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Jimmy's famous robot dog was named after the father of modern rocketry, Robert Goddard, who used liquid oxygen combined with gasoline to create the first liquid fueled rockets. Jimmy obviously idolizes Mr. Goddard nearly as much as he idolizes Einstein, since his faithful companion and his greatest creation bears his name. Namesake aside, Goddard is much more than just a robotic dog. He is Jimmy’s confidant, lab partner, and conscience complete with a tritium powered cybernetics core. Goddard and Jimmy definitely represent the relationship that is “A Boy and his Dog” (with apologies to Mr. Ellison). Goddard appears to have virtually limitless capabilities. He is sort of a “Robotic Swiss Army Knife” that mimics canine behavior with perfection. This includes leaving an assorted pile of lug nuts in the yard for Hugh to pick up. ^_^

Goddard’s capabilities are vast and he always seems to have the right gadget at the right time. It’s a long list but here are some of the examples:

- Onboard Blender for making smoothies
Goddard Jimmy in space
- Sewing machine that helped Cindy and Libby make an impromptu dummy filled with sizzle rock candy (Strange, it looked exactly like Jimmy)
- High intensity lasers in the eyes
- Voice stress analyzer for lie detection
- Built in rocket engines in the legs and the ability to transform into various flying machines
- Satellite hookup for getting the latest “Boy Band” for Libby
- Ears that become rotors for helicopter-like flight
- A DNA scanner and access to the internet

Goddard screen
Like I said, these are just a few of Goddard’s arsenal of gadgets. He also maintains video and audio records of all accounts involving Jimmy and his friends. Unfortunately for Jimmy, this feature often ends up being more of an embarrassment rather than an asset. We all, of course, recall the “When Pants Attack” episode where Goddard retrieved 57 accounts when Jimmy was told to put away his pants. In “Vanishing Act” Goddard revealed the exchange with Betty Quinlin that explained the real reason for Jimmy’s sudden interest in magic. He also used this ability to embarrass his owner in "Hall Monster" and "Brobot".

Goddard is capable of communicating directly with VOX, Jimmy’s computer and lab guardian. On more than one occasion Goddard has transmitted video images to VOX from afar, giving Jimmy first hand view of the typical (or not so typical) goings-on in Retroville. Goddard’s many other sensory functions are also directly fed to VOX via some kind of wireless protocol.

One of Goddard’s most amazing capabilities is called “Playing Dead!” Goddard causes himself to self-destruct via an atomic battery coreGoddard laser implosion and summarily reassembles from the scattered parts (in laymen's terms, he blows up and then repairs himself without getting damaged). To our knowledge, Goddard has only had to perform this trick twice: once in the movie to cause a distraction for escape, then later in "Billion Dollar Boy" in order to destory Eustace Strych's Robot Adaptoid, which copied every move Goddard made. In the latter, Jimmy did something that he normally wouldn't do: he wagered Goddard in a bet with Eustace. Luckily, the robotic foe was ultimately defeated since, unlike Goddard, it could not reassemble itself after it exploded. This episode provides a great example of how Jimmy’s usual down-to-earth nature seems to be occasionally tested by his friends, especially Cindy. This can persuade Jimmy to take risks that he normally wouldn't take, in this case risking his best friend and greatest creation in a fruitless and unnecessary duel.

It seems that, even though he is a mass of cyber technology, Goddard also has a romantic heart of gold. In "The Junkman Cometh” Goddard is beguiled by Roxy, the Junkman’s dog. He flirts with her and literally sweeps her off her feet, only to be later separated. Jimmy should be taking romance lessons from Goddard. The mechanical hound’s got moves! Of course, Jimmy seems to get his romance tricks from his father. Good thing Cindy likes “Mr. Walking Hand!” Goddard also provided the necessary ‘twist’ music in “Party at Neutron’s” to get things moving along with Betty.

Goddard and Jimmy
For the most part Goddard is everything a canine companion should be and more. He is the faithful soldier ready to fight, and the handyman that always has the right tool. He is the voice in Jimmy’s head who reminds him to do the right thing, and he follows his master faithfully into any situation, no matter how dangerous. Goddard truly is Jimmy’s best friend.

Useful (or useless) info

Age: Unknown
Invention number: 9K
Skin color: metallic silver
Eye Color: glowing white
Hobbies: Being loyal to his master and best friend, occasionally embarrassing aforementioned master and best friend, using his gadgets to get Jimmy out of trouble, eating titanium, aluminum, and various metal objects, and leaving "lug nuts" for Hugh to pick up.

Other Points of interest:

-Goddard is Jimmy's most successful invention whose main glitch, his ability to "play dead", is actually an asset
-Goddard is battery powered
-Goddard is voiced by Frank Welker
-Jimmy seems to understand Goddard's barks and squeaks, but Goddard is also capable of relaying information in binary code or by spelling it out on the screen on his chest.

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