her fashion sense sure is very feminine. Not exactly what I pictured myself wearin', but hey, they got really great colors and patterns. I always thought I'd dress in more urban stuff, but it turns out I look hot in Chinese dresses. I'll have to buy a couple when I get older.

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