James (Jimmy) Isaac Neutron



Having an IQ of 210 might seem like a gift to most people, but to Jimmy Neutron, it often causes him nothing but trouble! He often employs his intellect in creating various far-flung inventions to help him deal with bothersome chores (such as cleaning his room) but more often than not they end up causing a bigger problem than the one he was trying to solve! However, these crazy inventions have a way of starting the "gang" up on their most exciting adventures.

            So, just who is “the gang”? Why, Jimmy’s circle of friends of course! Carl Wheezer, Sheen Estevez, and his pet robotic dogJimmy and the Gang Goddard form his inner possé, and Cindy Vortex and Libby Folfax spice things up from time to time as well. Ji
Jimmy in the Strato XLmmy's everyday life is certainly hectic, which his friends sometimes seriously regret! From exploring the farthest reaches of the galaxy to voyaging inside the human body, Jimmy has a way of getting everyone into sticky situations. Luckily, Jimmy does have some reliable (well, for the most part) inventions…His rocket, the Strato XL, dates way back to the original movie, when he created in order to rescue the parents from the Yolkians. The Strato XL isn't the only flying vehicle Jimmy possesses, however. He also has a hovercar, a roomier silver rocket, and a high tech, luxury space car that he received as a grand prize for winning on the alien game show in the episode "Win, Lose, and Kaboom."

In contrast to his crazy adventures, Jimmy's family life is pretty simple and laidback. His father, Hugh Neutron, has a strange obsession with ducks and pies, but despite these..."hobbies," is a caring, loving dad. He obviously respects Jimmy highly, even if he can't comprehend half of the words that come out of his son’s mouth. Judy Neutron, Jimmy's mom, is clearly the source of Jimmy’s genius genes. Although her son usually outsmarts her in matters of science, she sometimes pulls through to give Jimmy sage advice that could certainly only come from a mother. Jimmy is an only child, although in the episode "Brobot," (shiver) he creates a robotic brother to ease his loneliness. He quickly learns that being an older sibling (especially to someone as annoying as Brobot) isn’t worth it, and sends the pesky bot to the Moon along with robotic parents that Jimmy created to keep him company. Not surprisingly, that's the last time Jimmy mentions a younger sibling!

Carl and Sheen...Mexican styleBut with friends like his, who needs a younger brother? Sheen Estevez and Carl Wheezer are Jimmy’s Sheen and Carl in an experiment gone awrybest friends, and although they definitely aren't the sharpest crayons in the box, they are loyal to him nonetheless. They always wind up getting sucked into whatever black hole he generates or end up inhaling whatever mutating agent he lets loose in his lab…but somehow they just keep coming back for more. Sheen in particular seems to enjoy getting zapped, prodded, and flung headlong into whatever bizarre adventure they’ve landed themselves into. Carl is generally afraid of everything that goes on, but that doesn’t stop Jimmy from using him as his personal guinea pig.

 Libby Folfax and Jimmy aren't particularly close; the only reason that he really interacts with her is because of her relationship with Sheen, as well as the fact that she is Cindy Vortex's best friend. Jimmy's relationship with Cindy is an interesting one. The two of them are engJimmy and Cindy arguingaged a "love/hate" relationship, meaning that they will fight one minute, and throw each other loving glances the next. It'sHolding hands difficult to say who really fuels the relationship, but from what we can see, it appears that Cindy is often the one that gives the little push that starts off what we call a "J/C moment." However, Jimmy is certainly very quick to respond to these little hints of affection, which gives us the idea that his feelings for Cindy are definitely more than just "friendly." In fact, the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2, "When Nerds Collide," includes several prominent samples of this affection, including the line "You knew I liked Cindy!?..." “Lady Sings the News,” an unaired season three episode, is supposedly full of J/C moments as well. The blossoming relationship between these two is a key part of the show for the older audience members, and it certainly helps keep people interested.

        Jimmy has a sweet personality, although sometimes he can be a bit arrogant. In the motion picture he seems to be a bit naïve, but this wears off in the series, to some extent. He enjoys playing the hero, often taking a staunch stand against anyone he believes to be evil. shrink rayHe won’t back down from his beliefs, and since he’s right 89.23 percent of the time, it only makes sense. He's well aware that he surpasses all of his friends, and probably all of the adult townsfolk, in mental capacity. However, he does have a few weaknesses...his rather large head and his height, to name a couple. The kids at school, especially Cindy Vortex, tease him nonstop about these two unfortunate features. The nicknames are never ending: "Frankenhead, King Cranium, Nerdtron”…the list goes on. In the movie, he presents his Shrink Ray to the class, only to be greeted with "What's the matter Nerdtron? Aren't you short enough already?"

As a whole, Jimmy has matured throughout the show, and constantly teaches kids lessons about using your smarts to escape dangerous situations.  His wit, charm, and intelligence have drawn in countless viewers who delight in accompanying this young boy through his hectic, tweenage life.

Useful (or useless) info

Age: 11
Grade: 5th
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: March 14th
Hobbies: Creating bizarre and/or potentially dangerous inventions that cause loads of trouble for himself and all those around him, endangering the town and/or planet, saving the town and/or planet, competing against Cindy, hanging with Sheen and Carl (or experimenting on them...depends on the day), avoiding duck and pie discussions with his father, and being a bit of a goody-goody hero.

Other Points of interest:

-Jimmy and Einstein share the same birthday
Future Jimmy-In the good future, Jimmy is a famous scientist who's won practically every Nobel Prize ever invented. In the bad future, he's a clueless loafer with 5 o'clock shadow, and he spends all his time scrubbing his mother-in-law's feet.

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