Sheen Juarrera Estevez

Sheen Estevez-Attack Tokyo

         If you were to look up the word “weird” in the dictionary, the definition would be “Sheen”. This Mexican jumping bean takes the cake when it comes to hyperactive, manic, sugar-addicted weirdness…but you’d be wound tight too if you gorged yourself on sugar and spent 75% of your time watching a cartoon hero named Ultralord and the rest of your time thinking about him.
        Sheen is strangely awesome…in every sense of both words. A majority of people would agree that he is their favorite character, and he certainly gets the best one-liners in the show. Sheen cracks out the WEIRDEST and most unpredictable comments imaginable, always putting a strange new twist on any situation he’s in. He frequently makes adult jokes that leave the older audiences rolling in laughter, and his geeky, womanizing silliness endear him to the rest of the viewers.
 We know very little about his home life other than that his dad is a mechanic and that he has a younger sister. His dad presumably goes right along with Sheen’s Ultralord obsession, calling him “Ultra-son” in the movie. Mr. Estevez’s voice changes in the series to that of a sultry Mexican man, and along with this he seems to lose his interest in the cartoon. We learn more about him in the season 3 episode, “El Magnifico” when he asks Jimmy to help him impress his son. It is fairly clear from this episode that although sometimes Mr. Estevez feels like he can't measure up to Sheen's cartoon idol, the two of them have a good relationship.
    dumb Sheen
        In school, Sheen is hopeless. He has been held back a grade already, and in the episode “Sheen’s Brain,” he must ace a math test to avoid being held back again. He often lands himself in summer school (it lasts forever, trust him) but still chooses to spend his time avoiding homework, playing video games, and goofing off during classes. When the kids are out with Jimmy’s sick patches in “Journey to the Center of Carl”, Ms. Fowl expresses her opinion on the matter: “I miss them all so much…except Sheen!” Needless to say, Sheen is a burden on any educator and most likely will send some of his teachers into early retirement before he graduates.
        Because of his complete ADHD and the bullying he receives for his inane love of UltraLord (which, as Sheen frequently reminds us, is an action figure, not a doll), Sheen is jumpy and insecure. Sheen and LibbyThis is probably why he is attracted to Libby. Libby is his m
ain love interest in the show, beginning mainly in the episodes “Beach Party Mummy” and “Love Potion 976/J”. Libby is the perfect balance to Sheen’s crazy personality…she brings some much needed calmness and stability to his life. Fortunately, Libby has thus far forgiven his petty annoyances and the fact that he flirts with every pretty female in sight. Sheen is a hopeless womanizer, which givesLibby and SheenSheen's Valentine rise to some hilarious situations. Sheen’s other claim to fame is his role as “The Chosen One”…the holy leader of the monks of Shangri Llama…due to his unusual ability to put his foot behind his head. In the episode “Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen”, Sheen must duel a Kung Fu master named Yoo Yee after he captures Libby. There is significant S/L development in this episode, and Libby even calls herself “his girlfriend”. Up until that point, she had not acknowledged this. Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen is one of the best Sheen-featured episodes and is a must-see for any Sheen fan (not to mention a fan of Kung-Fu action movie spoofs).
        Unlike Carl, Sheen encourages Jimmy to create and test inventions (especially if there is electricity and/or pain involved) with the hope that it will lead to a crazy, unpredictable adventure. However, his random outbursts and pointless comment often get on everyone's nerves, especially Cindy Vortex, and can make him a very tiresome companion. But perhaps, somewhere deep inside of him, underneath the randomness, there is the heart of a nice, reasonable guy. BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! YEAH RIGHT!!! That's whole reason why we love him!

Useful (or useless) Info

Age: 12
Grade: 5th
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Spiked
Hobbies: Watching TV, aspiring to be Ultralord, eating anything containing copious quantities of sugar, self-inflicting pain, avoiding school work, indulging in useless video games, getting into messes, flirting with any attractive girl within a five mile radius (especially Libby).

Other points of interest:
-Sheen wears an Ultralord mask during most of the movie, but rarely wears it in the series
-Sheen is voiced by comedian Jeffrey Garcia
Future Sheen
-In the good future, Sheen is a world famous male model

-In the bad future, Sheen is a professional dumpster diver

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