Mara's Bio  = ^.^ =

NAME: Mara S.
AGE: 23
BIRTHDAY: February 3rd
LOOKS: Fair skin, short blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. If you wanted to find a word to sum me up, it would be "little". If for some reason the situation arose, I think the witness protection program would be most likely to place me in Munchkinland for maximum camouflage purposes.
PERSONALITY:  While it's pretty much impossible to pour out your inner soul into a quick website bio, I'll do my best to give you some insight. Mara in a word: dedicated, smart, and witty...OK, so maybe that's three words, but I'm a writer, not a mathematician. Like Ally, I'm bit of an overachieving perfectionist, and I have a black belt in procrastination.
I absolutely adore being the administrator here...what else could keep me coming back to this site for so many years? I'm now officially a college graduate (Ahh! How did I get so oooold?!), but I still manage to make time to keep this place running smoothly (or, if I fail catastrophically, Alex picks up my slack, haha). In reality,
I'm never alone in my duties, thanks to the help and support of all the AWESOME fans on the IDOJ forums. Thanks guys!
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Reading, writing, drawing, graphic design, bird-watching, catching butterflies, nature in general,
ice skating, hiking, kayaking, astronomy, improvisation (think Whose Line is it Anyway), costume design, ancient civs, pottery, wasting time on the computer, goofing off with friends, and (here's an obvious one) running websites! **confetti**
EMAIL: Want to contact me? I can be reached via note at You can also get a hold of me at my other internet accounts, which are listed below.

Acaciathorn and IDreamofJimmy (the second is a JN art club that I run)
  Talefromthegrandline (there are a bunch of JN vids here, check it out!)
FF.NET USERNAME: AntiqueDreams

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