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 Hi everyone! It's Cami with my long awaited and much anticipated fanfic: Red Eyes & Black Clothes. This is the grand premier of my original characters Toady, Toad, and MJ Conrade. What will follow is not officially the 1st chappie but kind of an introduction. I hope you all likey.


Dr.Spok: Too long has he haunted my dreams. Too long has he mocked me and my choices in TV programming. Too long-
Drew: Um, excuse me Dr.Spok-
Dr.Spok: Address me properly, minion!
Drew: Sorry, excuse me your supreme evilness, but Garry's Goofy Happy House is on.
Dr.Spok: Oh, goodie!!! But first, Drew.
Drew: Yes, your supreme evilness?
Dr.Spok: Get me DarkBeauty. I have a job for her. Muwahahahahahaha!!! Now let us go watch Garry's Goofy Happy House!!! Oh, I love that show!!!!
Drew: Of course, your supreme evilness [quietly to himself] Oh, I hate that show.

Chapter 1

It was a very, very, very windy day in Retroville. And for good reason; it was September 3rd and the 1st day back at school.
*We see Jimmy in a deserted classroom looking at the name tags on all the desks. Sheen is leaning on his desk looking extremely bored and Carl is standing by the entrance to the classroom eating pickled eggs out of a jar*

Sheen: Uh, remind me again, why are we in here 30 minutes before school starts. I planned on stretching the time between the last day of school and the first as long as possible. I even brought a huge block of wax so that the halls would be *evil chuckle* a little harder for Ms. Fowl to cross. *more evil chuckles*
Jimmy &Carl: *stare at him with mouths open*
Sheen: What?!?!
Jimmy: Sometimes I see you in a psychiatric ward for criminals 20 years from now.
Carl: Yeah, but Jim, I was kind of thinking the same thing. Why are we here?
Jimmy: Okay, a few days ago I saw a few moving trucks pull up to that house down street, you know, the one that's been for sale for about a year.
Sheen: the Jeffergason's house?
Carl: Oh yeah, I remember them! Mrs. Jeffergason made the best fudge squares. She was pretty, too. But not as pretty as Jimmy's Mom.
Sheen: What did ya say, Carl?
Carl: Nothing!
Jimmy: Anyway, at dinner last night my Mom a said that she took a pie to the house as a welcome to the neighborhood present. A couple answered the door, but couldn't stay and chat 'cause they needed to enroll their kids in school. They have 4 kids. One of them is in college this year.
Sheen: Sooo, we are here because...
Jimmy: …their last names are Conrade.
Sheen: Oh, I get it. You think that they are blood thirsty aliens wanting to conquer Retroville and eventually the world. And they're putting up seemingly nice that will gain the trust of everyone in Retroville except you making you seem to be a paranoid, big-headed, loser. Like last time.
Jimmy: Um, not exactly. I'm checking the names tags on the desks to see if any Conrades are in this class  
Sheen: Riiiiight....[to himself] I was going to say that next.
Jimmy: Ah ha! I found one! It says-
*A white and red blurs flies into the room ricocheting off the walls*
Jimmy: What the?!?!
Sheen: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Carl: Mooooooooooooooommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
????#1: Yea!!!! Wooooooooo!!!!
????#2: Toady!!!
*The white and red crashes into the chalkboard causing an explosion of chalk dust.*
Jimmy:*cough* *cough* What happened? *cough* Is everyone *cough* all right?
Sheen: Carl...
Carl: [half wheezing half talking] Yes?
Sheen: Come closer *cough*
Carl: What is it?
Sheen: Everything *wheeze* is going white.
Carl: That’s only because there’s chalk dust everywhere.
Sheen: Oh, right, anyway, Carl, tell Libby I love her. *gasps and "dies"*
Carl: Sheen? Sheen?!? SHEEN??!!?? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why?!? Why?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!
Sheen:*stands up* Stop crying, Carl. Leave it to you to ruin a overly dramatic soap opera impression. Sheesh!
* a small girl with two long blonde braids in patchwork overalls, a yellow shirt, and a giant hat that resembles a mushroom cup stands up covered in white dust, looks around, and-*
????#1: That...was...magical!!! Was that not magical, Toad?
????#2 or Toad:*lifts up head* Ugh...*drops head again*
Jimmy: Who are you?

Chapter 2

Jimmy: Who are you?
Toady: I'm Toady and this is my twin bro Toad.[quietly] He has people issues. Shhhhhhh...[in regular voice] I think I should ask you the same question, Big-headed boy.
Jimmy: My name is Jimmy. JIMMY! Remember that The last thing I need is another Cindy hanging around.
Toady: Who's Cindy?
Jimmy: If you're in this class then you'll meet her later...unfortunately.
Toady: Huh, from your tone of voice I'd say that you have some issues with her.*pulls a business card out of a pocket in her overalls* Here's my card. Set up an appointment and we can talk. Now, if you will excuse me.*Walks to her desk and starts making adjustments to her name tag*
Sheen: Lemme see that card!*Jimmy hands it to him* [reading aloud] Are you feeling depressed? Have some major issues with a relationship? Do you want to leave the funny farm? Then come come to the offices of Advice 4 U (a.k.a. the abandoned janitor closet), an independent psychiatric help foundation dedicated to making your life the best it can be and making Toady rich. For more information call 1-800-IMA-KOOK.
Sheen and Carl: Wow.
Toady: Big hea-
Jimmy: Jimmy!
Toady: Sorry. Jimmy, exactly why do you keep your hair in the shape of a Hershey kiss? It has to be thee absolute lamest thing I have ever seen.
Jimmy: I like my lame hair the way it is. You see, I keep it looking spic and span by using one of my inventions. It's called-
Toady: Do I care? Nope! Do pale kid and bologna boy talk as much as you?
Sheen: Bologna Boy?
Toady: It was the first thing that came to mind.
Sheen: Hmmm...it does have a nice ring to it. Yeah, I like it! All shall fear the wrath of UltraLord and his youthful ward: Bologna Boy!!!
Toady:[with Scottish accent] Now, aren't ye the smart one, laddie. I bet you’re a regular boy genius...Aye!
Sheen: Well, I don't like to brag, but-
Jimmy: Toady is your friend all right. I hope that he survived the crash despite his small capacity
Toady: Are you callin' him short, munchkin man? 'Cause if you call my twin short than your callin' me short.
Jimmy: JIMMY!!!
Toady: If you call me short than I get to call you something. Besides I'm the average height for a 3 year-old.
Jimmy, Sheen, Carl: You're 4?!?!
Jimmy: Then why are you here?
Carl: Yeah, Lindbergh Elementary doesn't have a preschool program.
Toady: You would know if it did, huh.
Jimmy: Just answer the question, Toady.
Toady: Fine! Toad and I possess some natural intelligence that permits us to rise to a higher level of the educational system, if you must know.
Sheen: Fascinating. NOT!!!*breaks into hysterical laughter as everyone just stares* Oh, that was funny! Hey Froggy, can you ask Frog to teach me how to lie face down on the floor without moving or appearing to breath?
Toady: It's Toady and Toad!
Carl: He's not *gulp* dead is he? I don't think my heart can take it. I could be emotionally scared for life, living the rest of my years afraid to love..I want my mommy![quietly] Or Jimmy's mom.
Toady:[to Jimmy] Is he always like this?
Sheen: You don't know the half of it, trust me.
*The sounds of kids arriving outside are in background*
Toady: I better get a jump on waking up Toad. Where is the restroom?
Jimmy: At the front doors, it will be on your left.
Toady: Thanks...Jimmy.
*She leaves room. Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen watch her go.*
Jimmy: Toady Conrade. Interesting, very interesting.
Sheen: Well, I think anyone who can come up with a great name like Bologna Boy can't be so bad.
Carl: Jimmy, are you going to finish checking all the name tags?
Jimmy: Nah, I doubt there are any more new students. Lets go guys. 
*When they get to the door Toady reappears with her hat full of water* 

Jimmy: Nah, I doubt there are any more new students. Lets go guys. 
*When they get to the door Toady reappears with her hat full of water*
Toady:[in a upper-crusty English accent]Excuse me,*squeezes by them* Are you chaps leaving right now?
Sheen: Maybe, who want s to know and why?
Toady: Um, me 'cause I just want to know.
Sheen: Riiiiiiiiight. Are You sure it's not because your a blood thirsty alien wanting to conquer Retroville and eventually the world. And You just putting up seemingly nice fronts that will gain the trust of everyone in town except Jimmy making him appear to be a paranoid, big headed-
Jimmy: We get the picture!
Toady: Last time I checked that wasn't on my schedule, but because I like you...er, what's your name?
Sheen: Sheen.
Toady: Because I like you, Sheen, I'll check again.*takes a hand held out of a pocket in her overalls and pushes a few buttons* Nope, no taking over the world in here…Wait! What does that say? Nope! Now, to finish some unfinished business.*Turns to Toad and throws the water in her hat on him*
Toad:*cough* *cough* *sputter* *rolls on to his back and opens his eyes*
Toady :That's it, Toad. Cough it out!
Carl: He's not dead! He's not dead! Yeah!!!*runs up to Toad, picks him up, and gives him a bear hug. Toad's eyes bulge and looks pleadingly at Toady*
Toady: Okay, enough hugging, Gentle Ben.
* Carl drops Toad on the floor and Toad starts gasping for air*
Toady: Toad, stop the drama and get up! He didn't squeeze you that hard.*Toad stares at her* Or maybe he did. Anyhow, I believe introductions are in order. Toad, I'd like ya to meet Jimmy, Sheen, and pale kid.
Carl: Um, my name is Carl.
Toady: and Carl.
 Carl: Hi.
Sheen: Waz up, Homie!
Jimmy: It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Toad.
Toad:*stares blankly at them*
Toady: Remember, the people issues.
Carl: Oh yeah.
Sheen: Riiiiiiiight. And you're sure it not because he's really a blood thirsty alien who-
Toady: Yes, Sheen, I'm sure.
Toady: What was that?
Jimmy: The first bell. School is gonna officially start in a few minutes.
Sheen: School can't start yet! I still need to wax the halls!
Jimmy: Too bad, Education stops for no one!
Carl: Except snow days, and principal Willoughby, and mass destruction, and Jimmy's inventions when they go hay-wire which is usually caused the mass destruction.
Toady: This is going to be a very interesting year. 

Chapter 3 

Eustace: Hello, is this the office of Dr. O'mally? Good, I'm calling to inquire about your orthodontia programs. What?!? You can't put me on hold! Perhaps you fail to understand I am Eustace Strych,  the richest kid in Retroville. I'm going to put you on hold, you bratty dolt?!?!? You can't talk to me like that, pathetic middle class person! That's it! I don't need this! I swear that I will buy the land your little business sits on and then raise the rent so high you won't be able to pay. Let's see how quick you are to insult me then lowly telephone receptionist! *Slams down phone* Oh, I love being filthy rich. *Suddenly two tough looking security guys enter looking extremely shaken* What do you want? I was in the middle of basking in my wealthy glory.
guy#1: Sorry to disturb you, sir, but there is a girl outside wanting to see you.
Eustace: A girl to see me? *runs fingers through hair* I mean of course, a girl to see me.
guy#2: But Mr. Strych, this is no regular girl. She is dressed in a black skin-tight suit.
guy#1: Kind of like a wetsuit.
guy#2: Yeah, and over her suit is a flowing black cloak with a hood that covers most of her face.
guy#1: Every now and then, when she lifts her head high enough,  you see her eyes. And her eyes occasionally glint red.
guy#2: Just like he said, they turn redish; and quite simply sir, it's freakin' us out!
guy#1: What should we tell her, Mr. Strych. Better make it quick. She said she would only wait so long before she used force.
Eustace: Red eyes and black clothes, you say? Hmmmm...tell her-
????:[voice coming from behind Eustace] No body move unless I say so.
Eustace: *bites his lip as he feels a heavy cloak material brush against his leg*
????: Tell those two bumbling idiots you call security to leave the room.
Eustace:[voice is shaking and cracking] Y-y-you two le-le-leave now.
guy#1: Freely and gladly! Lets go!
guy#2: LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!!!!*both run away as fast as they can*
????: Take a seat, Eustace Strych.
Eustace:*walks numbly over to a chair and sits down*
????:*emerges from shadows and sits down in chair across from Eustace. She lift up her head revealing blonde and black hair tucked behind her ears and sparkling blues that began to turn slightly redish*
Eustace:*Eyes widen as realization dawns*DarkBeauty! Oh my goodness! You're known through out the villain community as a the most accomplished, stone cold, expensive, and professional evil agent ever. This is an honor indeed! And might I add-
DarkBeauty: You talk far too much. I'm here on an important assignment.
Eustace:*gulp* You are?
DarkBeauty: Yes, I'm looking for information on my current target, and I believe that you can give me some of that information.
Eustace: I will help you to the best of my ability.
DarkBeauty: Uh, huh. My target is Jimmy Neutron.
Eustace:*smiles*Jimmy Neutron, eh.*chuckles* What do you want to know?
Dark: Does he have any unusual traits or habits?
Eusatce: He's a genius and invents all kinds of things, like his robotic dog, but he doesn't take his dog to school. He also has a laboratory. That’s his main weapon.
DarkBeauty: But is there a person who can be used as "leverage" against him? A girl for example.
Eustace: No one comes to mind. Wait...yes, yes, there is one person.
DarkBeauty:*a smile slowly spreads across her face as she listens and her eyes turn a deep red*

Chapter 4

Toady: And that was?
Cindy: The late bell, Duh. Haven't you ever been to school?
Toady: No.
Cindy: Oh...*there is a moment of  awkward silence*
Ms.Fowl: Good morning, CLASS. My name is Ms. Fowl. BRAAAAAWK!!!
Toady: Ms. Fowl?*tries hard to stifle a laugh*I'm so sorry.
Ms.Fowl:*cough**cough* Let me open this window. Braaaawk! It smells like CHALK DUST and CLEANING FLUID in here. BRRRRAAAAAWWWWK!!!! Now, to start off this new school year, I would like to say-
MJ: Sorry I'm late. I slept in.
*Everyone turns to face a girl with amber hair and gray eyes in tight, low cut, slightly flared jeans, classic all-stars, and a short-sleeved midriff that says, "Move It, Buster!!! (please)" in the doorway.*
*Yeah! by Usher begins to play. MJ swings her hair out of her face and starts to walk in slow motion with her hair flowing behind her giving a wind affect. Jimmy and all the boys stare goo-goo eyed with their jaws on their desks and their tongues on the floor. Cindy is practically green with envy and Libby is watching Sheen very carefully.*
Jimmy: Hummuna, Hummuna, Hummuna!!!
Carl: She is so...*sigh*
Sheen: Oh, if I wasn't taken!
Libby: Well, you are! Sheen? Sheen?!? SHEEN, are you listing to me?!?!?
Sheen: Wha-what?
Cindy: I can't take this anymore! I'm not just gonna sit around and have another "Betty Quinlan" come between me and Jimmy or my name isn't Cynthia Aurora Vortex! [yelling at the top of her lungs] Ms.Fowl!!!!!!
Ms.Fowl: What? *BRAWK*
Cindy: I think that-
Ms.Fowl: I can't hear you! What did you SAY?
Cindy: I said-
Ms.Fowl: Hold ON ![ to Toady] Toady!!!! TOADY!!!!!
Toady: Yeah?
Ms.Fowl: Can you please turn off your boombox?
Toady: What?!?
Ms.Fowl: The bombox!BRAAAAAAWK!!! TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!
Toady: Wait, let me turn of my boombox.* turns off a giant boombox sitting on her desk* You were saying?
Ms.Fowl: Thank you. What were you saying, CINDY?
Cindy: I was just thinking that it shouldn't take an entire school day to walk to your seat.
Ms.Fowl: Monica, could you please take your SEAT. Braaaawk.
MJ: I'm trying, but that window right across from me is open, the wind is blowing really hard, so my shoes can't get very good traction. I keep on sliding backwards.
Jimmy: Yeah, Vortex, what's your problem?
Cindy: I don't have a problem. If anyone has a problem it's you and your big, dumb, genius brain!
Toady: Dumb genius? That doesn't make any sense.
MJ: Uh, actually, it does.
Toady: What? No it doesn't!
MJ: Yes it does.
Toady: No! It doesn't!
MJ: Yes! It does!
Toady: No!!!
MJ: Yes!!!
Toady: No!!!!
MJ: Yes!!!!
Toady: NO!!!!!!
MJ: YES!!!!!!
Ms.Fowl: CLASS!!! Quiet down. Brawk. Could our three new students come up here. *Toady and Toad join MJ in front of the class* Now, I want you each, starting with MJ,  to tell us about YOURSELF!!! Like your INTRESTS and HOBBIES-
Toad: [whispering into Toady's ear] Oh no, Toady! What am I going to do? I can barely talk to close relatives much less a room full of strangers. They'll make fun of me. I just know they will! I'm going to puke. I am so going to puke!
Toady: Calm down, Toad. It won't be so bad.
Toad:*gives her "the look"*
Toady: Or maybe it could. But if anyone even thinks about making fun of you, than they'll get a mouth full of my fist!
Toad: That'll just get you a one way trip to the principal's office and probably a suspension. I need to get away. Can you cover for me?
Toady: Toad, I don't think-
Toad: *Makes the most adorable-big-eyed-puppy-dog-face.*
Toady: Although I personally don't approve, fine.
Toad: Thanks, really owe you one!
Toady: I'll remember that.

Toad: Thanks, really owe you one!
Toady: I'll remember that.
Ms.Fowl: Are there any questions? BRAAAAWK! *Toad walks up to her and pulls on her skirt* Oh, What is it, TONNY? [Writer's Note:Toad's real name is Tonny] *Toad whispers something in her ear* You need to use the restroom? *Toad noddes* Well, here's a HALL PASS! Hurry now. BRRRAAAWWWWK!!!*Toad hurries out of the room, exchanging a wink with Toady* MJ, you can start.
MJ: Thank you, Ms., er, Fowl. That isn't a name you come in contact with everyday.
Toady: And that's not a nose you come in contact with everyday, either. Ha! Ha! Ha!
MJ:*elbows Toady*
Toady: Ow!
MJ: Don't be rude. Anyway, my name is Monica Jean Conrade, but everyone calls me MJ.
All boys: [dreamily] Hi, MJ.
MJ: Okay...
Toady: That was freaky.
MJ: Um, I'm 11 years-old, a major bookworm, and have a knack for learning languages. I hope to have a career as an ambassador and interpreter in foreign countries. I also love to act, sing, and dance.
Jimmy: I think it would be cool to travel around the world.
Carl: Well, I think it's cooler than however cool you think it is.
Butch: I think it's cooler than both of you and I can pound ya to a pulp.
Sheen: Why must I be taken? Why?!?
Cindy: What's the big deal? She's just a girl.
*The room becomes dead silent and Jimmy turns to Cindy*
Jimmy: What did you say?
Cindy: She's just a girl. That's all Nerdtron and you other pathetic drool monkeys.
Butch: Get her!
Toady: A fight! Alright!!! Where's a concession stand when you need one?
MJ: STOP!!!! !*All activity ceases* Look, I'm flattered, but-
Cindy: Don't be! This is all your falt! If you hadn't come waltzing in here like something special, none of this would have happened!
Jimmy: Shut up, Vortex! Let the lady talk.
Ms.Fowl: CLASS!!! Please, let’s move on. BRAWK!
Toady: It's about time. Hiya, losers! My name is Toady Conrade.
Ms.Fowl: ExCUSE ME, but could you state your REAL name.
Toady:*reaches into pocket and takes out a $50* How about $50 and we forget the name.
Ms.Fowl:*snatches the $50* BRAAAAAAAWK!!! Please continue, Toady.
Toady: I knew you would see it my way. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, my name is Toady Conrade and I am a fiery, sarcastic, rude 4 year-old psychiatrist.
Cindy:[to Libby] Well, at least she isn't in denial.
Toady: I can also imitate almost any voice, accent, or sound.
Jimmy: Yeah right. That's practically impossible taken into consideration your age and the development of your vocal cords.
Toady:[in Jimmy's voice] Well, I've proved a lot of experts and their textbooks wrong.
Carl: Wow! Can you mimic my voice?
Toady:[in Carl's voice] Sure can.
Sheen: That's is so cool! Do me, Toady! Do me!
Toady: I don't know, Sheen.
Sheen: Please! It has been my life long dream to be minced!
Cindy: It's mimicked, Ultradork.
Sheen: What?
Cindy: What do you mean, what?
Sheen: I donno? You said what first.
Cindy: No, you said what first, or is your memory as bad as your grades?
All: Ooooooooooooo!
Toady:*snif* Does anyone else smell smoke? 'Cause you just got burned!
Ms.Fowl: Settle down, CLASS! Now, to help our new STUDENTS get used to their new ENVIROMENT, I will be assigning-*Toad walks into the classroom* Tonny, just in time. I would like you to tell the class-
Toady: Ms.Fowl!!!!
Ms.Fowl: Yes? Brawk!
Toady: That's a, er, beautiful, um, brooch you've got there.
Ms.Fowl: Oh, yes, my great-grandma GAVE IT TO ME at me first bird show. Those were the days. BRAAAAAAWK!!! I was so young. So, innocent.*stares dreamily into space for awhile* Oh, where was I? I forgot.
Toady: You were telling us about assigning something.
Ms.Fowl: Thank you, TOADY! BRAAAAAWWK!!!
Toad:*smiles at Toady and mouths "Thanks"*
Toady:*mouths "Your welcome" back*

Ms.Fowl: I will be assigning each of our NEW STUDENTS a mentor for this week. At the end of the WEEK the new STUDENTS and their mentors will give a report on what they have LEARNED from each OTHER! BRAAAWK!!! Now will the MJ, Toady, and TOAD please come up here and draw a NAME out of this HAT!!
Jimmy: Please let me get MJ! Please let me get MJ!
Cindy: Please don't let Jimmy get MJ! Please don't let Jimmy get MJ!
Carl: Please let me get MJ, but still love Judy! Please let me get MJ, but still love Judy!
Sheen: Please let UltraLord come on soon! Please let UltraLord come on soon! *Looks over at Libby* And let me get MJ.
Libby: Did you just use me and MJ in the same sentence?
Sheen: No!!! Maybe. So, what if I did? You aren't the boss of me!!! I bet you couldn't give me five reasons why you would be the boss of me.
Libby: Oh, I have five.! *hand forms a fist*
Sheen: I understand, my master
*Toady, Toad, MJ each take a slip of paper out of a hat Ms.Fowl is holding*
MJ: No way!
Toady: Hmmmmmm...
Toad:*Eyes get really wide and faints*
Toady:*wakes up from a nap, startled* Huh? What was that?
Ms.Fowl: The lunch bell.
Toady: You guys have a bell for everything, don't you. I don't think I can take this.
Ms.Fowl: Toady, Toad, and MJ, Principal WILLOUGHBY would like to see you in his office to work out some DETAILS. BRRRAAAAAAAAWWWWK! The rest of you can go to LUNCH!
*Everyone leaves the classroom. Out in the halls Cindy is putting away her books with Libby*
Libby: Look on the bright side, girl. At least she didn't end up with Jimmy.
Cindy: Yeah, but still, why do I have to mentor little Miss Walk-in-slow-motion-with-background-music- swinging-my-oh-so-beautiful-hair.
Libby: That would be hard to fit on a name tag.
Jimmy: Man! Why did Vortex have to be MJ's mentor? She doesn't even like her. It is a prime example of casting the proverbial pearls before swine. Where as with me, it would be like handing a precious jewel to a highly esteemed jeweler.
Carl: Okay wait, who's the swine? Because I've seen you eat and-*Jimmy gives him the evil eye* Uh, Toady should be an interesting person to mentor.
Jimmy: But she's no MJ.
Sheen: At least she talks. I had to get the O' Silent One. How lame will that make my report at the end of the week! It'll just say: Toad is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very quiet person. The End.
Jimmy: But all your reports pretty much sound like that.
Sheen: I pride myself on consistency.
*Toady, Toad, and MJ are walking to the cafeteria*
MJ: I can't believe I got stuck with Cindy. I can already tell she hates me.
Toady: Yes, but the real question is why?
Toad: She has a point. Exactly why would she get so uptight?
MJ: Because she's jealous that all the boys were paying attention to me.
Toady: But why would she care that all the boys liked you, unless there is a certain boy of which she desires affection.
MJ: Uh huh. Anyway, back to me, I wish I could have gotten Jimmy. He is hot!
Toad: *coughs and shifts uncomfortably*
Toady: MJ.
MJ: And those eyes!
Toad:*more coughing and uncomfortable shifting *
Toady: MJ?
MJ: I could just drown in those big, blue eyes!
Toad:*hacking and glaring angrily at MJ*
Toady: MJ, could you-
???: Watch out! *the 3 of them crash into the 4th person. Papers go flying everywhere*
Toady: Oh, my aching back.
MJ: We are sooo sorry! We weren't looking where we were going.
Toady: Nope, you were too busy carrying on about Jimmy and his eyes.
???: Jimmy? I take it your talking about Jimmy Neutron.
MJ: How did you know? Oh, I think these are yours.*picks up a pair of oversized sunglasses laying on the floor*
Amy:*gasps, reaches up, and touches her face*Yes, those are mine!
MJ: Well, here.
Amy:*snatches the glasses keeping her eyes down* Thank you, and I'm sorry for running into you.
MJ: Oh, think nothing-*Amy jumps up and continues to run in the direction she was originally going*...of it.
Toad: I wonder where she's going?
MJ: Well, I'm going to the cafeteria. Come on, guys.
Toad:*groan*I can't believe got Sheen as a mentor! This is going to be a loooooong week.
Toady's thoughts: Who was that girl? And was it just me or did her eyes look kind of reddish?

Chapter 5 

*Jimmy, Cindy, Carl, Sheen, and Libby are all sitting at a table inside the cafeteria*
Jimmy: Sheen, you can't stay here forever. It's your duty as his mentor to sit next to him.
Sheen: But I need to tell you one more thing-
Carl: You've already told us all your favorite UltraLord catch phrases, most embarrassing moments, favorite UltraLord episodes, your favorite moments in your favorite episodes, your favorite memories, your least favorite memories, your distant childhood memories-
Cindy: Basically, we're tired of listening to you talk, Freak of the Galaxy. Just go!
Sheen:*sticks his tongue out at Cindy*
Libby: Please, Sheen?*bats her eyes*
Sheen:*Tries to puts on a "brave face", but just ends up looking like a diluted frog * I will go and face the perils of boredom with dignity and pride *tries to put on a "brave smile" but continues to look like a diluted frog*...right after I tell you that one thing-
All: GO!
Sheen: Alright, Dang!*stand up huffily and walks to the deserted corner of the cafeteria where Toad is sitting eating in, what else, silence*
Sheen: Wuz up, Toad! How's it going?
Toad:*stares in silence*
Sheen: Have you ever heard of UltraLord?
Toad:*blank stare*
Sheen: It's is the best show ever created on the face on the earth!!! *sighs dreamily*
Toad:*more of the same*
Sheen: So, you don't believe me, eh.
Toad:*Well, you know the drill*
Sheen: Well than, Mr. Skeptical, I guess I'll have to begin my extremely looooong explanation on the magnitude and magnificence of this particular television program. UltraLord is the bestest superhero ever! He is very, very, very, very, very, very*continues to blab on about UltrLord*
Toad:*looks away and winces*
Toady:*approaches Jimmy*Can I sit here?
Jimmy: Sure, I guess.*Toady sits across from him*
Carl: Um, Toady, can I ask you a question?
Toady: Knock yourself out.
Carl: Uh, okay.*forms his hand into a fist and prepares to hit himself*
Jimmy: No, Carl!*grabs his hand* It's just an expression.
Carl: Oh, Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha**snort**Sorry.
 Toady:*closes her eyes* Just ask the question.
Carl: Why do you wear a really big hat that looks like a mushroom cup?
Toady: It was a gift to me on my 3rd birthday from a, uh, good inventor friend of mine.
Jimmy: Why would an inventor invent a hat?
Toady: Ha! This is no ordinary hat. It is virtually weightless, can transform into a rocket powered skateboard, and can ricochet off practically any substance!
Jimmy: Really?
Cindy: Well, it sure beats the pant off some of your inventions you, Spewtron.
Toady: He is a very good inventor.
Jimmy:*glares at Cindy for a second* Incredible! How did you become acquainted with him?
Toady: He's, uh, a relative.
Jimmy: Do you think that, maybe, I could meet him?
Toady: NO!!! He's really not a people person.
Jimmy: Please!?! I promise not to talk too much.
Cindy: Ha! Ha! Ha! Are you kidding? You and rambling go together like Peanut butter and Jelly.
Toady: Trust me,*glances over at Toad* He is REALLY not a people person.
Jimmy: Too bad.*opens a can of soda and takes a gulp of it* BUUURRRRRP!
Carl: Yeah, Jimmy! *Both start laughing*
Cindy&Libby: Ewwwwwwwwwww!
Carl:*drinks some of his soda*BUUUUURRRRRRRRP!*They both laugh again*
Libby: You guys are a bunch of-
*They all turns to face her and stares for awhile. Then they start laughing*
Jimmy: Oh, yeah? Well watch this!*drinks more soda* BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRP!!
Carl: I can easily top that.*drinks some soda* BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRP!!!
Jimmy: You know that's right!
Carl: Way to burp, Toady! *They all high five each other*
MJ:*Walks up to the table* Hi, is this table full?
Cindy: Yes!
Jimmy:[simultaneously] No!
MJ:*looks at both of them weird*...er...
Jimmy:*glaring at Cindy* You can sit down here*indicates the seat next to him*
Carl:*glaring at Jimmy* No, you can sit next to me.
Jimmy:*looks surprised then throws Carl a glowering looking* The seat next to me is just fine, Carl.
Carl: Why would she want to seat next to you, Big-head.
Jimmy: I should ask you the same question, Wide-girth.
Carl:**gasp** Oh, you've done it now!*they continue to argue and call each other lame names*
Libby:*rolls her eyes* Come on, MJ, you can sit by me.
MJ: Thanks!*smiles and sit down next to Libby*
Cindy:*Grabs Libby's shirt* Libby!
Libby: What?
Cindy: How could you invite her to sit next to us?
Libby: First of all, I invited her to sit next to me, not you. Secondly, you need to get over yourself. She is a very pretty girl and maybe if you hadn't been so mean to Jimmy all these years he wouldn't be as distracted by her now.
Cindy: But, I...I mean, you can't...It's just, just, just-
Libby: Just what?
Cindy:*continues to stumble over her words doing a pretty good imitation of Porky Pig*
Libby: It's true and you can't deny it.
Cindy:*opens her mouth as if to say something then closes it*
MJ:*giggling* That was so classy.
Toady: Why don't you take a whack at it?*Thrusts a soda can towards MJ*
MJ: No, I couldn't.
Toady: Please, MJ? You haven't openly burped since you were 9.
MJ: No, it just wouldn't be...*voice drifts off*
Toady:*Makes the 2nd most adorable-big-eyed-puppy-dog-face*
MJ: Not the puppy dog face!
Toady:*continues to make "the face"*
MJ:*snatches the soda can* Fine!
Toady: Yes![to Jimmy&Carl] MJ is the ultimate burping connoisseur. Just sit back and watch a professional in action.
MJ:*delicately opens the can, takes a little sip, swirls it around in her mouth, swallows, and nods*
Cindy:[with an exasperated tone] Just burp already![to herself] I can't believe I just said that.
MJ:*dramatically picks up the can of soda and looks around the room. Toady is smiling triumphantly; Jimmy looks as if he is in love; Carl looks scared; Cindy looks annoyed and slightly jealous; Libby looks fascinated; Sheen, at his table, still looks like a diluted frog; and Toad, also at Sheen's table, looks as if he is in mental pain. MJ lifts the can to her lips and pauses*
Cindy: Can you speed this up, Julia Roberts? I do have a life, you know.
MJ:*Gives her a look and tips back the can. After taking a gulp she puts the can down with a, extremely focused face. Her eyes snap open and:*
*The entire room sits dumbfounded. After awhile someone in the back of the cafeteria starts to clap, then someone else joins in, and someone else, and another person, and another, and another until the entire cafeteria is on their feet, cheering and whooping more than a football lover at the superbowl. Cheesy inspirational happy starts to play*
 Toady: I love this thing.*pats a giant boombox sitting next to her on the table and turns up the volume*

Chapter 6  

Ms.Fowl: Class, I would like to introduce you to my brand new student AID! We hired her over the lunch break.
Toady: You hired a student aid in 45 minutes?
Ms.Fowl: She was very enthusiastic. BRAAAAWK!! Now, I would like you to meet AMY! BRAAAAAAAWWWK!!!
*A girl in her teens walks into the classroom wearing sport sweats, running shoe, and oversized sunglasses*
MJ:[to Toady] That's the girl we ran into earlier!
Toady:[sarcastically] Really? Gee, I thought she was our dad's financial advisor.
Ms.Fowl: She will be helping me out THIS YEAR! 
Amy: Hi.
Sheen: Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?
Amy: I have an eye condition. I can't let too much sunlight in my eyes.
Carl: My dad can look at it. He knows a lot about health conditions.
Amy: NO!!! I mean, no thank you, little boy.
Carl: I'm not a little boy!
Toady: Reality check, Dude. You are a little boy.
Carl: Oh yeah? Well, you're a, er, little girl.
Toady:[sarcastically] I am? I didn't realize.
Ms.Fowl: That's enough, CLASS! You can leave now, Amy.
Amy: Thanks.*walks out of the room*
Ms.Fowl: I have some very GOOD NEWS, Class.
Sheen: UltraLord's been elected president of the United States?!? *Runs up to the front of the room and pushes Ms. Fowl out of the  way* I would just like to say that I am proud of our new leader and that I will brutally hand each and everyone of you over to the government if asked...except Libby [super quietly to himself] and MJ.
Libby: I heard that, Buster!
Ms.Fowl:*gets up and walks up to Sheen* Please take your seat, Sheen. BRAWK!
Sheen: Art thou rebelling against the rule of UltraLord?
Toady: Sheen, America is a democracy.
Sheen: Come again?
MJ: Democracy = a from of government that is ruled by the people, for the people. No one person rules. The power is divided through out the different branches of the government.
Cindy:[sarcastically] Wow, not only is she a perfect little princess, she knows US history.
Jimmy:[distracted] Yeah, wow.
Sheen: No one person rules? What a rip off!
Toady: Yes, Sheen. That would be classified as a dictatorship.
MJ: Dictatorship = a government or country in which absolute power is held by dictator or small clique.
All:*stare at her*
MJ: I got locked in my old History teacher's classroom over night once. I got bored so I read a textbook.
Cindy:*bursts out laughing*
Libby: You were bored so you read a textbook?
Sheen: No offense, but that's just sick.
Toady: That's what I said. If I were looked in a classroom over night, I would rig the room to squirt chocolate syrup on the teacher when he comes in the next day or have him be attacked by mutant gerbils!
MJ, Jimmy,&Toad: Reading textbooks for fun is not sick!
*MJ&Jimmy star at each other in surprise than blush. Everyone else stares at Toad for minute. Toad just stares blankly back*
Cindy: Ms. Fowl, shouldn't you be teaching right now?
Ms.Fowl:*eating a bag of popcorn in her chair* Are you KIDDING?!? I haven't been this entertained since PRINCIPAL WILLOUGHBY did a dead-on impression of Silvester STALONE! BRRRAAAAWK!!! But I guess your right. SHEEN, can you please sit down?
Sheen: Yeah, my head kind of hurts.
Ms.Fowl: Now, on with the News. BRAAWK!
Sheen: You mean UltraLord wasn't elected president?
Toady:[sarcastically]  Sure he was, that just wasn't the good news.
Sheen: Oh, right...Hey!!
Ms.Fowl: As I was SAYING, our school will be holding a dance to COMMEMORATE a new school year.
Sheen:*looks confused and holds head* Oh, my aching cranium.
MJ: Commemorate = to serve as a memorial of a important event, date, and/or occasion. To celebrate or hold a ceremony in memory of something.
MJ:*smiles sheepishly* locked in Englishroom. Lots of dictionaries.
Cindy:*rolls eyes*
Jimmy: Wow...*smiles sheepishly back*
Libby: Ms. Fowl, when you say "dance" do you mean, like, the "boys-ask-girls-to-go-with-them" kind of "dance"?
Toady:..*Well, silently looks on. But then, what else is new?*
Toady:[to herself] Oh-no, I need to get out of this or I could end up*insert dramatic horror music* in a dress! [to Ms.Fowl] Is it possible for me to DJ at the event?
Ms.Fowl: I don't see why not. BRAWK!
Toady: Score! Just call me TMC, DJ extrodinaire!

Chapter 7  

*Cindy, Jimmy, Carl, Libby, Sheen, Toad, Toady, and MJ are sitting in the Candy Bar talking, laughing, and occasionally glaring at each other. Amy is standing outside about to enter when her cellphone rings*
Amy:*grinds her teeth in frustration* Hello?
Dr.Spok: What is taking so long?
Amy: I had to stay after school to help grade papers. You’re lucky I escaped this early!
Dr.Spok: Well, hurry up. I'm not paying you $500,000 to sit around and clean chalk boards.
Amy:**sigh of exasperation**I suppose imbeciles like you don't understand how these things work, but at least try to realize that I am good at what I do because I make sure every little thing is covered. Furthermore, that Eustace Strych gave me false information. Jimmy doesn't seem to be swayed toward Cindy's opinions at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Whatever she says he seems determined to disagree.
Dr.Spok: What does that mean?
Amy: That means I have to observe him carefully just to make sure, but from the short time I was there he seemed extremely attracted to another girl named MJ.
Dr.Spok: How long will this observation period take?
Amy: About 24 hrs to finish observing and then make further plans if my net comes up dry. So I'd say about 48 hrs.
Dr.Spok:48 HOURS!!! You're going fishing?
Drew:[yelling from afar] I wanna go fishing!
Dr.Spok: Drew, shouldn't you be washing windows or testing deadly acids on your skin?
Drew: But the window cleaner is making my eyes hurt.
Dr.Spok: Fine, you can take a break.
Drew: Can I go to John's Incredible Pizza?
Dr.Spok: Sure.
Drew: Yes! See ya, Dr.Spok.
Dr.Spoke:*clears throat*
Drew: I mean, your supreme evilness.
Dr.Spoke: That's better. Oh, and bring me back some pepperoni pizza!
Drew:*voice fading* Okay.
Dr.Spok: And some chocolate chip cookies if you can find any!
Drew:*voice continues to fade* Sure thing.
Dr.Spok: Oh goody!*giggles*
Amy: O-kay...I hate to pull you away from your cookie inspired fantasies, but I have a job to do.
Dr.Spok: Hm? Oh right, the, er, job. How's this, If you complete this little assignment in 24 hrs or less than I will double your pay.
Amy:*smiles evilly* I'll call you back tomorrow.*hangs up* I don't have very much time. Lets just hope that my little hunch is correct.*looks inside at the kids all talking and looking innocent* Well, I do feel like a milkshake and maybe*evil chuckle* a little game of Truth or Dare.*Behind the oversized sunglasses Amy's, or should I say DarkBeauty's, eyes turned an even deeper red*

Chapter 8

*inside the Candy Bar*
Toady:*takes a big bite out of a pickle* Mmmmmmmmmmm. That sure hits the spot.
Cindy: I cannot believe you ordered a plate of whole pickles.
Toady:[sarcastically] Yeah, your two scoops of pecan ripple sound a ot more appetizing.
Amy:*walks up to them with a pistachio milkshake* Hi, can I sit here?
Toady: Knock yourself out.
Carl: But not really; It's just an expression.
*There is a chorus of annoyed sighs; rolling of eyes; shaking of heads; and in Toad's case, blank stares in Carl's direction*
Amy:*sits down and fiddles with something under the table* Anyone, up for a game of Truth or Dare?
Toady: The heartless game where the participants make people reveal their deep and very personal outlooks on life or perform stupid and embarrassing stunts, making them appear to be crack jobs, all for the sick amusement of complete strangers and themselves? I'm in.
Cindy: Me too.
Libby: Me three.
Sheen: Me six.
All:*look at him in disbelief*
Sheen: What? Don't you know how to count to ten?
Cindy Of course we do, but you need to practice for a while.*Libby&Cindy laugh*
Jimmy:[nervously] MJ, can talk to you for second...alone .
Cindy:*looks up wide-eyed and starts to choke on what's in her mouth*
Libby:*hitting Cindy on the back* Oh my gosh! Breathe, Cindy, breathe!
Carl:*mutters darkly under his breath*
Toady: Go, Jimmy! Go, Jimmy!
Cindy:*continues to cough until a piece of waffle cone flies out of her mouth and lands in the middle of the table*
Jimmy:*wrinkles his nose in disgust*
MJ:*looking sympathetically at the now red Cindy* Lets talk outside.*they get up walk outside* 
Toady:*starring at the piece of soggy waffle cone on the table* That's just sick.
Sheen:*takes Carl's spoon and pokes the piece of chewed up cone in fascination and puts it back in Carl's Sundae before he can notice.*
Cindy:*stares after them with her mouth hanging and slumps down in her seat with an angry/pouty/jealous expression plastered on her face*
Libby: Do you think we should  start playing without them?
Cindy: Why wait? I don't stop my life for bratty, little, beauty queens and stuck-up, show-offy, pig-headed, boy-genius jerks.
Carl: I second that! Except for the part about MJ.
Amy: No, we have to wait.
Cindy&Carl: Why?
Amy: Because I'm going first and my dare is for Jimmy.
Cindy*rolls her eyes* Fine.
Toady:*eyeing Cindy suspiciously* So, Cindy, are you feeling all right?
Cindy:[slightly nervous] Why do you ask?
Toady: Because just a minute ago you looked either like a constipated dog or a tad, oh I dunno, jealous, perhaps?
Cindy: Wh-what? Me, jealous? No, no, no, no , no. I mean, why would I be jealous of MJ talking alone with Spewtron?
Toady: I asked myself that question and could only get one answer. Do you want to know what it is?
Cindy:Well, er, actually, I , um...
*Jimmy&MJ walk back in smiling, laughing, and generally just looking like the perfect couple*
Jimmy: Guess what, guys.
Cindy:[mockingly enthuseastic] What?!
MJ: Jimmy has asked me to the dance.

Carl&Cindy: What!*Cindy accidentally drops her entire ice cream on Libby' lap*
Libby:**gasp of surprise** Eww.
Cindy: Libby, I am sooooo sorry! So, so, so sorry!
Libby:*picks up the melting cone and gives it back to Cindy* It's okay. Accidents happen.
Toady: Not usually twice in a row, but they happen all the same.
Libby:*stands up and walks toward the bathroom* You guys start the game without me. I'm going to try to clean up.
Toady: Yeah, use soap and warm water. The ice cream should come out easily. Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Jimmy: It's not coming out, is it?
Toady: Nope.
Sheen: My Poor Libbykins, having to walk around with a giant pecan ripple stain on her lap. Yuck!
Cindy:*groans and slouches as low as she can in her seat*
MJ:*giving Cindy an even more sympathetic look* Why don't we start the game?
Amy: Good idea. I'll go first. Uh...Jimmy, truth or dare?
Jimmy: Dare.
Amy: Okay, you have to stomp around on the table top for 3 minutes.
Jimmy: I'm not going to do that!
Amy: Why not?
Jimmy: Because there's a bunch of upper graders in here, even some high schoolers.
Amy: Oh, I get it. You're just scared.
Jimmy: I-I-I...*hangs head in shame*
Amy: *shakes her head disapprovingly* That's problem with boy nowadays; they just don't got no guts. Don't you agree, MJ.
MJ: Not really.
Amy:*throws her arm around MJ warmly* Come on, all girls seek a knight in shining armor. The brave boy who is not afraid of anything and all that. At least deep down in their hearts, right?
MJ: Uh, I guess so.
Jimmy:*jumps up and climbs onto the table*
Amy: Now, start stomping really, really hard in the center. Really make a racket!
Jimmy:*starts to stomp around, but only after a few hard stomps, the table creaks and collapses with Jimmy still on top. The cracked wood falling on the never cleaned floor sends a multitude of dust bunnies into the air*
Cindy: MY CLOTHES!!!
Sam: MY TABLE!!! Yeah.
Sheen: MY SUNDAE!!!
*the dust settles, everyone is sitting on the ground moaning and groaning. Everyone that is, except Jimmy. He is lying motionless on the floor and doing a very good job of not breathing*
Libby:*walks out of the bathroom with the giant ice cream stain still on her pants* Whoa, it looks like someone dared Sheen to destroy the entire booth in here. And it looks like he succeeded
*A teenager with golden blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail and blue eyes wearing a flared miniskirt with the uniform red & white striped shirt, toping in all off with rollerskates (yes, real rollerskates) skates up to the booth*
Lily: Um, excuse me, but my boss said that, like, you kids need to clean up this mess, leave, and, like, never come back. He actually worded it different, but I'm, like, a lady.
Carl:*shaking Jimmy* Jimmy? Jimmy?!? Please, Jimmy! Please wake up!! I'm sorry I was mean to you!!! I'm so sorry!!! *lifts his hands up and wails loudly*
Sheen:*slaps him*
Carl:*wipes away a tear* Thanks.
Amy: Is he...dead?
Lily:*glares at Jimmy in disgust* Okay, like, ew.
Toad:*puts two fingers on Jimmy's neck*
Toady: Well, do you feel a pulse?
Toad:*smiles and nods*
Cindy: Too bad.
Libby: He must be unconscious.
Sheen: I say we shove Carl's armpit in his face. It could work as a smelling salt.
Lily:*drops a glass of water (the water and the glass) on Jimmy's head*
Jimmy:*sits up rubbing his head* Ow! What the-
Sheen: Or we could do that.
Sam:[to Lily] I thought I told you to get those kids cleaning, yeah.
Lily: I did, but they thought the guy with the freakishly large head was dead.
Sam: Well, you can just help them clean up then, or your fired!
Lily: *analyzing her finger nails*[distractedly] Whatever.
Sam: This is the last time I hire a teenager, yeah.*stomps off in a huff*
Jimmy:*stumbles to his feet* I guess we better get started.
Sheen: Wait, where's sunglass girl?
Libby: She must have snuck out.
Cindy:[under her breath] lazy bum.

Chapter 9

*The next day, Cindy is at her locker getting her books for class, when Amy approaches her*
Amy: Hi, Cindy.
Cindy:*gives her an irate glance*
Amy: What?
Cindy: You snuck out of the Candy Bar yesterday, leaving the rest of us to clean. That meant I wasn't able to get home until after dinner. Now, I'm grounded from using the internet for a week. But other than that, I'm just ginger-peachy. [fakely cheerful] Did you have fun last evening?
Amy: Sorry, but I was planning something.
Cindy: What, How to get out of grading our papers?
Amy: Not exactly. But I think it's something you will be interested in.
Cindy: Fine, I'll bite. What are you planning?
Amy: A prank on Jimmy Neutron.
Cindy:*grins mischievously* You're right, I am interested.
Amy: What I need you to do is tell me everything you know about his locker.
Cindy: Well...
*later that day, Jimmy is walking down to his locker with Sheen and Carl*
Jimmy: So, you're sure it's okay with you that I'm going to the dance with MJ?
Carl: Oh, sure, Jim. You untimely death sort of put my life back in perspective.
*MJ walks by them and smiles*
Carl:*watches her walk down the hall then turns to Jimmy* I hate you.
Jimmy: Come on, Carl. A girl isn't worth our friendship.
Sheen: Yeah, even if she is a cute, nice, funny, smart, red-haired, gray-eyed, totally hot girl.
Jimmy:[sarcastically] Wow, Sheen, you always seem to know the right thing to say.*opens his locker and puts away his books* Hello? What's this?*moves one of his inventions to see a flat disc-like thing flashing steadily* [quietly] Uh-oh.
Cindy:*sees Libby and runs up to her* Hey, Libby. *stifles a giggle* Nice skirt.
Libby:*looks down at the baggy peasant skirt that goes all the down to her feet* Well, I just thought that, you know, I should change up my wardrobe for toda-
Cindy: The stain wouldn't come out of the pants, huh.
Libby:*smiles* They're at the drycleaners and this was the only thing that wasn't dirty.
Cindy: *looks down guiltily* Sorry again.
Libby: Don't worry about it, girl. Besides, I think this skirt makes me look hot.*places one hand on her hip and the other on her head, fluttering her eyelashes like a total kook*
Cindy:*laughs wholeheartedly* Definitely!
**[faintly] ka-boom!*
Libby&Cindy:*turn to each other* Neutron.* they both run to Jimmy's locker. What they see shocks them. Sheen, Carl, and Jimmy are lying on the ground breathing hard. The door to Jimmy's locker is lying dangerously close to Jimmy's head.*    
Toady:What happened?
Cindy: Yeah, Nerdtron. Did another one of your "inventions" exploded?
Jimmy: No, it was a motion sensor bomb stuck in my locker. Someone must have rigged it so that it would explode when I put my books in.
Cindy:*all the color drains from her face*
Toady: Whoa, Cindy, you look pale.
Libby: Are you feeling okay, girl?
Cindy:*takes a few steps backwards then turns and runs*
Libby: Cindy! Cindy!
Toady: That girl has some major issues. I know a good psychiatrist. Me!
MJ:*gives Toady a playful shove* Are you guys okay?
Carl:[trying to sound hurt] Oh-no. I do not believe I can walk. I guess MJ will have to nurse me back to health.
Sheen: I feel fine; I can nurse you.
Carl:*jumps to his feet* No! I need MJ to do it!
Toady:*point's at his legs* Uh, I hate to reign on your parade, Carl the Cripple, but, um...
Carl:*looks at his legs* I mean, ow! *lies down again*
Toady:*opens her mouth*
Sheen: lunch bell.
Toady: Thanks
Carl:*jumps up and runs past them* Yea!!! Pizza day!!!
Sheen: Look at him go!
Toady: *drops to her knees* It's a miracle!

Chapter 10 

*Cindy has just gotten her food and is looking for a table. Libby, who is at the table with everyone else, sees her and waves cheerfully, motioning her come and sit with them. Cindy looks happy at first, but then hangs her head sadly and walks out of the cafe with her tray*

Libby: Cindy? Now where is she going?
MJ: She looked pretty down.
Sheen: Are you going to go talk to here?
Libby: She did not look like she was in the mood for talking, trust me.

Cindy's thoughts: I don't know what's going on. I thought she said it would be harmless. I can't sit with them knowing what I know. I just can't.*walks out the back door of the school and into the playground. Just when she's about to sit on the merry-go-round, she sees Toad eating alone under a tree*
Cindy:*walks up to him* Can I sit here?
Toad:*looks up at her, silently*
Cindy:[uncomfortably] O-kay*sits down beside him*
Cindy: You're probably wondering why I'm out here instead of inside.
Toad:*blank stare*
Cindy: Well, too bad 'cause I don't want to talk about it.
*They both eat in silence for a minute or two*
Cindy: I mean it. I really don't want to talk. So, don't even think about asking.
Toad:*stares into space, still eating silently*
Cindy: You wouldn't understand. It's way too confusing.
Toad:*continues eating*
Cindy: But then again...
Toad:*gives her a quizzical look*
Cindy: Fine, I'll tell you, but only because you refuse to leave me alone about it! Now, what I'm about to tell you is top secret; you can't tell anyone. You aren't planning on talking any time soon are you?
Toad:*throws her a tiny reassuring smile*
Cindy: Okay, ever since Jimmy moved here, I've had a secret crush on him. I know, I know, it's weird, but I still like him. So, don't take this personally, but ever since your sister, MJ, came here I've been feeling especially jealous. You know how it is.
Toad:*more blank staring*
Cindy: Right. Then there was the whole thing about them going to the dance together as well as my choking on waffle cone and dropping an entire ice cream on Libby's lap. And well, I was mad at him. Libby was right, if I hadn't been so mean to him all these year then maybe I would be the one going with him to the dance. I wouldn't even be in this mess. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I was extremely mad at Jimmy earlier today because of the whole-asking-MJ-to-the-dance thing. So, when Amy asked me if I could give her some info on Jimmy's locker, I told her everything. I didn't know she was going to hurt him, embarrass maybe, but not hurt. I still can't help feeling guilty. Should have asked Amy more about the prank.*looks at her feet for awhile*
Cindy:*looks up* Wait a minute! Why would Amy want to get rid of Jimmy? And I do remember seeing her fiddling with stuff under the table at the Candy Bar. What if she's an evil agent who was hired to...Oh, man! If I tell anybody she'll probably come after me, too. Oh, decisions, decisions.*paces back and forth; Toad, all the while, staring* No, I'll tell Jimmy anyway. Even if it means I have to admit I like him. Besides, he can probably uses one of inventions to take care or this whole thing. Yes, I'll do it! Thanks for your help, Toad.*runs back into the school*
Toad:*watches her go then starts eating again.* The kids at this school are so weird.
~/~Meanwhile, inside~/~
Cindy:*sprinting down the deserted halls* Where is he?*hears a racket coming from a classroom and runs toward the noise*
Cindy:*sees a pair of sunglasses lying near the entryway of a classroom.* Amy.*picks up the glasses and steps into the entryway of the classroom.*
Cindy: What in the world?!? *sees MJ, Carl, Toady, and Libby lying scattered on one side of the room. Now that DarkBeauty doesn't have on her glasses, all can see her red eyes*
DarkBeauty:*holding Jimmy by his shirt up against the wall* Neutron**evil chuckle** you're mine!


DarkBeauty:*standing in the middle of the deserted hall way* That's it, no more subtle hints. I'm going to do this job the old fashioned way.*hears Jimmy and co. approaching* Ah, right on cue.*steps in their path*
Sheen: Yo, sunglass girl! Whatz up? *tries to walk past her* we're just trying to, er...
DarkBeauty: You're not going anywhere.
Jimmy: Yes, we are. Do you need a hall pass or something 'cause I've got one right here. 
DarkBeauty:*takes the slip and tears it in half* Access Denied.*dives at them*
Toady:*grabs her ankles, puling her back in the air*
DarkBeauty: Ugh!*sunglasses fly off revealing her red eyes*
Sheen: Whoa! That just majorly freaked me out.
DarkBeauty:*kicks Jimmy into a nearby classroom*
Jimmy: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Libby: Flying Hammer jump!*jumps in the air and land right on top of DB (DarkBeauty). DB is winded, but still manages to fling Libby into the classroom as well*
Sheen: Libby!*runs in after her*
*Toady takes off her mushroom cap hat and throws it at DB. It hits DB in the head and sends her stumbling into the classroom. The hat ricochets off her head comes back to Toady's waiting hands.*
Toady: That's what I'm talking about!*lets out an Indian war cry and runs headlong into the classroom. Much more fighting ensues, which this particular author is too lazy to describe. But just when Jimmy's side has the upper hand, DarkBeauty takes out a small, round object, closes her eyes and throws it up in the air. As everyone else looks up at the object, Sheen jumps on her back. Suddenly the object explodes and a brilliant light fills the room. When the light subsides, DarkBeauty throws Sheen to other side of the room. After he lands, debris falls around him, obscuring him from view. The others are still staring upwards, swaying dangerously until they fall over*
DarkBeauty:*picks up the stunned Jimmy* Pretty cool, huh. They’re called stun bombs; anyone who sees the flash is stunned for at least 20 minutes.*smiles wickedly* Neutron**evil chuckle** you’re mine!

 *End flashback*

Cindy: Amy!* DarkBeauty spins around to see Cindy standing in the doorway* I know what your trying to do.
DarkBeauty: Oh really?*casually tosses some beans-like things at Cindy's feet*
Cindy: Beans. Is that seriously the best you can-*the "beans" pop, letting out sleeping perfume*d-do...*falls over, deep in sleep*
DarkBeauty: Now where was I? Oh, yes.*forms her hand into a fist and prepares to give Jimmy a not-your-everyday-playground-bully kind of punch*
DarkBeauty:*her cellphone rings*Aaaaaargh!! What do you want now?!?!
Dr.Spok: Have you exterminated Neutron?
DarkBeauty: I was about to when a certain <u>somebody</u> called me.
Dr.Spoke: Good because there has been a change of plans. I want you to bring young Mr.Neutron here to me.
Dr.Spok: I'll pay you triple.
DarkBeauty: Done.*hangs up* I better get paid every cent for this job.*raises up an open hand and slams it on the ground. A dome of light encircles DB, Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, Carl, MJ, &Toady. The next second, they're gone*
*A minute or two later, Toad walks into the classroom, completely dumbfounded*
Toad:*hears him and runs over to the area, removing debris as he goes. Once he finds Sheen, he gets a cup of water and throws it on him*
Sheen:*sits upright* Get her!
Toad:*gives him a "you are a real nut case" look*
Sheen: Wait,*looks around* where's sunglass girl?
Toad:*gives him a "you are a hallucinating nut case" look*
Sheen: She was just here and she was trying to obliterate us. We fought her, and were winning too, until...the light!
Toad:*backs slowly away from him*
Sheen: It's true! They're all here.
Toad:*scans the room then turns back to Sheen with his arms crossed and a "I'm not believing a word your saying" look stamped on his face*
Sheen: At least, they were here.*Spots a piece of fabric torn laying on the floor* Libby?*picks it up and buries his face in it* Oh, Libby...
Toad:*bows his head sadly in silence and listens to Sheen's sobs*

Chapter 11
Jimmy:*staring upward in a prison-like cell, still stunned. A pail of water splashes on his face* The light!*sits up* Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!*backs away from a hooded figure dressed all in black*
DarkBeauty: So glad you could join us, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Who are you and what do you mean by us?
Carl:[from behind him] Hi ya, Jim.
Jimmy:*spins around to see Carl, Cindy, Libby, MJ, and Toady sitting behind him* Where are we and who is that?*points at DarkBeauty*
Cindy: Don't burst a blood vessel, Nerdtron. We're in a cell at some villain’s lair and that hooded freak is DarkBeauty, but you know her as Amy.
Jimmy: What?!?
DarkBeauty:*lifts up the hood of her black cloak and smiles menacingly* Surprise.
Toady: DarkBeauty is an evil agent who's specialty is to "take people out of the big picture" as it were. Some villain guy hired her to kidnap ya. Her identifying feature is the eyes that turn red when she feels mad, evil, cruel, etc.
Jimmy: How do you know this?
Toady: I've had some dealings with the OSS. DarkBeauty is one of their most wanted. That's why she seemed familiar to me. I just hope Toad has figured it out.

*back in Retroville at the Candy Bar*
Toad:*wrinkles his nose at the foul odor*
Sheen: Lily? Lily?!?!
Lily: You, like, want something else?
Sheen: A double chocolate milkshake. Extra Large.
Libby: Fine. Do you want me to, like, clear your 7 other milkshake glasses or maybe, like, your 5 sundae dishes.
Lily: Sick! Can I get you, like, a breath mint or something? It'll be on, like, the house.
Sheen: I'm still waiting for my milkshake!
Lily; I'm, like, going.*skates away*
 Toady: Do you always deal with things like this?
Sheen:*looks up in amazement* Toad...you just talked!
Toad: I know, now answer my question.
Sheen: Which one?
Toad: Do you always deal with things like this; by eating yourself into a sugar induced coma?
Sheen:*thinks for a second* Yep.
*Toad looks upward, as if seeking further patience from beyond. After a long period of silence, he perks up as if something had just dawned on him*
Toad: Sheen, what color were Amy's eyes?
Sheen: Of course, how could I forget the eyes?
Toad: Because you were eating massive amounts of sugar in an astoundingly short time.
Sheen: Exactly!
Toad: What color were the eyes?
Sheen: Red.
Toad:*smiles* Come on, Sheen, I know how to find the others.*grabs his arm and pulls him outside.*
Lily:*sees them leave and their receipt lying beside her* I have to give them their receipt or I won't get paid for their, like, business.*grabs the receipt and skates after them* Wait! Like, come back!   
*Toad takes out his cellphone*
Sheen: Who are you calling?
Toad: OSS headquarters.
Sheen:*laughs* No, seriously, who are you calling?
Toaf: OSS headquarters. I'll explain later.[into the phone] 69X532OP
Phone: Password accepted. Transportation beam will activate in 5...
Lily:*comes bursting out of the Candy Bar* Stop!
Phone: 4...
Toad: What?*turns to see Amy skating towards them as fast as she can*
Phone: 3...
Lily: You forgot your receipt!
Phone: 2...
Toad: Ahhhhh!!! Don't come any closer!
Phone: 1...
*not a second after Lily, reaches them a green beam comes out of the sky and sucks them into a ship far above.*

Chapter 12  

*inside the mysterious ship everything is chrome and shiny*
Lily: Whoa! Like, where are we?
*a well built (and extremely handsome) man steps forward*
Captain: Hello, I am Otto Jameson. I captain this transporter.
Lily:*skates up to him and flutters her eye lashes ridiculously* Hi, I'm, like, Lily.*leans on one of his arms and flutters her eye lashes some more*
Captain: Uh...*chuckles nervously and gives Lily a weird look* Why did you call me, Toad?
Toad: If you don't mind, Captain Jameson, I would rather not tell anyone our business until I've talked with "the boss."
Sheen:"The boss?"
*a scrawny guy steps out of a door*
Scrawny guy: Captain, we are arriving at OSS headquarters.
Captain: Thank you, Billy.
Scrawny guy: Your welcome, sir.*walks out*
Captain: Strap yourselves in, gentlemen...and lady-
Lily:*giggles like a total dipstick*
*three round and chrome chairs spring out of the ground*
Sheen: Ooooo, shiny.
Captain: Er, excuse me, Miss, but-
Lily: Oh, please**giggle** like, call me Lily.
Captain: Okay, Lily, I really need to get back to the cockpit...
Lily:*nods, still smiling*
Captain: ...in another room...
Lily:*smiling and nodding*
Captain: ...away from you.
Lily:*reluctantly detaches herself from his arm, but still is as sunny as Florida in the summer*
Lily: Okay, ta-ta, Otto.*throws him one more flirtatious glance before he hurries out of the room*
Lily: He totally digs me.
Sheen: Really? How do you figure?
Lily: Isn't it obvious? All the nervous glances and stumbling over his words. His wanting to, like, leave because he probably felt unworthy and unprepared for my stunning beauty, yet he stalled when he finally had the opportunity to leave. Oh yeah, he is soooo hot for me.*lays back in her chair with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed*
Sheen:[to Lily] Oooooh...*leans over to Toad* Twit alert.
Toad:*nods solemnly*
Intercom: Arriving at OSS HQ. Prepare for impact in*transporter shakes wildly*
Captain:*emerges from the cockpit with a smile on his face* Welcome to OSS headquarters.
~/~ Later, inside the OSS building~/~
Lily: Why is everything, like, chrome? The furniture is chrome, the walls are chrome, heck, I've even seen some people who look chrome-ish.
Sheen:**sigh** Because, Lily, chrome is the color of the future. And this, my friend, is the future.
Lily: Well, the future is, like, majorly lame.
Sheen: Where are we going, Captain?
Captain: To see Katie.
Lily:*jealous flashes across her face* Who is, like, Katie?
Captain: She's an intern we had last year. She did a great job, so we asked her to join the organization. She currently holds the position of "the boss's" secretary.
Sheen: Who is this boss guy anyway?

Captain: The OSS director of operations, the big man, numero uno. "The boss" runs all the operations in the entire OSS organization.
Lily: And we can, like, waltz up and just demand to see him?
Captain: "The boss" will only see a few special people, and even then it has to be a matter of life or death.*gives Toad a skeptical look*
Toad:*gives him a "I know what I'm doing" look in return*
*They pass through a pair of huge chrome doors into a large room with chrome floors, chrome walls, and a tremendously high chrome ceiling. There is virtually no furniture, save two snow white couches and large desk up against the back wall. Sitting at the desk is a woman who looks some where between the ages of 18 and 22. She has straight, brown hair pulled up into a bun; blue eyes; freckles; and dimples*
Katie:*looks up from some paper work* Oh, hello Captain Jameson.*leans over the desk until she can see Toad* It's nice to see you again, Toad.
Toad:*smiles shyly back*
Katie: Let me see if the director can see you.*picks up the receiver of a black telephone and pushes a few buttons* Hello, Director. There's a Mr. Tonny Conrade and his friends here to see you. Shall I send them in? I'll walk them over. Good Bye. *stands up and walks out from behind the desk* If you would please follow me, the director will see you know.*they all follow her down a few chrome tunnel-like passage ways*
Sheen: So, what's "the boss" like?
Katie: Well, "the boss" can be slightly sarcastic, and may seem quite intimidating at times, oh, and is not the "your job should be one big happy joke" kid of person. And definitely DO NOT interrupt at anytime. You don't want to get "the boss's" bad side.
Sheen: Boy, He sure does sound like a joy to have at a party.
Lily: Do you really think so? 'cause I was thinking the exact opposite. This guy sounds like such a party pooper.
Sheen: Your really dim, Lily.
Lily:*checking her complexion in a compact* I'm sorry  did you, like, say something?
*they arrive at a pair of chrome French doors*
Katie: Here we are. Now, Lily, Sheen, this is your first time meeting the director. A word of advice, don't embarrass yourself, get "the boss" angry, or do anything stupid.
Sheen: I will do as UltraLord commanded in UltraLord episode 159; UltraLord Meets the Mafia," Remember kids, never upset 'the boss'."
Lily:*waves her hand dismissively while making goo-goo eyes at Otto* Whatever.
Katie: Very well then.*swings open the doors dramatically. Inside, the office looks like a dimly lit conference room with gray-speckled walls, black marble floors, and a long chrome table going exactly down the center of the room. On each side of the table are big, cushy, black swivel chairs*
Katie: Director, the visitors are here to see you.*the chair at the head of the table, which is significantly larger, turns slowly. The person in the chair is a woman in her early 30s with jet black hair pulled into a braided bun, green eyes that seemed to flash at them, and smug expression on her face; kind of like she had a battle of wits with someone and won.*
Miss Noire: Hello again, Mr. Conrade.
Sheen: You're a girl?!?!

Chapter 13

*back in the with the others, Toady is bouncing a tennis ball against the back wall; Libby is singing; Cindy and Jimmy are debating whether the North or South pole is colder; and MJ and Carl are playing the best 50 out of 99 games of rock, paper, scissors*
Libby:[singing] Noooooooooooobody knooooooows the troubles I've seeeeeeeeeen. Noooooooooooobody knooooooows my sorroooooooows-
Cindy: South pole!
Jimmy: North pole!
Cindy: South pole!
Jimmy: North pole!
Cindy: I say South pole.
Jimmy: I say North pole.
Toady: bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy...
MJ: Okay the score is tied at 49 to 49. This will decide the winner. Are you ready?
Carl: Bring it on, sister!
Carl&MJ: Rock, paper, scissors!*Carl does paper & MJ does scissors*
MJ: Yes!
Carl: Aw, man.*they sit there for a minute*
Carl: Wanna do best 76 out of 151?
MJ: Sure.
DarkBeauty: Um, here's your dinner, I guess.*slides a platter under the cell bars and grimaces at the smell*
Carl: Finally! If I don't eat before 7:30pm I experience massive indigestion.*smells it* Oh...
Cindy:*sniffs the strange concoction and backs away, utterly revolted*I think you'll get indigestion anyway if you eat that.
Libby:*squinting at it from a distance* What is it?
Toady: I know.
Cindy:*pinching her nose shut* Really?
Toady: Sure, it's a little recipe I like to call Creme de la Creme de la sicko.
MJ:*leaning over the dish and trying not to gag* Who is the cook in this establishment?
Toady: Is it cooked? I couldn't tell.
DarkBeauty: The "cooking" is compliments of your captor.
Toady: Oh? Is he planning on giving us food poisoning or starving us to death 'cause I don't know about you guys, but I am not touching that.
All: Here-here
Carl: Well, maybe just a taste.
Cindy: No way, mister. You aren't going to keep me up all night because you're throwing up till 2 am.
Jimmy: Who is our captor anyway?
Miss Noire:*has a slide projector with a picture of a skinny man in a white lab coat snickering mischievously to himself* Dr. Edgar Spok, a petty low-time crook born Thursday May 2, 1962 at 8:51pm in a small town in Arizona.
Sheen: How do you know so much about him?
Miss Noire: He faxed us his birth certificate and social security number.
Lily: How can you be sure he's, like, the kidnapper?
Miss Noire: Because we received this message last night:
Dr.Spok: Hello, OSS operatives. It is I! Criminal mastermind, Dr.Spok. I am calling to tell you that if you get any calls in the next 24hrs about a kidnapping you will know it was me. That's right, me. And you guys said I was a lame criminal. Well, who is the big, bad dog now? Muwahahahahahahaha!!! Muwahahahahahahaha!!! Muwahahahaha-
Drew: Your supreme evilness, your soap opera is on.
Dr.Spok: Drew, what have I told you about interrupting me when I'm making threatening phone calls!
Drew: Sorry.
Dr.Spok: Wait, what are you doing?
Drew: I need to charge my laptop.
Dr.Spok: No, don't touch tha-*the line goes dead*
Miss Noire: Not the most threatening message I've heard.
Sheen: What kind of sap watches soap operas? He! He! He!
Toad: Didn't you tell me that you watch a soap everyday after that other show, UltraLord?
Sheen: Flowing Hearts and Bowels is not a soap opera! It's an ongoing tv show about four French Salesmen who move to Wyoming and live in a trailer next to a prune juice factory. It's full of suspense, romance, drama, intrigue, and action!
Lily: Action? Like, what kind of action could a show like that possibly have?
Sheen: if you had ever been constipated you would understand.
Lily: EWW!!!
Miss Noire:*turns to Sheen and flashes her eyes at him* Please sit down, Mr. Estevez.
Sheen: How do I keep running into girls with freaky eyes? Did you call each other up and were all like, "I'm bored. I know, let’s freaky Sheen out of his socks by giving him weird looks with our weird eyes that do weird things."
Miss Noire: Speaking of weird eyes, I wouldn't be very concerned for your friend’s welfare if only Dr.Spok was involved. But no, we have a bigger and more dangerous person in the picture.*changes to a slide that is black, black, and more black*
Sheen: I see...what is it?
Miss Noire: That is a picture of DarkBeauty.
Toad: I don't see her.
Miss Noire:*points to a spot in the picture where the color is slightly uneven* Right there. That's her.
Sheen: Wow, I can't believe I didn't see it before.
Miss Noire: That's what makes her a major threat; she seems to be able to blend into her environment. Sometimes it's as if she can disappear completely. Nobody knows where she came from or how she got the way she is. All we do know is that with her involved, your friends are in mortal danger.

Sheen: Sooooo...what are you going to do?
Miss Noire: I'll fill out the proper mission papers, work out the logistics, order the supplies, etc. In the mean time, you three will be staying in the west wing. That's our suite and guest service area. Katie and Captain Jameson will be training you for your mission.
Toad:*jaw drops in disbelief* Our mission?!?!*points to Lily, who is applying startling amounts of lip gloss to her lips, and Sheen, who is picking his nose fervently. Mouths "They are going on a mission?!?!"*
Sheen:*catches Toad's look* Hey don't worry, Toad. I've worked as a secret agent twice*holds up three fingers* for BTSO.
Lily: Big Top Secret Organizations? I thought they only hired majorly hot agents.
Sheen: They do...HEY!
Miss Noire: Well, as much as I would love to continue this intellectually stimulating conversation, I have some paperwork to do. Katie, please show our guests out.
Katie: Yes ma'am *closes the door behind her* Well, now you've met "the boss."
Sheen: Why didn't you guys tell me she was a girl?
Katie: We just love the look on newcomers' faces.
Captain: It's priceless!

Chapter 14

All except Toady: [singing] 41 bottles of beer on the wall! 41 bottles of beeeeer! Take one down and pass it around, 40 bottles of beer on the wall!
MJ: Are you sure you don't want to join us, Toady?
Toady:*doing push ups* Yeah, the constant pain in my arms keeps me from thinking about my slowly concaving stomach ache.
MJ: Stop being so melodramatic.
Toady: I'm sorry; it's just that I'm not used to going 48 hours without eating.
MJ: Well, ask that DarkBeauty person if she has any edible food.
Jimmy: Man, I wish Sheen were here. Last time we were locked up in a cell without any apparent way of escaping, he befriended the guard and the guard let us go free.
Toady: Well, I'm no Sheen (thank goodness) but I'll do my best.*walks over to DarkBeauty who is standing right outside the cell* Hi.
DarkBeauty:*slowly turns to look at her for a second, then returns back to her original position*
Toady: Do you have any pickles or even slightly edible food on your person?
DarkBeauty: Even if I did I wouldn't give you any.
Toady: You aren't the sharing type, are you?
DarkBeauty: *gives her a frosty glare*
Toady: DarkBeauty. Now that's not name you hear everyday. What's your real name?
DarkBeauty: I'm not going to tell you.
Toady: Why not?
DarkBeauty: Why do you want people call you Toady?
Toady: I hate my real name.
DarkBeauty: Exactly. *there is a long period of silence* I know what you’re trying to do.
Toady:*gives her an indignant look* Who me?[with British accent] Steady on, wot wot.
DarkBeauty: You’re trying to become my friend so that I won't have the heart to see anything to happen to you. Am I right?
DarkBeauty:*her usually monotonous face allows a hint of surprise to cross her features* Well, you’re wasting your time.
Toady: Boy, you’re not all that bright, are you? I am locked in a villain’s lair without a tennis ball because I lost it, food because it's inedible, or water because it smells like gasoline. They have sung "99 bottles of beer on the wall" 10 times. Trust me, I don't want to do anything, but waste time.
*So, Toady talks about everything from the weather to the Amish. DarkBeauty just stands there, adding a rare comment every now and then, listening, listening, and listening some more. And for some reason she just couldn't put her finger on, she never seemed to get bored of hearing Toady talk*

*dream sequence*

 *A little girl, no older than 6, with blonde and black hair and blue eyes, is walking down an alley while holding hands with a boy that appears to be 15. They are both smiling and laughing even though they're wearing rags and are extremely dirty*

David:*crouches down and hugs the girl* Well, I guess you'll have ta-
*some gruff male voices are coming from around a corner*
David:*smile disappears* Kristel, get down.
Kristel: What?
David:*glancing nervously over his shoulder* Get down!
*swirls into another image*
Kristel:*stumbling down the alley covered in garbage* David?!?[screaming]DAVID!!!
DarkBeauty:*sits up straight, wide eyed, in a cold sweat, and breathing heavily. After looking around shiftily, she holds her head in her hands, grimacing in pain*
Toady: You know-
DarkBeauty: Spins around, startled, to face her*
Toady: That's the fifth time you've woken me up tonight. I'm a very light sleeper.
DarkBeauty:[trying to steady her trembling voice] I-I don't know what your talking about.
Toady: Maybe if you told someone about the nightmares they'll go away.
*DarkBeauty stared into Toady's hazel eyes. She trusted her. She didn't know how or why, but there was something about those eyes*
Toady: DarkBeauty?
DarkBeauty: My name is not DarkBeauty.
*With that, Toady sat down just behind the bars. It was her turn to listen. Here is DarkBeauty's story*
DarkBeauty: My real name is...Kristel. I was born into a happy, middle-class family. Until that fateful day...it was a tornado and I was 4. My parents were swept away protecting me and David. David was my older brother and my best friend; we did everything together. He was the best. In the aftermath of the tornado, many people were left homeless, us included...

Kristel: I'm hungry and tired, David, and I want my Mommy and Daddy! When are we going to see them again?
David: I-I...**sigh** I think we better find shelter. Here, I'll carry you.*picks up Kristel. She buries her head in his shoulder, sobbing softly*

DarkBeauty: We survived for two years in the alleys and bum communities. We were dirty, hungry, and thirsty all the time, but as long as we had each other everything was fine. On my sixth birthday David was talking me some where for a treat. I remember being anxious to know what it was...

Kristel: Where are we going?
David: You'll see.
Kristel: Why can't you tell me?
David: It's a surprise!
Kristel: Fine.*crosses her arms and puts on a pouty face*
David:*crouches down and hugs arms her* Well, I guess you'll have to-*hears gruff voices coming from around a corner*
David:*smile disappears* Kristel, get down.
Kristel: What?
David:*glancing nervously over his shoulder* Get down!
Kristel: What's going on?
David: Hide!
Kristel:*plants her feet stubbornly I'm not going anywhere till you tell me what's-*David pushes her into a mountain of trash bags* Whoa! Hey what's the big-
David:[in a whisper] Shut up and hide!
*a gang of rough and mean looking teenagers round the corner and spot David*
Gang member#1: Hey, kid, this is the Raven's territory.
David:*throws a quite glance at the trash bags* Well, I...See ya!*runs down the alley*
Gang member#2: He's making a break for it!
Gang member#3: Don't let him get away!
Gang member#4: Let's get him!
All: Yeah!!!* they run after David*

DarkBeauty: I lay under the bags, dizzy and nauseated. The smell made me want to throw up, and sometimes I did. But what made me really miserable was the sound of the gang chasing David as he led them away from me. He had always been the fastest boy at school, but this time he just wasn't has enough...




*Toady winces while DarkBeauty looks on with an unfeeling, monotonous expression on her face*
DarkBeauty: It's funny, that was the second time someone gave their life protecting me. I didn't cry. I was in shock; pure nightmarish shock. When I finally did emerge from my hiding place, I stumbled down the alley calling his name. Refusing to believe he was gone forever...

Kristel: David? David?!?[screaming] DAVID!?!?!*collapses on the grimy, wet floor and burst in to tears* David...

DarkBeauty: I don't know how long I hid in the shadows, eating out of dumpsters and avoiding contact with any living being. It could have been days, weeks, months, even years. I lost track of time. All I could do was worry about my next meal and cry.
Toady: What happened next?
DarkBeauty: I honestly don't know. Everything is else is just a big swirl of memories. Mostly dark, but a few happy moments. I don't even know how this happened *points to her red eyes*
Toady:*eyes widen* You mean those aren't just some natural, yet freaky, genetic mutation.
DarkBeauty: I wasn't born with them, if that's what you mean.
Toady: And you honestly don't remember anything else.
DarkBeauty: No. The little I told you I know from my dreams, but I personally cannot remember any of it...except one thing. I can vaguely remember bright colors, laughter, oh, and cotton candy. My dad and my mom are there and so is David. We're all laughing and my dad hands me a big, fluffy teddy bear with a velvet ribbon around it's neck. Then, I just blank out.
Toady: I've heard of this kind of stuff happening. Your mind has actually suppressed and erased those years from your memory completely to deal with the trauma. Interesting...very interesting.
DarkBeauty: Well, I learned that in the real world it's either sink or swim, and I was one of the few that learned how to swim. And I know now that caring about anyone other than number one, will only weigh you down. Love is to be weak, and I cannot afford to be weak. Not now, not ever.
Toady: So your saying, caring about anyone else is a source of weakness.
DarkBeauty:*slowly lifts her eyes to meet Toady's* Yes.
Toady: Well then, I think I would rather be weak.
DarkBeauty:*lays down, her back towards Toady*
Toady: DarkBeauty...Kristel, we need that "weakness," as you call it. We all do. Your source of strength is only making you weaker. Your nightmares are proof of that. True strength is what makes you dream even when your pervious ones lay shattered at your feet. True strength is what makes you hope even when all seems utterly hopeless. True strength is what makes you keep on running even when everyone else is miles ahead. True strength is what makes you hold on just a little longer even when you don't think you can. True strength is what makes you get up and try again even when you keep on falling down. And true strength is what makes you care even when it has failed before. I know that strength. So does Jimmy, and Cindy, and Libby, and Carl, and MJ. Don't you think it's about time you have it too?
DarkBeauty:*shift uncomfortably, still facing away from Toady*
Toady: There's nothing wrong with grieving, Kristel. There's nothing wrong with crying or feeling sad or missing a loved one. Allow yourself to be "weak" for just a minute, and you'll see how strong you really are. You have to let decide to have be strong because it's something that no amount of money can ever buy.
DarkBeauty:*sits up right, her eyes a crimson red, and glares at Toady. To her surprise, Toady stares levelly back, her eyes full of stubbornness and determination. They stare at each other for what seems like a life time, until finally, the red color slowly retreats from DarkBeauty's eyes and she tears her gaze from Toady's*
Toady: Goodnight, Kristel.*stands up and walks back to her sleeping spot*
DarkBeauty:*lays down again and squeezes her eyes shut. She had a lot to think about*

Chapter 15 

*Toad, Sheen, Lily, and Katie are all in a gym room in karate uniforms*
Katie: Okay, now I'm going to teach you the basics of self-defense, but to make sure we don't hurt ourselves. So, let’s do some quick stretches.
Sheen: Psh! I don't need to stretch!
Katie: Why not?
Sheen: Because I can do this!*puts his foot behind his head*
Lily: Like, ew. That is so, like, weird.
Katie: If you can do that than you must be able to do the splits.
Sheen: What are the splits?
Katie: Here, I'll show you.
Toad:*walks out of the gym room and down the hall, listening to Sheen's loud protests*
Sheen: Wait, what are you doing?! Ouch! Hey, that's not supposed to twist that way!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Get your hands off me, you mad woman!!! Help!!! Agent brutality! Agent brutality!
Toad:*rolls his eyes ands continues down the hall until he sees Miss Noire* Oh, Miss Noire.
Miss Noire: Hello, Mr. Conrade. Goodbye, Mr. Conrade*continues down the hall*
Toad: Wait.
Miss Noire:*stops and turns on her heels, a tinge of annoyance in her already tense voice*  What is it, Mr. Conrade? I have a great deal of work to do.
Toad: I know, but I was, uh, wondering if maybe we were going to be leaving for our, er, mission anytime soon. Because, you know, you said that my sister and all the others were all in mortal danger. So, I was figuring that you we would be leaving soo-
Miss Noire: Mr. Conrade, this is not one of your sister's rinky-dink operations. We are the OSS. We do things by the book. You know why? Because we wrote the book. And the book says that all the proper paperwork must be completed before attempting any mission-
Toad: But-
Miss Noire: Of any kind-
Toad: But-
Miss Noire: No matter who's involved-
Toad: But-
Miss Noire: No exceptions-
Toad: But-
Miss Noire: No questions asked.
Toad: But, but, but, but, but, but-
Mis Noire: Good day, Mr. Conrade.
Toad: But-
Miss Noire: Good day, Mr.Conrade.*continues to walks briskly down the hall*
Toad: But...thank you, I guess.*sighs and walks slowly back to the gym room to find Lily sitting comfortably in the splits, looking extremely bored and applying still more lip gloss. Sheen on the other hand is lying on his back, muttering dark and indiscernible things to himself under his breath. Katie is sitting with her head in her hands, shaking her head and muttering, "It's hopeless," quietly*
Toad:[to Katie] Having fun?
Katie:*shoots him a withering look* Oh,shut up.

Chapter 16 

*Back at the cell, Carl is singing (if you can call it that); Jimmy is banging his extremely bulbous head against a wall, in a feeble attempt to come up with a brilliant plan to get them out of the their current situation; Cindy is practicing some tae-kwon-do moves on the other side of the cell. Everyone else is trying to block out Carl's awful racket, with out much success*
Carl:[singing] He can fight (yeah!yeah!) like nobody can! He can sing (yeah!yeah!) like anything. Do you know who he is? He's Llama, Llama, Llama, Llama, Llamaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Llama Boy! Duh-duh.
*There is a long period of awkward silence*
MJ: That was *clears throat* interesting.
Libby:*rocking back and forth on the ground* I can't take this any more!!!*starts running around in circles*
Toady: Uh, Carl, it's not that your singing is bad. . .What am I talking about? Your singing is nothing but bad!
MJ: Toady!
Toady: Come on, MJ. You can take a joke, right, Carl?
Carl: Sure!
Toady: Good. But, unfortunately, that was not a joke.
MJ: Toady!!!
Carl: Maybe I should bring things down with something a little more Frank Sinatra-ish.
Libby:*stops running in circles and looks at Carl with wide, crazy eyes* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!*runs into a wall*
Toady: You seriously aren't planning on being quite any time soon, are you?
Carl: Nope.
Toady:*sighs and rolls eyes, resting her arms huffily across her chest. Then her face lights up and she looks over at Carl, grinning wickedly. Suddenly, she plasters her best horrified expression on her face and points at Carl* Ahhhhh!!! Carl, you have epidermis all over you! Ew, it's moving!
Carl:*eyes get really wide (well, as wide as they can get) with terror* Epadergimis?!? Get it of me! Get it off me!
Toady: Hold still and I think I can.*slowly approaches the shivering Carl with the horrified expression still plastered on her features. When she gets behind him, she smiles evilly and slaps him soundly up-side the head*
Carl:*rubs the back of his head* Ow!
Toady: Now, SHUT UP!!!
*MJ rolls her eyes and sighs as Toady and Carl continues to fight. She walks over to Cindy*
MJ: Hi, Cindy.
Cindy:*glares icily at MJ* Monica...
MJ: Uh, nice moves. How long have you been taking martial arts?
Cindy:*continues to glare at her* Why do you want to know?
MJ:*looks down, obviously hurt* I was just curious...*sits in silence for awhile* Cindy, why do you hate me so much?
Cindy:*slightly taken aback* What?
MJ: Why do you hate me so much? Why does everything I do seem to disgust you? Does my breath smell or something? You seem like a really cool girl and I would much rather be your friend than your enemy. Just tell me what I did wrong.
Cindy:*looks over at Jimmy; her icy expression replaced with one of guilt* [muttering] Nothing. Absolutely nothing.*stands up and walks to where Jimmy is sitting*
Cindy: So, how's the escape plan coming?
Jimmy:*slowly looks up at Cindy, then returns to hitting his head on the cell wall*
Cindy: I have an idea. Let's pick you up and ram you head first through the wall. Your skull sure is thick enough to break through.
Jimmy:*leans with his forehead against the wall* Vortex...get a life.

Chapter 17 

*Meanwhile, Dr. Spok is pouting in a small room full of television monitors*
Dr. Spok: "Sorry, boss, I need to go get more peanut butter." Ha! Peanut butter my eye! Drew just didn't want to sit in this stupid room watching stupid kids come up with stupid plans to escape from my stupid cell...wait that's not right. Whatever. Grrrr! And "Flowing Hearts and Bowels" doesn't come on till 6 o'clock. Ah well, I guess I'll see what the little hoodlums are up to.*presses a big button on a control panel. All the TVs show Libby laying unconscious on the ground*
Dr.Spok: Next.*switches to Carl nursing his wounds* Hmmmm*switches to Toady and MJ having a heated debate* Uh-huh.*finally switches to Cindy and Jimmy*
Jimmy: [on TV] Vortex...get a life.
Cindy: Well, sorry for breathing!
Jimmy: You're not forgiven.
Dr.Spok: Ooooo, I like a good verbal sparring every now and then. This could be interesting. Snack time! *disappears for second. Then reappears with tons of junk food*
Cindy: My my, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I actually slept quite well. Oh, except for the fact that we're going to die any day now. And it's all because of you!
Jimmy: I would have slept better if a certain somebody didn't snore so loudly.
Dr.Spok: Ah, the good, old snoring gag, classic.
Cindy: I do not snore!
Jimmy: Now, Cindy, we both know about your special needs. Denial will get you nowhere.
Dr.Spok: Owch!
Cindy: Why you conceited, arrogant, pig-headed, inept, short-
Dr.Spok: Wait, Cindy could win this one.
Jimmy:*looks up at Cindy and blinks innocently* I'm sorry, did you say something?
Dr.Spok: Whoop, spoke too soon.
Cindy:*forms her hands into fists of frustration at her sides and grits her teeth* Grrrrrrr! But...you like...I mean...if...see...you...need...kind of...know...to...it-
Jimmy: Well, as much as I hate to stop this intellectually stimulating conversation.*goes back to banging his head on the cell wall*
Dr.Spok: Ah well, I guess that's that.
Cindy: I was going to apologize for something, but you can forget that now!
Dr.Spok: Or perhaps not.
Jimmy: Uh, whatever.
Dr.Spok: Spoke too soon, again.
Cindy: See that right there! That's why I did it!
Jimmy: Did what?
Cindy: You are always so...Arrrgh!
Jimmy: Did what?
Cindy: It's all your dumb fault!
Jimmy: Did what?

*Everyone turns to face her in shock. Even DarkBeauty looks a tad surprised. Dr.Spok, who is staring at the monitor, wide-eyed and mouth agape, sub-consciously drops a bag of mini pretzels on the ground*
Cindy:*stares back at everyone, not quite believing what she had said* Um, hi? He, He, He. . .
Jimmy:*shock is quickly replaced with blind fury* You. . .did. . .WHAT?!?!?!
Cindy: No, wait, it's not what you think!
Jimmy: That's low, Vortex, even for you.
Dr.Spok: This is better than my soap opera. Ha! Ha!
Cindy: Could you shut up long enough for me to explain?!
Jimmy: Oh, I think you've explained yourself perfectly. Now, if you will excuse me.*attempts to walk away*
Cindy: Oh no you don't! *grabs his shoulder roughly and spins him around to face her* I am going to tell you what happened and you are going to like it! Got that, Buster?!?!
Jimmy:*nods dumbly*
Cindy:*flicks her hair out of her eyes* Good. Now first of all, I didn't know that DarkBeauty was trying to. . .well, you know. She just said she was going to prank you.
Jimmy: Didn't it strike you as a tad strange that a student aid, who we had all met for the first time that morning, would want to pull a prank on me?
Cindy: Well, I wasn't thinking straight.
Jimmy:[sarcastically] Big surprise there.
Cindy: Nerdtron! Would you please-
Jimmy:[sarcastically] Whoops, my mistake! Pray continue, your highness.
Jimmy:*looks in the opposite direction* Hey look, a mouse.
Cindy: That's it! Forget I was ever going to say anything, like you always do.*turns huffily and walks away...almost*
Jimmy:*falls into step with her and nudges her teasingly* Aw, come on, Vortex; I was just kidding. Please continue your gripping monologue, no more interruptions.
Cindy:*eyeing him suspiciously* Why are you kind-of-apologizing to me?
Jimmy:*looking around nervously* Uhhhhhhh. . .no reason. . .So, are you going to tell the story or not?
Cindy:*still eyeing him suspiciously* no more interruptions?
Jimmy: None.
Cindy: Well, okay. . .I guess. So, I already told you I didn't know DarkBeauty was actually, you know, "DarkBeauty." And she specifically said that no one would be physically hurt.
Jimmy: But you were counting on her emotionally maiming me.
Cindy: No interruptions, huh. Anyway, DarkBeauty asked me some questions about your locker. What it was made of? What time you usually visit it? Stuff like that.
Jimmy: I hate to intrude upon your fascinating narrative, yet again, but I have to inquire on something.
Cindy: Whatever, just make it quick.
Jimmy:[slightly sarcastic]  Now, far be it from me to insult your character in any way, but you do have a tendency to hold a grudge for a long time.  And I distinctly remember you being furious with Darkbeauty, or Amy, the night before because she ditched us. Why were you so quick to team up with her?
Cindy: Well. . .because. . .you want the truth, right?
Jimmy:[sarcastically] No, Cindy, I want you to make it up.
Cindy:*sits in silence for awhile with her knees to her chest* I guess it was because. . .I was more mad at you than her.
Jimmy: Why?
Cindy:*winces* You just had to ask.*sits in silence again before nervously looking at Jimmy* Do you still want the truth?
Jimmy:*sighs in annoyance*
Cindy: I know, I know. . .*starts taking deep breathes*
Jimmy: Cindy, if you don't want to tell me-
Cindy: No, I need to get this out once and for all...just give me a little time to prepare myself emotionally.*They both sit, yet again, in silence for what seems like a life time. Finally, Cindy opens her eyes*
Jimmy:[annoyed] Are you done?
Cindy: As a matter of fact, yes.
Jimmy: Finally!
Cindy: Okay. . . I don't suppose I could have another minute or two.
Jimmy: Vortex!!!
Cindy: Fine, Sheesh! Here it goes. I was mad at you because. . .because. . .*lets out a defeated sigh* because you asked MJ to the dance instead of me.
Dr.Spok: Whoa ho hoooo! Didn't see that one comin'.
Jimmy: Wha-what?
Cindy:*trying to hold back tears* I was mad at you for asking MJ to the dance instead of me. Not that what you did doesn't make sense. MJ is perfect, just like Betty Quinlan. And I'm, well, I'm nothing but a green-eyed monster. Both literally and theoretically. Any decent boy with half a brain, much less yours, would choose her over me.
Dr.Spok:*tears running down his ugly face* That is so sad!*grabs a tissue form a box on the control panel, and gives it a hefty blow*
Cindy: It's stupid, I know. MJ's gorgeous, but I'm not all that pretty. She's nice to everyone, while my goal in life seem to be making the lives of others miserable. She probably helps end world hunger in her spare time; I just sit around talking on the phone with Libby, or something. I don't deserve anyone. . . especially you.*tears running down her face, she stands up to leave*
Jimmy:*has been staring straight ahead as if he hadn't heard a word. At her standing up, he reaches out and grabs her hand, finally looking up at her*
Cindy:*turns slightly and looks first at her hand, which is still being grasped by Jimmy, and then at Jimmy himself, slowly sitting down in the process*
Jimmy:*returns to staring straight ahead, but continues to hold Cindy's hand and scoots a little closer to her* You know, the strangest thing happened a few days ago. I passed Betty in the hall, and do you know what happened?
Cindy:*wiping the tears form her face* What?
Jimmy:*glances at Cindy, a small smile forming at the corners of his mouth* Nothing. For the first time in three years, I felt absolutely nothing.
Cindy:*allows a slight smile* Right?
Jimmy: Really. But that wasn't even the strangest part.*scoots a bit closer to her*
Cindy:*now openly smiling* What was?
Jimmy: I got the same feeling I had always gotten when I saw Betty, but it was because you were walking down the hall.
Cindy:*her eyes widen in shock* Really?
Jimmy:*looking at her with a big smile on his face and scoots closer* Really.
Cindy: *smiles hopefully, her eyes brightening, and scoots towards Jimmy*
*Their eyes lock and their less-than-perfect situation fades into the background. All the while, moving closer and closer...*
MJ:[seemingly out of nowhere] OUCH!!!!
Jimmy:*pulls away, blushing wildly*
Dr.Spok: What?!? *sits up straight in shock and anger*
Jimmy: [exceedingly nervous and embarrassed] Oh, well, er, I need to, um, go over, uh, there. Bye Cindy, I mean, Vortex.*hurries over to where Carl is laying*
Dr.Spok: That's it?! This is just plain wrong!!!
Cindy: Jimmy. . .*pulls on her hair in frustration* Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!
Dr. Spok: Oh, come on! They were so close! *bursts into tears*
Drew:*walks into the control room with a bag of groceries* Your supreme evilness, I got some more. . . peanut butter?
Dr.Spok:*Lying on the ground* Oh,*sniffs* very good.
Drew: Uh, sir, are you crying? Funny, I thought "Flowing Hearts and Bowels" didn't come on till 6 o'clock.
Dr.Spok: It does, but she was so sad and he was so nice and they were so close and IT WAS SO BITTER SWEET!!!! *starts to wail*
Drew:*stares at Dr.Spok* Well. . .this is extremely awkward. . .<>

Chapter 18 

Cindy:*stands up and walks towards Jimmy*
MJ: Cindy? Cindy?*sigh*
Toady:*walks up to MJ, dusting off her hands* I sure showed that Carl Wheezer.*smile dissipates* Why the long face?

MJ: You mean, besides the fact we're locked in a dark, wet cell, with no edible food to speak of, and a girl sitting approximately 50 feet from me hates my guts?
Toady: Yes.
MJ:*glares at Toady in annoyance* Nothing.
Toady: Well, than why are you so down?*laughs whole heartily before noticing MJ 's hateful glare* Come on, MJ, lighten up! Man, you tweens are all so moody.
MJ:*rolls her eyes* Whatever, Toady.
Toady:*smiles triumphantly and crosses her arms* I rest my case. So, you didn't get everything sorted out with Cindy?
MJ: I think I was about to, but she just got up and walked off.*sighs* I just don't know what I did to make her so mad.
Toady:*raises an inquisitive eyebrow* What do ya mean?
MJ: Um, I don't know why she hates me.
Toady: You mean, you don't know?!
MJ: That would be why I said it.
Toady: Well, isn't it obvious? She's jealous of you for stealing her man, Jimmy Neutron.
MJ: What?!? No, that's impossible! I mean, it can't be! I refuse to believe it.
Toady:*rolls eyes* Boy, You tweens are all in denial.
Toady:*smiles again* I rest my case.
MJ: Toady, be serious. Cindy Vortex does not like Jimmy Neutron. In fact, from what I've seen, she hates him.
Toady: I had expected you would be able to see through Cindy's rouse. She has some deep rooted anger issues. They provide the perfect cover for her true feelings. It's the old I-really-like-you-but-I-don't-want-anyone-to-know trick. I've seen it a million times before. Good Grief, MJ, wake up and smell the coffee. Or are your personal feelings clouding your better judgment?
MJ: Well, so what if they are? I like him and he likes me. What's wrong with that?
Toady: You guys just aren't right for each other. Cindy and Jimmy would be perfect!
 Cindy:[yelling] I HELPED DARKBEAUTY RIG YOUR LOCKER!!! [Writer's Note: Déjà vu]
*both turn and stare at Cindy along with everyone else*
Cindy: Um, hi? He. He. He...
MJ:*turns to face Toady, rolling her eyes* Oh yeah, they're really riding the love boat.
Toady: Okay, so, there are still a few kinks in their relationship, but I can fix that.
MJ: Uh-huh.
Toady: You know that they're right for each other. You just don't want to admit it 'cause I'm always right (not to mention your being selfish).
MJ: I am not convinced.
Toady: Okay, let's review. Who has been studying psychology for the past year?
MJ: Well, you.
Toady: Mmm-hmm, and who got to exchange philosophies with Dr.Phil?
MJ: You, but-
Toady: And who said that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston wouldn't last?
MJ: You, but that was pretty obvious.
Toady: Then, I'd say it would be safe to assume that I am, as always, correct.
MJ: But, but, but...No!
Toady: What?
MJ: No! I won't give him up!
Toady: Are listening to yourself?
MJ: Why should I give him up? Tough luck for Cindy!
Toady: Wait-
MJ: Do you hear me?
Toady: Did you eat the food?
MJ: Tough luck!
Toady: You did, didn't you.
MJ: That's what she gets for being mean to him all these years.
Toady: I told you over and over again, "Don't eat the food."
MJ: Why should I pay for her sheer stupidity?
Toady: But did you listen to me? Noooooooo!
MJ: I say, Good riddance to her and her bratty attitude!
Toady: Sheesh, You tweens are all so stupid.
MJ: He's mine and I'm not giving him up!*lifts Toady by the front of her shirt*I won't! Do you hear me?! I WON'T!!!!!
*They stare at each other, MJ breathing heavily and looking quite angry, and Toady appearing quite, er, bored. Out of the blue, the latter slaps MJ on the cheek. In shock, MJ drops Toady on the ground*
MJ: OUCH!!!!! [Writer's Note: Déjà vu again]
Toady:*smiles triumphantly for the 3rd time that day* I rest my case. That's 3 times in a row!*looks at the camera*Oh, I am good.*looks at MJ* Now, stop being so selfish. If you really think about it, instead of flinging yourself into a jealous rage, you would see what I mean.
*MJ opens her mouth to reply, but the voice of Dr. Spok on DarkBeauty's walkie talkie interrupts her. Everyone in the cell gathers around DarkBeauty*
Dr. Spok: Come in, DarkBeauty. Do you copy? Over.
DarkBeauty: Whaddya want?
Dr. Spok: Bring my prisoners to the*evil chuckle* "treatment room."
DarkBeauty: Um, have you been crying?
Dr. Spok: Don't confuse the issue! Now, fetch the miniature vermin, and be quick about it! Over.
DarkBeauty:*eyes lock with Toady's for minute, but she tears her gaze away* That's going to cost you another hundred thousand.
Dr.Spok: Done! Over and out.
DarkBeauty:*even though she wasn't looking at Toady, she could feel her eyes boring into her. Eyes filled with pity and disappointment*[to herself] It had to be done. It had to be done. 

Chapter 19

**knock! knock! knock!**
Miss Noire: Come in.
*Toad, Sheen and Lily enter the dimly lit room. All of them have huge bags under their eyes and their robes are wrinkled and messy (Sheen arms have missed the arm holes completely, so his legs are stuck in the sleeves). Lily's hair is in curlers, a thick mud mask coating her face, and her lips are, for once, without lip gloss; Toad's hair is going in every direction and his eyes squeezed shut; and Sheen...well, Sheen bares a striking resemblance to someone who has just been hit over the head with a shovel*
Toad:*yawns* Miss Noire, do you think you could have waited until after 2:30am to call us down- GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! *Sheen collapses on top of him*
Miss Noire:*turns in her big chair to face the exhausted agents, looking as calm, cool, and pajama-less as ever* It is time.
*Sheen and Lily, who has found a back up tube of lip gloss in her robe, look up eagerly (well, really more cluelessly then eagerly)*
Toad: [from underneath Sheen] Oh, I think I broke something...
~/~Later that day~/~
*Mission Impossible theme music starts to play. Sheen puts on a really cool looking watch. Toad snaps a black utility belt around his waist. Lily puts on another layer of lip gloss. Sheen comes out of a closet in an awesome spy outfit. Toad snaps two more black utility belts across his chest. Lily continues to apply lip gloss. Toad does a hitch kick into a somersault, but freezes and winces in pain when a loud crack resounds from his lower back*
Toad: That was the thing that broke. *falls over*
Lily:*adds one more layer of lip gloss before standing up* Well, I'm off!
Sheen:*trying to help straighten Toad's vertebrae* Where are you going to?
Lily:*smiles mischievously* I have some, like, "unfinished business" to, like, finish. Oh, Otto!*skips away ditzily*
Sheen: What's that supposed to mean?
Toad: I can't feel my legs...
~/~Even later that day~/~
Miss Noire:*inside a travel pod dock [Writer's Note: my definition of a travel pod is simply a very small, ovalish, and high-tech underground train] showing Toad and Sheen Jimmy's location on a holographic map* There they are, on the edge of Retrovillle.
Sheen: This Dr. guy hired Darkbeauty to kidnap a group of kids only a few miles away from him?
Miss Noire: Dr. Spok isn't the brightest star in the sky. *shuts off the map* One of these travel pods will take you directly to the building he is residing in. You will be dropped off in the central air duct. That's your only way of getting in there without Dr.Spok, and especially DarkBeauty, knowing. Your tracking equipment should lead you from there . Load yourselves into travel pod #522. You will be departing as soon as Katie returns with Miss Lily.
Katie:*comes running up looking quite flustered and a bit nauseated* I found her, Miss Noire!
Sheen: Finally!
Miss Noire:*keeps her back to the approaching blonde* You’re late, Miss Lily.
Lily:*shrugs airily and walks towards Toad and Sheen doing, what else, but putting on lip gloss*
Sheen: Lily, why are you constantly put on lip gloss? I mean, don't you ever run out or do you have a secret supply hidden in your hair? The only secret thing in my hair is my secret supply of dandruff. Wanna see?
Lily:*pushes him away* Okay, like, ew. And I, like, need to put more on.
Toad: Were the other uncountable layers you applied earlier some how wiped off?
Lily: No!*giggles mischievously* at least, not by me...if that what you were, like, trying to say.
Sheen: Okay, I don't even want to know what you meant by that!
Miss Noire: [to Katie] Exactly where did you find young Miss Lily?
Katie: In the, er, broom closet.
Miss Noire: And exactly what was she doing in janitorial facilities?
Katie:*massages her temples* I would rather not say.
Miss Noire: Ah...*turns to the three young agents in the travel pod* I wish you good luck on your quest.
Katie: Bye, Toad. It was nice meeting you, Sheen and Lily.
Lily: Bye-bye, Otto. I'll miss you! *blows him a kiss*
Otto: I miss you already. Come back to me, baby!!!
Toad: Well, would you look at that? I wonder how Lily finally won him over.
*Toad and Sheen slowly look at each other as realization dawns*
Sheen: I just got the lip gloss thing...unfortunately.
Lily:*looking through her spy handbag* Like, which lip gloss should I wear?
Sheen: AHHHHH!!! UltraLord's on! Quick, Toad, help me find a TV in this dumb travel pod thingy!
Toad: This is going to be a looooong trip. 

Chapter 20

Dr. Spok: *dramatically enters an all white room and addresses a group of kids in a cage. The cage has a very large tube attached to it that leads behind a big curtain.* Greetings, Jimmy Neutron.
Jimmy:*glares at him* Dr. Edgar Spok.
Dr. Spok: You know my name? Ah, my reputation must precede me.
Jimmy: Actually, I was just reading your name tag.
Dr. Spok: Silence!
*A travel pod with the numbers 522 stamped across the side crashes into the side of a rundown building on the outskirts of Retroville. Fortunately for the passengers, they had crashed right into the central air duct*
Toad:*crawls out of what's left of the travel pod* Land!!! I could not take another second of that...show.
Sheen:*comes crawling out behind Lily* Yeah, I know. It can be a little overwhelming to behold the total awesomeness that is UltraLord.
Toad:*stares at Sheen for a long time before shaking his head*
Lily:*doing what she does best (a.k.a. putting on lip gloss)* So, like, what do we do now?
Toad:*takes out a PDA-like thing and pushes a few buttons* Follow me.
DarkBeauty: Look, kiddies, as much as I would love to stay and chat, I have a life to get back to. Now, give me my money, Dr. Spoof, so I can get the heck outta here!
Dr. Spok: Spok!
DarkBeauty: Whatever, just hand over the scratch before I'm forced to do something you'll regret.
Dr. Spok: Oh yes, the, er, money. Funny story behind that, actually...there is none.
DarkBeauty: None what?
Dr. Spok: Money...there isn't any. See, I'm kind of void of any cash, credit, or checks. Quite simply, I'm broke!
DarkBeauty:*her eyes turn a fire red. I mean, they really look like a million bonfires are going on behind them* What...
Dr. Spok: It was all a scam, a hoax, a trick, a charade. I just kept raising the price to get what I wanted. And look at where I am! I have gotten all I wanted! Well, not all of it. Not even half it. Or a fourth, for that matter. But I have Neutron, and for approximately 30 minutes that's all that matters! Muwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Muwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!Muwahahahahahahahaha!!!
Toady: I give him a 1.57 on his over all villain rating, but his evil laugh is terrific! I give it an 8.02.   <>Lily:*blows a strand of hair out of her eyes* Are we almost there? The humidity in this air duct is totally ruining my hair!
Toad:*studying the tracking device* We're getting closer. Keep going.
DarkBeauty:*taking slow steps towards Dr. Spok, her eyes now blood red* No one makes a fool of me. No one.
Dr. Spok:* lets out a fearful squeak and quickly presses a big red button on the control panel next to him. A bunch of buff guys in uniforms pop out of the ground and surrounding the red eyed villainess* My friends will show you out now, Miss Beauty. And by the way, you have been a great help.
*The uniformed dudes try to restrain DarkBeauty, but she lashes out, flinging the henchmen left and right. Everyone except for Carl (who is covering his eyes and shaking) watches in wide-eyed fascination as DarkBeauty fights like a wild beast* 

Sheen: This sure is taking a long time. Must be for theatrical suspense.
Toad: What?!?
Sheen: Haven't you ever thought that maybe everything we think, say, and do is controlled by someone else from another dimension, or something? Like we're giant living puppets?
Toad: Well, if that's true, then let’s hope this puppeteer is intelligent.
Sheen: Yeah, wouldn't it be horrible if we were controlled by some psycho who's obsessed with musicals, gummies, and spouting random things like "Gophers are evil" or "Sea monkeys will rule the world!"

Chapter 21

DarkBeauty: Whooooa! *gets thrown onto a deserted road outside an old building*
Dr. Spok: *still inside, claps his hands* Well, that takes care of that. Now, where was I? Oh yes! Jimmy Neutron, I would like you to meet my not-so-little friends. Drew!
Drew:*plays a few dramatic notes on a conveniently placed organ as Dr. Spok pulls back the large curtain the tube leads behind*

*Inside the container were giant mutated fire ants. They were crawling over each other, snapping their large mandibles, and attempting to break free of their industry-strength glass prison*
Dr. Spok: Behold what is a-
Jimmy: group of Solenopsis. They are of the genus insect, in the family Formi-
Toady: cidea, order: Hymenoptera (several species of which are common in North America) one to five millimeters in length, and can inflict a severe sting. The semi-permanent nests consist of loose mounds with open craters for ventilation. The workers, aka the thief ants, are notorious for damaging planted grain and attacking poultry. I can't believe you were able to make a physical and biochemical change in their genetic material; therefore causing them to become abnormally aggressive and large. Fascinating!
All:*stare at her*
Toady: What? Some peoples' hobbies are building model airplanes. Others' are being struck by lightning. Mine happen to be insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Why do you think I chose a nickname like "Toady"?
Carl:*shrugs* I just thought you were weird.
Carl: AHHHHHH!!! *tries to hide behind Toady*
Toady:*punches Carl in the shin (what can I say? She's short.)*
Libby: What is that?
Dr. Spok: The honking noise? It's the tracking device blocker 3000. I figured your government friends would try to rescue you. My contraption should make things more "interesting" for them.
Cindy: Kind of loud, don't you think?
Dr. Spok: Well, there was a quieter version, but it was outside of my budget.
Cindy: Your budget?
Dr. Spok: Yeah, you know, a financial plan to prevent overspending.
Cindy: I know what it is!
Toady: But you’re a villain.
Dr. Spok: Whaddya mean?
Toady: I mean whenever villains want something they just... Never mind. [under breath] Loser.
Lily: Whoa! Like, what was that honking noise?
Toad: Either a tracking device 3000… or Sheen.

Sheen: It wasn't me. *squinches up his face and makes grunting noises until a very rude sound echoes through out the air duct*
Sheen:*smiles triumphantly* That was me.
Lily:*covers nose and gags* Oh! Oh!
Toad:*stares blankly at Sheen before turning his attention to his tracking device* Oh perfect...
Lily:*using a clothes pin keeping her nostrils shut* Like, what now?
Toad: The tracking device isn't working.
Lily: We've got a bigger problem... I'm out of lip gloss!!!
Sheen: That's not a problem. That's impossible.
Lily: Why you little!...you little!...
Sheen: Oh, be careful, Lily. Don't wanna burst your last brain cell.
Lily: Why I oughtta!...I oughtta!...
Sheen: Too late.
Lily: I'm gonna kill you!
Sheen: So? We're all gonna die in here eventually.
Lily: Probably from breathing toxic fumes. Like, no thanks to you!
Sheen: Keep talking if you want another one, Blondie, 'cause there's plenty where that came from!
Toad: Great, I'm stuck in an air duct with two people who have the combined mental capacity of a lint ball.
Lily: I want my LIP GLOSS!!! *starts banging her head against the wall until a small tube of sticky pink stuff falls out of her ponytail* Hurray!
Sheen: This is ridiculous!
Toad: Lip gloss? That's it!
Lily: Huh? I don't get it.
Sheen: Lily, you never get it.
Lily: Do you?
Sheen: No comment!
Toad:*rolls eyes and grabs the bottle for Lily and starts fiddling with the tracking device*
Sheen: What are you doing?
Lily: I thought you knew.
Sheen: Shut up!
Toad: I'm making some adjustments. By installing this chip, from my tracking device, inside my watch and programming it to track lip gloss (which Cindy and Libby probably have), it should temporarily confuse the tracking device blocker 3000. During that time we can pin point their exact location!
Sheen: Meaning?
Toad: We better get a move on. There's not much time left.  <>

Chapter 22 

Dr. Spok: When I push this big, red, round, blinking thingy-
Drew: the button
Dr. Spok: What?
Drew: It's called a button.
Dr. Spok: I do not care! When I push this...thing, the small door keeping the ants out of the tube will open, releasing them into the tube, and eventually your cage! What fun, no?
Cindy: You're gonna have us eaten alive by giant Solenowhosits?!?!
Toady: Solenopsis
Spok: Eaten alive? Hm, I never thought of that.
Jimmy: Great! Way to go, Vortex!
Cindy: It was a simple mistake. Why do you always have to blow up at me?!?!
Jimmy: It doesn't matter!
Cindy: Yes it does!
Jimmy: No it doesn't!
Cindy: Yes it does!
Jimmy: No it doesn't!
Carl: Yes it does.
Jimmy: That's it! *tackles Carl and starts to beat him up*
MJ:*watching Carl get pummeled* Whoa, how many times has this happened?
Libby:*watches everyone else with a look of utter disgust* Yo, Dr. Spooky, can you hurry up. I wanna be put out of my misery.
Dr. Spok: You’re all a bunch of whack jobs.
Drew: This coming from you?
Dr. Spok: Yes, so?
Drew: Never mind.
Dr. Spok: As I was saying, I am going to have my pals pester you a bit. I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to make you suffer, slowly and painfully suffer!
Jimmy: But why me? What did I ever do to you?
Dr. Spok: Nothing. That's why you must pay!
Jimmy: I don't follow you.
Toady: He's a loon, you don't need to follow.

Sheen: Are we almost there?
Toad: Almost.

Dr. Spok: All I've ever wanted to do was be a villain! Well, that and marry Beautiful Gorgeous.
Jimmy: You've met Beautiful Gorgeous?!
Dr. Spok: Yes, at the annual villains' convention. As well as Professor Calamitous, Baby Eddie, King Goobot, the Junkman, Meldar, Eustace Strych, to name a few. And every year, they whine and carry on about how you stopped them from committing villainous deeds.
Toady: And you got into this convention?
Dr. Spok: If spying on everyone from a vent qualifies as "getting into" it, then yeah.
Jimmy: What's your point?
Dr. Spok: I've never had that experience! I wanted so much to do something so evil that I needed to be stopped by you and I tried everything I could think of.
Drew: Which wasn't much.
Dr. Spok: Drew!
Drew: Sorry.
Dr. Spok: Then the other villains, especially Beautiful *wiggles eyebrows*, would know my name and I might finally get admitted into the villains' convention. And now that I have you, I will at last be regarded as an intimidating super villain!!!
Jimmy: But...you...aren't.
Dr. Spok: Silence! Tonight, when you are laying in your cell, every inch of your skin burning like a thousand, er , burning...things, you will know I exist  and most importantly, I will have my REVENGE!!! Muwahahahahahahahaha!!! Muwahahahahahahahaha!!! Muwahahahahahahahahah!!!
Everyone (including the henchmen, Drew, and even the ants): Zzzzzzzzzzzz

*Toad, Sheen, & Lily arrive at two vents at the very end of the air duct*
Toad: Now let's see, which vent leads to-
Toady: Uh-oh!
Sheen: What now!
Toad: You know how I said that we could only outwit the tracking device 3000 for so long?
Sheen: Yes.
Lily: [simultaneously] Huh?
Sheen: Lily.
Lily: Yeah?
Sheen: Shut up.
Lily: Kay.
Toad: Don't you get it?
Sheen: Duh! But could you explain it again, just for Miss Lipgloss-for-brains.
Lily: Silly, brains can't be made of lip gloss unless they're from Poland!
Sheen&Toad: o_0
Lily: What? Look, I know I'm stunningly beautiful and all, but this whole staring at me thing is starting to make me uncomfortable. It's like you think I'm stupid or something.
Sheen&Toad: *slowly look at each other, then Lily, and then at each other again, and then away*
Toad: These two vents lead to two completely different places. One to our friends, the other to a garbage dump. It means we have to choose one of these vents to travel through and hope it leads to our friends, not the one leading to the garbage dump. We have no way of knowing which is which! 

Chapter 23

Cindy: Why the heck do we have to pay? Jimmy's the one you’re mad at!
Jimmy: Thanks a lot, Vortex. I can't believe I ever...
Cindy, Dr. Spok, Toady, Libby, and MJ: Ever what?!?!
Jimmy:*looks at all of them weirdly, but glares at Cindy* Nothing. I was wrong, and there's no need to talk about it ever again.

Toad: Let's choose the vent by chance. 1, 2, 3!
*Toad & Sheen point to the vent on the right. Lily points to the one on the left*
Toad: Sheen, help me move this vent.
Lily:*shrugs and examines her fingernails*

Dr. Spok: Now, Jimmy Neutron, prepare to meet your doom! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1-

Sheen: We've got another problem! The screws are all out, but the vent screen won't move!
Toad: What?!

Drew: Pardon me, your supreme evilness, but why are you counting?
Dr. Spok: Because that's simply the way things are done. It's a rule in the unwritten law of villains.

*Toad, Sheen and Lily are tugging on the vent with all their might. Well, Toad & Sheen are. I'm not too sure about Lily.*

Drew: Why don't they put it in the written law of villains?

Sheen: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

Dr. Spok: Because there's no such thing!

Sheen:*throwing himself at the bars, backing up, and trying again*

Toad: Sheen, I don't think that's going to-

Drew: Why don't they make one?

*All three tugging again*

Dr. Spok: I have no clue!!!

Toad: *gasp!* I think I felt it move!

Dr. Spok: Look, can I just get on with this?

Drew: Whatever, Dude. It's your life.

Sheen: Eureka!

Dr. Spok: Now, where was I? Oh yes,

Sheen: It's budging!

Dr. Spok: 5!

Lily: Like, finally.

Dr. Spok: 4!

Toad: Oh-no, it's sticking again!

Dr. Spok: 3!

Sheen: We can't do it.

Dr. Spok: 2!

Toad: Harder!!!

Dr. Spok: 1!

*With that, Dr. Spok brought his hand slamming down on the red button. Everyone turns and watches the giant ants blast down the tube.

*Out of the blue, a sharp metal disk slices the tube in half. The ants stop in their tracks and stare at the opening. Everyone else turns to see a figure, framed in the sunlight from the door to the outside world.*
DarkBeauty:*her eyes are blood red as she snarls at Dr. Spok* Nobody two-times DarkBeauty!
*By now the ants have finally figured out that they don't need to stay in the cramped tube. So, without a seconds delay, they all come pouring out and into the room. Dr. Spok screams on the top of his lungs. But another metal disk, courtesy of DarkBeauty, lodging itself in the computer's control panel (and dangerously close to his hand) sends him running for cover behind Drew. But DarkBeauty wasn't aiming for Dr. Spok's hand. In fact, she hit her target head on. The cage holding our favorite 11 year-olds (and one 4 year-old) shakes and shudders until in falls apart completely*
Drew: Your Supreme Evilness, shouldn't we, I don't know, DO SOMETHING!!!
Dr. Spok:*still on the ground with his hands over his head* Knock yourself out.
Drew:*sigh* Henchmen, attack!
*And with that, the fighting begins. You know the drill, all these kids miraculously kicking trained henchmen's butts. Dark Beauty is fighting like ten people put together. Cindy is cornered by five bad dudes, when MJ, using amazing moves that look like a cross between kickboxing and dancing, falls upon them from behind and wards them off.*
Cindy: Whoa, that was amazing! Where did you learn to fight like that? *knocks out a guy with a round house kick*
MJ: I developed it myself. *kicks a dude in the abdomen and delivers a swift punch to the back of his head*
Cindy: Uh, maybe we can get together and, you know, spar.
MJ: *still breathing heavily, smiles* I'd like that. *They both charge forward and take out about 10 henchmen at once*
*Now the ants, who have been watching this whole exchange with great interest, decide to get in on the butt kickin' action. So, a particularly gigantic one walks up to a henchmen and swallows him in one bite.*
Dr. Spok: Oh...They weren't supposed to do that.
*As if to prove Dr. Spok wrong, a 2nd ant swallows another henchdude whole. So, now everyone wasn't only having to beat up their opponent, but also avoid being devoured by a bunch of freak solenopsis*
*All activity ceases*
Henchman: Thank you. [to Dr. Spok] Didn't you say you were broke?
Dr. Spok: Yes.
Henchman: As in, you have no money?
Dr. Spok: Yep.
Henchman: As in, you have no money to pay us?
Dr. Spok: Yeah, pretty much.
*Everyone is silent and just look at each other*
Henchman: Well, see ya. *holds his hand out to Carl* No hard feelings?
Carl:*shakes his hand warmly* None taken.
Henchman: It was nice meetin' you, folks.
All (except Dr. Spok & Drew): Bye.
Dr. Spok: *looks around shiftily then jabs his pointer finger in the air* To the moped!
*Drew jumps on a motor bike and revs the engine as Dr. Spok jumps in the little side car and they drive off with the disturbingly mutated ants chasing them*
*Everyone stares after the wanna-be villain and his ward*
DarkBeauty: Well... I, um, better get going.
Toady: Why don't you come with us?
Cindy: Yeah, you can help us fight crime-
Carl: and make the bad people go away.
Toady: You know, like you did today.
DarkBeauty: Are you kidding?! Do you have any idea what real villains are willing to pay for my expertise? Besides, I only came back to get revenge.
Cindy: Uh-huh
Toady: *cough!*denial*cough!*
DarkBeauty: *smiles at all of the kids, her eyes a clear blue hue* You’re all good kids and I hope that at least you stay that way.
Carl: *trying to hold back tears, without much success* I hate good byes!!!
DarkBeauty: *gives them one last look heart felt look and a watery smile before turning to walk away*
Jimmy: Hmmmm, nice girl...in a dark, greedy, depressing, treacherous sort of way.
Toady: Wait! * runs after DarkBeauty then sighs and looks upwards* I have a feeling I'll regret this in the near future, but I suppose that it's only fair that you know my real name since I know yours. *sigh* This going to haunt me forever. Okay, my real name is- *her voice is covered up by a commotion above them, followed by a high-pitched, girly voice and a hyper-active, grating voice*
Libby:*brightens up considerably* I would recognize that voice anywhere!
*As if on cue, the air vent screen in the middle of the room falls to the ground, followed by Toad, Sheen, and finally Lily*
Lily:*stands up, completely unharmed* I told you to use this vent first.
Toad:*groans underneath Sheen*
Sheen:*looks around the devastated room* Ah man, we missed all the fun!
Libby: Sheen!*gives him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek* I'm so glad to see you!
Sheen:*looks a little stunned at first, but smiles and casually puts his arm around Libby's shoulders* Yeah, well, it's good to be back. Right, Toad?
Toad:*stares blankly*
Sheen: Toad, you okay? Why aren't you talking?
Toad:*more blankness*
Sheen: Oh, now that our friends are out of mortal danger you’re going back to wordless ways?
Toad:*still going*
Sheen: Yeah, I thought as much.
MJ: Wait, what day is it?
Sheen: Um, Friday.
MJ: Yes! We haven't missed the dance! Cindy, Libby, you two wanna come over to my house right now? We girls need to have the proper treatment if we want to look our best tonight.
Toady: Whatever. Hey, is it okay if I hang with you guys, Jimmy? Those mud masks freak me out. 

Chapter 24

*Cindy, Libby, and MJ are walking down the sidewalk on a street of homes in Retroville*
Cindy: So, you live in the Jeffergason's old house?
MJ: In a manner of speaking. We've been doing constructing on it for, like, two years.
Libby: What are the chances that you, me, Cindy, Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen would all live within walking distance of each other?
MJ: Amazing coincidence, I know. *turns off the sidewalk and struts up to the door of a huge (and extremely expensive) mansion* Ah-ha, Here we are.
Cindy and Libby: O.O
*MJ rings a diamond studded door bell beside a pair of oak doors. After a few seconds, an elderly man with a receding hairline and composed demeanor answered the door. That is, he has a composed demeanor, until he sees MJ*
Alfred: Hello? Oh my! Oh my! Miss Monica, is it really you?!? Why, it is! You have returned! Oh, thank heavens! Your parents are out helping the police in their search for you. When the heir to the multimillion dollar Conrade dynasty goes missing, it is not a laughing matter.
Libby: What?!?
Cindy: Did he say multimillion dollar dynasty?!?
Alfred: Oh, indeed. Mr. Conrade is one of the richest people in the world, Miss...
MJ: Oh, this is Cindy and Libby.
Alfred: Pleasure. Um, where are young Miss Toady and Master Toad?
MJ: They're over at a friend's house. But enough introductions.  We need to be ready for a big school dance tonight.
Alfred:*smiles* I believe I can help with that.
*Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Toady, and Toad walk into the Neutron residence*
Jimmy: Home, sweet home. Mom? Dad?
Judy:*walks into the family room with a plate of snickerdoodles* Jimmy, darling, you’re back!
Carl:*saunters up to Mrs. Neutron coolly* Judy... *touches her arm softly with his pointer finger* Llong time, no see. You know, these snickerdoodles aren't the only sweet things in this room. *snatches a cookie and takes a bite out of it while wiggling his eyebrows deviously*
Judy: Uh... *smiles nervously and takes a few small step away from him*
Toady: Well, I'm gonna have nightmares for the rest of my life.
Hugh:*joins them in the family room carrying a duck sock puppet* Hey, Jimbo! Where ya been the past 3 days?
Jimmy: We were kidnapped by a red eyed bounty hunter who was hired by a lame villain named Dr. Spok and we were kept in a dark, damp cell on the out skirts of Retroville until we were put in a different cage to be devoured be freakish, mutated fire ants. We would've gotten back sooner, but Sheen made us stop for bathroom breaks 5 times.
Sheen: I have a weak bladder, whadda ya want from me?
Hugh: Well, It's nice to see you got out alive.
Toady:*looks at them all in confusion* You guys are weirder than I thought!
Hugh: Check out my newest pal: Duckie! *He triumphantly holds up his "duck" puppet*
Sheen: It looks like Duckie had a run in with an eighteen wheeler.
Jimmy:*slaps his hand over Sheen's mouth and drags him towards the stairs*
Toady: Mr. Neutron, eh? *studies him for a second and takes out a notepad* Hmm, what's your full name?
Hugh: Hugh Beaumont Neutron.
Toady: Um-hm. Now tell me, Hugh, do you have any childhood memories? Preferably ones pertaining to being dropped on your head during infancy.
Jimmy: *slaps his other hand over her mouth and dashes upstairs*
Hugh: Yeah, see ya 'round, Jimbo! *starts strolling out of the room and towards the kitchen*
Carl: Alas, I must away, Judy. Farewell. *glares at Hugh and casually trips him on his way towards the stairs*
Judy:*stares after Carl then shakes her head* There's something wrong with that boy.  

Chapter 25 [Oh, btw: If you have the song "Get the Party Started" by Pink, I suggest you play it while you read it. Now let's go]

Alfred:*dashes into a ginormous kitchen, like the kind at a restaurant, with a bunch of maids fiddling around* I need a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and a six pack of Purple Flurp now!
Maids:*stare at him in confusion*
Alfred: Miss Conrade and her friends need it. There going to a dance night!
Maids: Oooooh! *they all burst into action, assorted cooking ingredients flying left and right*

**Jimmy opens his bedroom door and Toady, Sheen, and Carl enter**
Toady: Well, boys, we've got a lot of work to do.

**Cindy, Libby, and MJ are riding an elevator**
Cindy: You have an elevator in your house?!? I need to sit down.
MJ: We should be arriving at my personal quarters shortly.
Libby: You have "personal quarters?" I'd be happy if I had my "personal space!"
**Ding! **
MJ: Ah, we're here.
**As shiny elevator door slides open, Cindy and Libby gasp. Before them is a very cozy and modest sized room, but the luscious, soft carpet, fire place in one wall, plasma screen TV, Barbra Bekry designed couch, and five different game systems stand as evidence that it was, none the less, expensive.
Libby: This is your room?!
Cindy: *passes out*
MJ: Hm? Oh no, this isn't my room!
Cindy:*starts to regain conscientiousness*
Libby: Well, should think so.
MJ: This is the sitting room.
Libby & Cindy: o_0
Cindy:*passes out*
MJ:*points to three doors on different walls. One of the doors is plain white, but has a lock; another has a life-sized picture of Toad on it and the third has a bunch of signs overlapping each other (i.e. "All vehicles other than Toady will be towed," "NO SMOKING," "All employees must wash hands," "Forget the dog, beware of owner," and "Snake X-ing")* That's Toad's room, Toady's room, and my room. You’re free to wander wear ever you like, except Toady's room.
Libby: Why?
MJ: Do you like reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, and other creepy, crawly creatures?
Cindy: No, gross!
MJ: Don't go into Toady's room. *walks up to the plain door* But you can go into mine.
**With a dramatic flourish, MJ throws open the door and flips on a light switch. A small chandelier illuminates the giant room**
Libby & Cindy:*gasp!*
**MJ's room was the size of an apartment. There were two doors besides the one they entered through. They both were plain white, a beautiful contrast to the purple walls and carpet. In fact, the whole decor was centered on all different shades purple. It was simply breath taking! All the more reason for Cindy to pass out**
Cindy: Oh. *collapses on the ground*
Libby: Okay, who are you and how did you get my life?
MJ: Oh my, look at the time! We better get this party started. *presses a button on an intercom next to the door (yes, she has an intercom in her room)* Alfred, I'd like to have a full spa treatment up here. We need to look our best tonight.
Alfred: Yes, Miss.
Cindy:*rubbing her hands together* Let the pampering begin!
Toady: Toad, my bag.
Toad:*hands her a duffle bag*
Toady: Thank you *opens it up and starts digging through it, throwing a Scrabble board, a magic lamp, a chain saw, and a cow (don't ask) behind her shoulder in the process. The chainsaw flies through the door (literally) and Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl listen in horror as the commotion of the chainsaw reaches their ears: wood breaking, a cat screeching, and Mr. Neutron yelling, "Is that a chain saw? And how did this cat get in here? Hey! Ouch! Ouch! Bad kitty!"*
Jimmy:*eyes the duffle bag anxiously* You had a chainsaw in your bag...
**Sheen dashes over to Jimmy's door and looks out to survey the damage. Carl hesitantly follows.*
Sheen:*grinning manically* Whoa... cool!
Carl:*grabs his hauler*
Hugh:*his head appears at the top of the stair case. He looks pretty beat up*Don't worry, I'm Oooookay!
*cat hisses off-screen and Hugh gets pulled out of sight*
Hugh (off screen): Never mind.
Toady: Ah-ha! *holds up a medium sized black box* This, my dear friends, is my hair care case. *pulls a barber pole and a swivel chair out of her bag* Have a seat, Carl.
Carl:*slowly sits down* Um, is this going to hurt?
Toady: Duh. *whips out a giant razor and starts it up with a roar*
Carl: AHHHHH!!! *passes out*
Toady:*giggles evilly* Get's 'em every time.
Sheen:*just about to taste some of Toady's hair products*
Toady: Sheen, why don't you go get cleaned up in the bathroom?
Sheen: But I- *stops and looks fearfully from Toady to her duffle bag and plasters a smile on his face and side steps into the bathroom*
Toady:*snaps on some rubber gloves* Now, let's see. What can I do with this *wrinkles her nose in disgust* hair.
Sheen:*opens the door* Finished!
Toady: Did you brush your teeth?
Sheen: [indignant] Yes!
Toady: With toothpaste?
Sheen:*opens his mouth, but freezes* I'll be right back. *dashes into the bathroom again*
Toady: Anyway, you should probably lay out your suits. You do have suits?
Jimmy: Yes.
Sheen:*comes out* Finished!
Toady: Did you shower?
Sheen: [monotonous] Oh, darn it. *goes back in*
Toady: Good, 'cause I'm doing your hair next.
Jimmy: What's wrong with my hair?
Sheen: Finished!
Toady: water?
Sheen: Ye-...No. *goes back*
Toady: Have you looked in the mirror lately?
Jimmy: Yes, and I do not see anything wrong with my current hair styling.
Toady: *blinks at him for a few seconds* HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! But seriously, I am going to do something with that pudding glop on top of your *wrinkles nose in disgust* head.
Sheen: Finished!
Toady: soap?
Sheen: *rolls his eyes in frustration* Come on! *stomps back into the steamy bathroom*

Chapter 26 

**The gymnasium at Lindbergh Elementary is packed with punch, cookies, and tweens shaking their "groove thangs" to Ciara's "1, 2 Step." Everyone including Libby, Sheen, Jimmy, MJ, and even Carl are dancing. Toady is on the stage in an over dramatic DJ get-up, DJ-ing like there's no tomorrow. Toad is standing on the table Toady's DJ remix board is on and pop-lockin' like there's no tomorrow. Cindy, well, Cindy's sulking next to the punch bowl**
Toady: *speaking into a microphone after the music ends* And that was "1, 2 Step" by Ciara!
**scattered applause**
Jimmy: You're a really good dancer, MJ.
MJ: [nervous] Uh, thanks! I guess...
Cindy: [mockingly] "You're a really good dancer, MJ."*scoffs in disgust and throws her cup of punch at the wall. Unfortunately, the cup was empty and bounced harmlessly off the wall, landing straight in the trash can, therefore, destroying Cindy's destructive intentions*
Cindy: Oh, darn it!
Libby: *dances up to her best friend* Woooo! Come on girl you haven't danced all night and there are only a few more songs left. *grabs her friends hands and gives her a puppy pout* I hate to see you off to the side like this. Are you feeling alright?
Cindy: *glaring in Jimmy and MJ's direction* Actually, I'm feeling sick to my stomach right now, thank you very much.
Libby: *rolls her eyes towards the ceiling* Not this again. Girl, you are obsessed.
Cindy: I'm sorry, Libby, but I'm a little ticked that MJ thinks she can just fly into town in some first-class jet and steal my man.
Libby: Are you kidding me? After the way you have taunted, teased, and hurt that boy over the years, you have no right to suddenly be claiming him as your own.
Cindy: Ha!
Toady:*watching Jimmy and MJ from her DJ booth before turning to Toad* What's taking her so long?
Toady:*narrows her eyes at her sister* She's getting cold feet. I can feel it.
Toad: [imitating Darth Vader] The force is strong with this one.
Toady:*hauls a record from underneath the booth and places it one of the record players while winking at Toad* Desperate times call for desperate interference. *turn on the microphone and prepares to speak into it*
Jimmy: MJ, I want you to know… *shifts embarrassedly* I want you to know I had a lot fun tonight and… and I’m glad you agreed to come with me. Not a lot of girls would do that. Most people just think I’m a geek.
MJ: [even more nervous] Uh, yeah, don’t *chuckles nervously* don’t mention it.
Toady (from on stage through microphone): Okay, mic check, mic check. Good. Now, I think it’s time we brought things down a bit with a slow song *fixes MJ with a withering glare*: Confessions by Usher
MJ:*spins around and faces Toad with an annoyed expression on her face*
Toady:*continues to glare at her* So now would be a good time to confess any confessions you want to confess to somebody who deserves to hear you confess the truth…nooow.
MJ:*glares back at her younger sister while making a bunch of angry hand motions*
Jimmy:*taps her on the shoulder* Uh, MJ?
MJ: *spins around to face him looking as if nothing just happened* Jimmy! *grabs his hand* Um, say, can I talk to you in the hallway...alone.
Jimmy: *misunderstanding her intentions, he runs his hand through his hair* Uh, yeah, sure, anything you want!
MJ:*tries to smile but fails miserably* Great.
Cindy: *looking calm and collected* You’re right, Libby. I was wrong to be upset.
Libby: *throws her hands upward in relief* Thank you!
Cindy: Besides, MJ is a friend now; a good friend; a very good friend, in fact; possible even a- *turns to see the MJ and Jimmy walking out of the gym and into the hall, and Jimmy looks far more excited than he should. Her expression morphs from being calm and collected, to bring utterly enraged* WITCH!!!

Toady: *standing on here tip-toes as she squints after her sister* Where’s she going? Toad, where is she going?
Toad: *shrugs again*
Toady: I need to know. Toad, go spy on them.
Toad: *turns to his twin sister* [dryly] Surely you jest.
Toady: Surely I don’t. Go find out what MJ’s doing.
Toad: *narrows his eyes at her*
Toady: Hey, you owe me, remember?
[A/N: those of you with commendable memory will remember that in Chapter 3 Toady covered for Toad. And Toad, in return, said he owed her one and she said she would remember that--hence, this line.]
Toad:*scowls darkly, but hops off the stage and follows after his sister*
MJ: *fidgeting nervously* Uh, Jimmy, I took you out here because I need to talk to you about something very important.
Jimmy: I needed to talk to you about something, as well.
MJ: [hopefully] Oh?
Jimmy: Well, ask you something really.
MJ: Oh… Jimmy, I-
Jimmy: I’m not very good at this…
MJ: Jimmy?
Jimmy: I’ve never actually done this before.
MJ: Jimmy-
Jimmy: I know I must…
MJ: Jimmy-
Jimmy: It’s about you and we. I mean, you and he. I mean, ugh!
MJ: Jimmy, I don’t think-
Jimmy: No, I can do this.
MJ: It’s not that, it’s-
Jimmy: Wait, just hear me out. MJ, will be my-
Jimmy:*blinks a few times* What?
MJ:*eyes welling up with tears* I… I have to break up with you. That’s what I wanted to talk with you about.
Jimmy:*still shocked* But how? I mean, why? I mean, I thought, you know…
MJ: Jimmy, I do like you. I like you a lot, it’s just-
Jimmy:*nods* only like a friend.
MJ: No, I liked you as more than a friend, but-but it could never work between us. Any more than anything could work between Sheen and Cindy.
Jimmy:*wrinkles his nose in disgust* Well, that just messed up.
MJ: Excatly. I really wanted this to work. But, I don’t know how to explain it; we just aren’t… right for each other.
Jimmy: Oh…
MJ: Trust me; it’s taken loads of lectures *touches her cheek gingerly*and slap from a girl who is, I’ll admit, always right about these things.
Jimmy: *nods knowingly* Toady.
MJ: [very taken aback] How did you know?
Jimmy: Oh, she was spent the entire afternoon going on about all the things that are wrong about you. *pauses for a second* Do you have to wear men’s deodorant?
MJ: [sulkily] Yes.
Jimmy: Oh, *tries to stifle a laugh* I’m so sorry.
MJ: Yeah, I know. So, anyway, I know that the whole, “let’s just be friends” line is the last thing you want to hear, so I would like you to think of me as not only your friend, but your girl encyclopedia. So if you’re having girl troubles and want advice that actually makes sense; don’t feel comfortable talking to Libby; well, you can’t talk to Cindy; don’t want to be torn to shreds by Toady, or actually want to have a two-way conversation, than just call me up, ‘kay?
Jimmy: Sure.
MJ: *gives a little half smile and extends her hand towards him* Friends?
Jimmy: *looks down at her hand for a few moments before slowly shaking it and returning her smile* Friends.
MJ: Good, now let’s get back in there.
**They both start walking back down the hall and MJ turns to Jimmy and remarks in a playful voice: **
MJ: Now, Cindy Vortex, she’s another story.
Jimmy: Cindy? I have no idea what you are talking about.
MJ: Uh-huh.
**They both walk in silence until they re-enter the gym, but not in an awkward silence. And somehow, deep down inside her, MJ knew everything was going to turn out okay. Now there was only one thing left to do...**

Chapter 27  

MJ: *crosses her arms impatiently* Well, aren’t you gunna ask her?
Jimmy: What?
MJ: Aren’t you gunna ask Cindy to dance.
Jimmy: And why on Earth would I do that?
MJ: Because you two are the only people in the room who don’t have partners.
Jimmy: You don’t have a partner.
MJ: Well, I’m going to go ask Carl to dance right now. Besides, isn’t it easier to just ask her to dance and be done with it, rather than stand on the opposite side of the room trying to steal glances at her when she’s not looking?
Jimmy: Now, wait just a minute-
MJ: *fixes him with a knowing stare and a smirk *
Jimmy: *crosses his arm in annoyance* Yes.
MJ: Splendid! Now, go over there and do it already. *and with that, she skips away in search of Carl*
Jimmy: *looks upward and sighs* How do I get myself into these things?
Cindy: *has been watching the two of them ever since they-entered the gym. When she sees Jimmy heading towards her, she scrambles to the punch bowl and pretends to be pouring her self some juice*
Jimmy:*stands in front of her for a few seconds but finally speaks when Cindy doesn’t acknowledge him* Hi, Cindy.
Cindy:*looks up and tries to look surprised to see him there* Hm? Oh, Hi, Neutron.
Jimmy: Hi.
**They both stand there awkwardly. Suddenly, Cindy felt the room was way too hot (it wasn’t), the room was way too small (it wasn’t), and Jimmy was staring at her way too hard.**
**Jimmy was feeling three times as worse. I mean, he was about to ask a girl who had done nothing but hate his guts since he had moved here to dance with him. And he knew that the next day it was going to be all over school. He wasn’t just asking Cindy Vortex to dance, he was asking her something else, something bigger. And just when he was about to turn around and run away, screaming at the top of his lungs, he spotted Toad standing about 10 feet behind Cindy and it looked like he was holding 15x20 poster boards with stuff written on them with a permanent marker**
Jimmy:*reads the first poster (which says: “For the love of donuts, ask her to dance!”) and gives Toad a confused look*
Toad:*drops that poster to reveal another one underneath. This one says: “Don’t ask. (Toady made me do it)”*
Jimmy: *raises one eyebrow and gives Toad a little nod*
Cindy: *gives Jimmy a confused look and turns around to see what he’s looking at*
Toad: *at the exact moment Cindy turns around, without changing his blank expression, he throws the poster over his shoulder and walks away.*
Nick (off camera): OW!
Toady (through the microphone): Okay, great job everyone. Yeah. Now, we only have time for one last song. So, let’s end tonight with a couple’s only dance.
Cindy: *faces Jimmy again and gives him a confused look*
Jimmy: *rocks back and forth from his toes to his heels and stuffs his hands in his pockets* Soooooo, are you planning on dancing?
Cindy: Maybe, but probably not. I mean, there’s only one dance left.
Jimmy: Yeah…
Cindy: Why?
Jimmy: You know, I was just… thinking, I guess-
Cindy: What a shock.
Jimmy: *chuckles nervously* Yeah, so I was just wondering if you might, I don’t know…
Toady (through the microphone): Just ask the freakin’ girl to dance, already!
**Both of them turn just in time to see MJ tackle Toady to the ground in an attempt to muffle her ranting. To top it all off, Libby, Sheen, Toad, and Carl are also on the stage watching them. Libby tries to look innocent, like she got lost or something; Sheen is peering at them through binoculars; Toad is giving them that blank stare; and Carl is waving at them**
Carl: Hi, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Well, that pretty much said it all. So, do you wanna dance?
Cindy: Although I believe I will regret this sometime in the near future… yes, I would love to.
**And with that, Jimmy took her hand and led her on to the dance floor**


**We see black, pitch black. No light, no sound, no color… nothing except for one stream of light illuminating a telephone on a small, tall coffee table. I can’t tell you whether or not it’s in the middle of the room because you can’t see any walls. Suddenly, the phone rings. A gloved hand emerges from the darkness and removes the receiver from its charger**
Dark Beauty (speaking into phone): Hello?
Goobot: Hello, Dark Beauty, it is I, King Goobot. I have a job for you.
Dark Beauty: Who’s the guy?
Goobot: A pesky boy who has insisted on causing trouble for me. A boy named Jimmy Neutron.
Dark Beauty: … What?
Goobot: I know that it may seem below you to “take out” an eleven year-old, but this kid is not to be under estimated. Oh, and I would very much appreciate it if you could be so kind as to “take care of” his little friends, as well. Of course, you will be handsomely rewarded for you expertise in this [voice fads out]
**Dark Beauty’s mind was spinning. Jimmy Neutron? She would have to whack Jimmy Neutron? She knew she had to do it, but for some strange reason an images of Toady of Toady kept coming back to her.**
Toady: So, you’re saying crying is a source of weakness?
**Then she remembered Toady’s eyes**
Toady: Well, I think I would rather be weak…
**What was it about those eyes? **
Toady: There’s nothing wrong with grieving.
**She was sure she had seen them somewhere before**
Toady: There’s nothing wrong with crying…
**Dark Beauty winced in pain and massaged her temple with one hand. Where had she seen those eyes before? **
Toady: or feeling sad…
**It felt like her head was about to explode. She needed to remember. **
Toady: or missing a loved one.
** Who? Who?!**
Toady: Allow yourself to be "weak" for just a minute, and you'll see how strong you really are.
**A million images were swimming around in her head, and it felt like she was lost in them, lost in memories. **
Toady: You have to decide to be strong because it's something that no amount of money can ever buy.
**Memories of her parents, memories of the tornado, memories of her street life, memories of the pain, memories of… Then it all just fell into place. Dark Beauty knew exactly where she had seen those eyes before. All the images blurred into two images: one was of Toady that fateful night, and the other was one of David. He was leaning over her smiling at her with those hazel eyes sparkling in the darkness. Both of them said, in the same voice with the same eyes:*
Toady & David: Goodnight, Kristel.
Dark Beauty:*her eyes fill up with tears*[in a whisper] David…
Goobot: What? Hello? Are you there?
Dark Beauty: What? Oh, uh, yeah, I am.
Goobot: Good, so when should we meet to work out the details?
Dark Beauty: Um, actually… actually… never.
Goobot: Okay, so… excuse me?
Dark Beauty: I’m not going to do it.
Goobot: Perhaps you miss heard. I am willing to pay you 1.5 million dollars for this job!
Dark Beauty: Good bye, Goobot.
Goobot: But I-
**Dark Beauty hangs up and slowly reaches underneath the table. She brings up a big, fluffy teddy bear with a velvet ribbon tied around its neck and hugs it tightly as she rocks back and forth on the ground. Finally, after 16 years, she allows one tear to fall from her sky, blue eyes. **
Dark Beauty: David…




Dedicate to my late paternal grandmother “Tutu”, the strongest woman I’ve ever known.

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Dr. Spock…………………….gummiworld
Miss Noire…………………....Mara

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