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JN Soundtrack - Libby

Remember, Mara had to pay for these songs, so please don't redistribute them. These songs are for private use or for use in JN music videos only.

If you don't know what format to download, choose mp3 [also remember to download you have to right click + save as...]:
Song/Artist: Download:
Leave It Up to Me - Aaron Carter [mp3] [wma]
Pop - *NSync [mp3] [wma]
Parents Just Don't Understand - Lil' Romeo, Nick Cannon, & 3LW [mp3] [wma]
Intimidated - Britney Spears [mp3] [wma]
He Blinded Me With Science - Melissa Lefton [mp3] [wma]
AC's Alien Nation - Aaron Carter [mp3] [wma]
Kids in America - No Secrets [mp3] [wma]
The Answer To Our Life - Backstreet Boys [mp3] [wma]
The Chicken Dance - Stupid [mp3] [wma]
I Can Count on You - True Vibe [mp3] [wma]
We Got the Beat - Go Go's [mp3] [wma]
Go Jimmy Jimmy - Aaron Carter [mp3] [wma]
Parents Just Don't Understand Remix - Lil' Romeo, Nick Cannon, 3LW [mp3] [wma]
Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones [mp3] [wma]
Jimmy Neutron Theme - Bowling for Soup [mp3] [wma]

You can also download the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Original Score, which is a compilation of the background music played during the movie. The score includes 24 songs, and is available in .zip format:

Download the Original Score

Now, we also offer downloads to songs in the actual Jimmy Neutron series here:

My Valentine
I have the ring [w/ dialogue]
I have the ring [w/o dialogue; just singing]
The most dominant life form
Basking in the Warmth
Basking in the Warmth [reprise]
Have yourself a happy little pule

You may also be interested in the various song numbers performed throughout the series. To view the lyrics to such songs as "The Most Dominant Lifeform" and Cindy's famous "My Valentine", go here:

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