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                                  Writers - The Geniuses Behind the Boy

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Just wanted to compile a list, because without these guys, we wouldn't have a show. I actually checked the credits of every single freaking episode, so you people better be appreciative.

Christopher Painter

Other credits: He also wrote Frasier episodes and was nominated for an Annie Award for writing "The Tomorrow Boys".

Jed Spingarn

Other credits: He also wrote for Pinky and the Brain, and won an Emmy for the Program along with the other writers

Gene Grillo

Other credits: Wrote for FOP, Wild Thornberrys, Johnny Bravo, and Ned's Declassified.

Spencer Green

Other credits: Wrote for MadTV, FOP, and Aaah! Real Monsters!

Steven Banks

Other credits: Spongebob, CatDog, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, and the Steven Banks show

Andrew Nicholls and Darryl Vickers
(apparently they've been writing as partners since 1960-freaking-9)

Other credits: a TON of stuff, including Debra, FOP and the George Carlin Show

Tom Sheppard

Other credits: wrote for Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Darwin Vickers

Other credits: not a lot

Evan Gore and Heather Lombard
(husband-wife team)

Other credits: Futurama, Lilo and Stitch the series, and The Emperor's New School, among others. They were also both nominated for an Annie Award for an episode of Dave the Barbarian

John Crane

Other Credits: wrote for MadTV, Rocket Power, and Johnny Bravo

Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel

Other Credits: Danny Phantom, FOP, Dexter's Lab, Chalkzone, and more

John P. McCann

Other Credits: Wrote for Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Batman Beyond, and won an Emmy along with the other writers of Animaniacs

Steve Oedekerk

Other Credits: Producer on JN, Bruce Almighty, the JN Movie, Planet Sheen, Kung Pow- Enter the Fist, and more

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