Questions for Sheen

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Question from Amanda: Ok I have a question! Um Sheen would you really give up your own life to save Libby's? In the alternate universe you gave you life up. Would you still give up your life if she needed a second chance?


SHEEN: Uhh...

LIBBY: I don't think Future Sheen actually gave up his life. I mean, he's not dead. Right?

SHEEN: Ya...sure. We'll go with that.

LIBBY: Uh-huh. So Sheen, you heard the lady! Would ya save me too?

SHEEN: (waggling his eyebrows) Anything for you babe...

LIBBY: Oh brother..


Question from Cindyfan7: Do you worry about your future self?


SHEEN: Ummm...let me think. . . NO! I do worry about me turning into some kind of brain-sucking mutant though. I saw that in a movie once.


Question from Amanda: Sheen, when see all of what Dictator Jimmy has done to your future self. What does that make you feel like? Do you feel scared at times?


SHEEN: Huh? What? Evil Jimmy did something to my future self? When?

MARA: -facepalm-

Question from Pedro: Sheen: DJ vs. Darth Vader! Who would win?


SHEEN: Pshaw, that's a no-brainer! Darth Vader would lose. I mean, the guy's obviously got asthma or something. Haven't you heard him? He's all keeeee-hwoooo, keeeeee-hwooooo...
NAV: No way! You've got it all wrong, dude! Dictator Jimmy would go down first after Aurora kicks his tightly-suited butt. Then Darth would realize that someone with a name as goofy as his couldn't possibly face Aurora, so he'd quietly resign from their duel and go to live out the remainder of his days in shame. 
SHEEN: Oh! Oh! And then Aurora and ULTRALORD would do battle!! And it'd be the showdown of showdowns! Aurora would jab would her left, Ultralord would fake to the right, Aurora would give him a taste of her fire...
NAV: Literally or metaphorically?
SHEEN: Literally...
NAV: OK Good...
SHEEN: ...but Ultralord would counter with his limited edition plasma cannon! Oh no! And it's all over!! 
NAV: And the crowd goes wild! The ref goes up to proclaim Aurora the victor... 
SHEEN: (voice cracking) What?? No way! Aurora's great and all, but NOBODY can defeat ULTRALORD! 
NAV: Hey! Who's the nefarious unprincipled vagabond here? I'm the one who's actually placed bets on these sort of illegal matches in real life! And I say Aurora'd win! 
SHEEN: (shaking his head) Denial ain't just a river in Brazil... 
NAV: OK, I'm not even FROM Earth, and even I know that the Nile river is in Egypt. 
SHEEN: See? That just proves my point. 
NAV: ...?

Question from Emily: Just HOW disgusted WERE you about Carl's little "accident" in the water?


SHEEN: **looks both ways** Shh, don't say anything, but I secretly peed too.

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