Liberty (Libby) Danielle Folfax


    Tagging along for the ride definitely has its ups and downs. Allow us to introduce Libby, Cindy's best friend and advisor. She's the glue that holds Cindy's life exaggerations. In fact, she's the stable backbone of the whole team, and without her, emotions would fly off the handle. Laid back and straight forward, she tells it like it is, no matter what. Even with someone as strong tempered as Cindy around, she will not let anyone walk over her. She is a very strong-willed girl who likes to have a lot of fun. She keeps things real and down to earth, reminding them all of the simple humor in their situation by wording funny phrases like, "If you somehow get a driver's licence, I'm taking the bus!" when Cindy's about to crash a rocket into Mars.
      It's pretty safe to say that Libby ranks as the 3rd smartest person in the group. However, this is in no way her main talent or her main interest. Libby cares a lot about her looks, always commenting on her skin or her hair and how she is in need of more beauty products. She big on the fashion scene and practically an expert on pop culture, knowing the name of just about every boy band and rap star out there. She has a serious love of music, and even suffers withdrawals when she is without it. Despite her preoccupation with these things, she is always there for her friends, and could be seen as the most reliable person out of our 6 heroes. We don't know much about her family life, but all indications are that she lives in a functional, stable household. The few glimpses they show of her parents suggest that she may be a tad spoiled. Her mom's greatest concern is that, "My baby doesn't have a thing to wear!" and perhaps this nonchalance surrounding school is what allows Libby to coast through life on her looks, not her grades, and keep her laid-back attitude.
 Libby by the tree
     Libby Folfax is fairly close everyone on the show, but she is especially close to Cindy and Sheen. She often encourages her best friend to just go ahead and admit her feelings to Jimmy...not that Cindy ever listens, of course. She is clearly much more aware of Cindy and Jimmy's "love hate thing" than Sheen and Carl could ever hope to be. She keeps it secret, however...that is, until the unaired episode "Lady Sings the news," in which she lets the whole world in on Cindy and Jimmy's little love-hate thing.

     Libby doesn't just play the matchmaker, however. She is quite involved with another person herself...unlikely as it may seem, that person is Sheen Estevez. The development of the "Sheen and Libby romance" has turned them into one of the most unexpected (andSheen and Libby favorite) couples on the show.  This relationship seems to have first appeared in "Beach Party Mummy", in which she discovers that she is descended from Queen Howsiboutislapya, a great Egyptian ruler. She is pretty much identical to said queen, and Sheen takes the opportunity to comment that she is "smokin! I'd be her king in a Retroville minute!". This episode doesn't just usher in S/L, but she also gets a new look and shows a new side of her personality, proving that she's not just a tag along. The first major S/L moment was in Love Potion 976/J, where we learn that even without the influence of the love pharomone, they still wish they could be together. In Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen, she admits to being Sheen's girlfriend for the first time. Until that point, she seems reluctant to admit they were going out. It's plain to see, though, that she has no reason to be embarrassed by their relationship. After all, they are exactly what the other needs. Sheen needs some calmness in his crazy life, and Libby needs some craziness in her calm life, so they are perfect together!
She changed her look at the end of the first season. In the movie, she had her hair up and she wore a green dress, but in "Beach Party Mummy" she changed her hair to those pretty cornrow braids. Ever since, she wears a pink, striped, long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. In this photo we see her in her old outfit but new hairdo, soon after she discovers her royal lineage.

Useful (or useless) Info

Age: 12 (from "The Tomorrow Boys" on)
Grade: 5th
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Birthday: December 11th

Hobbies: Listening to music, livening up the fashion scene, dancing "riverstomp" along with Cindy, shopping, hanging out with Cindy, keeping Sheen in line, keeping Cindy in line, dispatching advice, and getting into outrageous adventures with the others.

Other Points of interest:
-Libby is voiced by Crystal Scales
-In the Halloween special "Nightmare in Retroville", Libby reveals that she is a vegetarian
Dictator Libby-In the bad future, Libby has been exposed to Megalomanium and rules over Retroville with an iron fist.
-It is unknown what the good future holds for Libby, although she has expressed aspirations of fashion design and/or a musical career

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