Carlton (Carl) Ulysses Wheezer

Carl Wheezer


     Carl, Carlito, Carlton, the Carlinator, Carlple tunnels-syndrome…However you say it, Carl Wheezer is your everyday, run-of-the-mill, allergy-prone, chubby, phobic, red-headed nerd (I like hyphens!) fated to live his life as a boy genius’s guinea pig. This stout, shrinking violet is Jimmy Neutron’s right hand man and personal test subject.
 Carl's Family

    Carl drew the short straw when it comes to coolness: he’s pretty much an oddball in every way, with a tendency for babyish whining and a bizarre love for llamas and Jimmy’s mom. Carl’s parents are even weirder than he is, if that’s at all possible. His father, Mr. Wheezer, runs a tight ship in terms of hygiene, quoting such things as “early to bed, early to rise makes a body less prone to bronchial infection.” His mother has a man-voice that sinks so low it scares little children, and the family enjoys partaking in long-winded and annoying songs about household activities such as “sitting and singing” or “folding and singing”. Carl has trouble getting to sleep unless his mother rubs his tummy and sings “nonny nonny nonny”, which needless to say just adds another layer to his weirdness cake.
Carl's Valentine to Judy   
 Carl is afraid of pretty much everything, so it’s surprising that he is able to put up with Jimmy’sCarl and Elke experimentations. He is artistically and scientifically inept, not even able to spell the word “science”. Still, he manages to be lovable. In “Carl Wheezer Boy Genius”, his Swedish pen pal, Elke Ekberg, falls for him. Their romance is adorable but short-lived, existing only in that one episode. For the majority of the series, Carl spends his time daydreaming of Mrs. Neutron. This bizarre choice of love-interest provides much needed humor when the romance between Cindy and Jimmy or between Sheen and Libby gets too serious.
    This llama lover can often be found at either the Candy Bar, Jimmy's lab, or under a table somewhere trying to avoid one of Jimmy's out-of-whack inventions (hey look, more hyphens!) Carl seems to be a coward most of the time, but is it possible that underneath it all there's a speck of courage just waiting to break free? Nah!
Useful (or useless) Info
Age: 11
Grade: 5th
Hair color: Reddish-orange
Eye color: who knows?
Hair: Unmanageable dread-lock-type-curls (hyphens!)
Hobbies: Eating, singing (shiver), eating, crying, whining, llamas, eating, screaming, eating, dreaming about Jimmy’s mom, eating, being electrocuted, pricked, prodded, shoved, pushed, bitten, transported to different universes against his will, etc. 

Other points of interest:
-In the movie, Carl has suspenders, but he loses them in the series
-Carl is voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also does Jack Fenton's voice on Danny Phantom as well as numerous other Nickelodeon voices
-Carl is Jimmy's next door neighbor
Wanted Poster
-In the good future, Carl is a world-renown llama breeder
-In the bad future, Carl is a fugitive, wanted for crimes of fashion

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