Behold...a ridiculous sum of JN icons and banners, organized by character, pairings, and topic. Feel free to use any and all of them at your leisure. Either save them to your computer, or right-click and select Properties to get a hyperlink to use on another site. If you'd like to contribute icons or banners, just post them here.

You can also check out a ton more screenshots, banners, and animated .gifs by visiting our Tumblr

Jimmy Neutron Icons
These are organized into .zip packs according to character/topic. Just click the squares below to download the .zip folders containing the icons! Then feel free to use them wherever you wish (if you are having trouble viewing these on firefox, try chrome).

Jimmy Neutron Icons        Cindy Vortex icons            Libby Folfax icons

Sheen Estevex icons           Carl Wheezer icons

mixed character icons           mixed shipping icons

IDOJ Themed Icons

IDOJ icon 1  IDOJ 2  IDOJ gif  IDOJ icon 4  IDOJ 5  IDOJ 6   IDOJ 7  IDOJ gif 8  IDOJ 09 gif  IDOJ gif 10  IDOJ gif 11  IDOJ 12 gif 

13 IDOJ gif  IDOJ gif 14  IDOJ gif 15  IDOJ gif 16  IDOJ gif 17  IDOJ gif 18   IDOJ gif 19  IDOJ gif 20  IDOJ gif 21  IDOJ gif  IDOJ gif  IDOJ gif


Jimmy Neutron Banners

Jimmy Neutron Movie Banner from Keith Alcorn's
                facebook         Bolbi for President by Mara

Jimmy Neutron Tomorrow Boys banner  

Lady Sings the News          N Men

group banner       Cindy

          Jimmy       Lady Sings the News   

Libby      Sheen, Carl, and Jimmy at the Candy Bar      Carl

Betty       Carl 

Jimmy and Cindy - Keith Alcorn's current
                facebook profile image      Group 

Cindy       Jimmy Neutron Matrix

MBFSW       Goddard 

Sheen/Libby banner         Betty Banner 

Carl in a coconut bra         banner

Multishipper         JN

Color JxC banner       What Would Ultralord do?

Class        Dorky way to say cool         Wheezers

Retro Beautiful Gorgeous banner

      Cindy        Hugh No Pants!          GROOVY 

Jimmy Neutron iPod banner

JN animated .gif        Sheen Carl        J/L

  April        J/L

Sheen          Carl         Hugh Judy

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