Cynthia (Cindy) Aurora Vortex


           Living life as second best isn't easy. Just ask Cindy Vortex, resident girl-genius. Until the day our favorite boy genius walked Cindy with Trophythrough the doors of Lindbergh Elementary, Cindy could answer ever question, win every award, ace every test - without any competition. Perhaps her sudden movement into second place in the brain department is the reason for her sour attitude! Cindy's quick witted remarks and harsh tongue have earned her a place as a semi-villain on the show... But she
does have a softer side, and although she refuses to let it shine through (except sometimes to her best friend Libby Folfax), it seems that there may be a spark of affection for her so called "arch nemesis", Jimmy Neutron.
        Her smarts and wit only carry her so far, and underneath her tough exterior, Cindy is a troubled, complicated person. The show rarely depicts her parents as loving; in fact, the show rarely depicts them at all, which gives them a sort of mysterious, withdrawn air that I think makes us ponder whether Cindy's family life is as perfect as she'd like it to be. The few glimpses we get of ger mother reveal her to be a haughty, critical woman who constantly places pressure on Cindy to succeed.

      Cindy has surprisingly close relationships with a few characters on the show, these being Libby, her best friend, and Jimmy. LibbyCindy hitting on Jimmy (lol) has always been Cindy's advisor, to some extent. She's the calm, cool, collected conscience that's always in the background, holding Cindy back from going over the edge at some times, and pushing her to be more open in others.

    Cindy's relationship with Jimmy, however, is constantly changing. In the movie, "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius", Cindy and Jimmy are really just kids. They are competing against each other in a "ewww, cooties" sort of way. There are a few hints of a slight attraction to each other, but nothing much. In Season 1, Cindy and Jimmy's relationship is very similar to how it was in the movie. There are a few more J/C hints, (J/C refers to "Jimmy and Cindy", it will be used her commonly on the site) but still, nothing extreme. Season 2 gives way to the whole "girls side, boys side, you cross the line and it's a mandatory two weeks of pointing and scared looks," and gives Cindy and Jimmy's relationship room to grow. More and more hints of a mutual crush begin to shine through, and for the first time, viewers everyone began to realize that the infamous J/C love/hate relationship might actually blossom into something big. I suppose the love/hate should be explained as well. Cindy, being a very prideful girl, has a lot of trouble dealing with the fact that she might actually have feelings for the boy that took away her status as the school smarty. So, instead of admitting that she has a crush, she hides it by fighting constantly with him.

       Season three, nicknamed "The Relationship Season" really focuses on Jimmy and Cindy's now undeniable romantic relationship. Episodes like Stranded, King of Mars, Lady Sings the News, and Win, Lose and Kaboom (a TV movie) are brimming with J/C moments that bring squeals of excitement  from the many dedicated J/C fans.

Cindy doing karateCindy is a headstrong, smart, tae-kwon-do and river stomping (it's a dance, haha) expert, with a heart of gold. Her constantly changing personality has won her hundreds of thousands of fans across the world, and we will miss seeing her grow after the show's cancellation.  

Cindy Vortex and Jimmy Neutron
 Cindy is sometimes surprised by Jimmy's sudden outbursts of affection... Here we see her as she dresses now, in a striped green halter, brown khakis, and her hair pulledback in a ponytail. In the major motion picture, " Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius", Cindy dresses in a loose pink button-up shirt and black jeans. Her hair is styled into pigtails.

Useful (or useless) Info

Age: 11
Grade: 5th
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Birthday: June 5th
Blood Type: A positive
(you'd be surprised what you can find on the internet!)
Phone Number:
555-1246 (this is another one of those "useless" pieces of info)
Hobbies: Tae Kwon Do, River dancing, overachieving in school, fighting with Jimmy, obsessing over Jimmy, hanging out with Libby, shopping, dressing up, taking piano lessons, teaching her dog Humphrey new tricks, getting into ridiculous adventures with the boys, and maintaining an outward appearance of hate towards Jimmy.

Other Points of interest:
-Cindy was originally going to be named Sally Proton
-Cindy is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, who also plays Sandy Cheeks on Spongebob
future Cindy-It is unknown what the good future holds for Cindy, but in the bad future she's married to Jimmy and spends all her time catering to her mother's feet


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