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Welcome! ^_^

Hello and welcome to
I Dream of Jimmy, the nostalgic and painfully-retro fansite dedicated to everyone's favorite Boy Genius, Jimmy Neutron! The navigation bar is located to your left, and you can scroll down to see the site updates. Pretty straightforward. Enjoy the site!



Believe it or not - we're still here! Recently, we've stopped hosting episodes. Many providers exist online to watch them, and we encourage you to use those sources. Not hosting the episodes allows us to more easily host the site, and will ensure it'll remain out there for years to come. Thank you, and... To the rescue, through the big blue sky (Be back before I leave,) It's Jimmy Neutron time!

Well, I never thought this would happen, but we have over 10,000 followers on our tumblr now. o_O This summer also marks the 10 year anniversary of our forums, to which I say: holy shit. I'm still not updating the mainsite, so just ignore this web 1.0 crap and go check out one of our other numerous social media accounts.

Long time no update, guys - I just wanted to let you all know my future plans for IDOJ. I intend to keep it running for as long as my co-admin Alex is willing to host it, but I will no longer be updating the mainsite. Instead, I will continue to focus on the forums, our deviantArt club, and our tumblr account. All three are still quite active, so if you're looking to get your JN fix, those are the places to go.


Hey guys! I just overhauled the banners and icons section (again) and added a page that lists all the JN episodes and who wrote each one: Episode Writers Page. Give it a look-see!


Updated the bios section with current info on the admins and founders...one of our forum members has also been helping me compile pics of the minor characters, so expect that update soon!


Well, I've been putting it off for two and a half years, but I FINALLY did it. I completely overhauled the fanfiction section! As you can see, I added some new fics and also axed a large number of old ones (including two of my own...sorry, but, I have standards).


Wow have we been busy! The 'About the Show' page has been completely redone, the icons and banners page has been updated with over 300 icons conveniently available in .zip packs, and the Fanart section has been fully integrated with our Deviantart art gallery. A new MV "unnecessary censorship" has been added to the Music Videos page. The fanfiction section is still a mess, however, so that's next on the list. Hope everyone's having a good summer!


Apologies for the lack of updates...so here are some now. First - IDOJ has a tumblr account now, so give it a peruse! We also have a ton of fan art on our Deviantart club that is missing from the mainsite (which frankly, we're too busy to update like we used to). More music videos will be added once we acquire some more disk space ^_^'


Fixed the links in the About Us section and updated the Character Bios page...the main character profiles are up once again, and I removed the links for the minor characters until we can get some new screencaps, so at least we won't mislead anyone. We also created the IDOJ Suggestion Box on the forums so you can tell us how to improve the site.


As always, summer is IDOJ construction time! Three new mvs have been added, including "Diary of Jane" and "JMV Hell 3" by Mara, and "Stuck on You" by Sam-Ely-Ember.  Next item of business will be revamping the icons & banners section, then maybe we can FINALLY get around to tackling the character bios page. Hit us up on the forums with any suggestions you might have for improving the mainsite!


Hey Guys! Sorry about the long period of downtime...we were switching servers, but now we're back and better than ever. Expect more updates soon!

Planet Sheen has officially premiered in the U.S.! woot Stop by the forums and chat with other fans in the newly added PS section~ Or, if you missed the episode, you can download it by visiting this page. Liked/loathed/loved it? We look forward to hearing your opinions!

Big apologies, guys! We just got a message from our host, canaca, that the server with IDOJ on it had crashed. That means we lost EVERYTHING. We had some backups, so we're working on bringing the mainsite back up to speed, but unfortunately all your email accounts and the oekaki board were irreparably lost. Again, or sincerest apologies...we will be switching providers in April. If you have any questions/concerns, please stop by the forums and ask either Mara or Alex for help. See you there!

Maaaaaaan it's been a long time ^_^ If you've been wondering where I've been, the answer is...New Zealand! I am studying abroad until December, when I'll return to the states and enter my senior year of college oh boy. Anyway, a few points of business to attend to...I apologize if I haven't gotten back to any of your email account requests. To be honest, the superadmin account has become so clogged with spam that it's practically impossible to find your actual emails. So, I'm instituting a new policy! If you want an email account on IDOJ, or if you have any questions, please visit my Deviantart page  and either leave a comment on my profile or send me a note. I check this nearly every day, so hopefully I'll be a lot better about getting back to you. TTFN!

Holy crap...it's 2010. I feel old. >.< Anyway, we have 3 new music videos: JNV hell 1 and 2, and Hitomi no Tsubasa (Japanese Opening theme). I'm working on updating the artwork (soooo much to add), and we're experiencing some...technical difficulties with the character profiles. As in the server mysteriously deleted them, and my harddrive crashed, taking my back-ups with it. Please bear with Alex and me as we scramble madly to find some alternative files ;-)

Sorry about the lack of updates, everyone! This semester literally at me alive ^_^' Anyway, I have break until January 23rd, so look forward to some hard-core site re-vamping. In the meantime, we're having a secret santa gift exchange on the forums, and our Deviantart gallery has been growing steadily and recently achieved "group status" on deviantart - now contributing art is easier than ever! Check it out: Behold!


It's another lovely summer here on IDOJ...the forums are running smoothly, the mainsite is trucking along faithfully, and we're all sipping on our proverbial tropical fruit drinks with little umbrellas in them. We have a new music video or two, but other than that things have been pretty low key around here lately. There has been quite a buzz, of course, surrounding the new JN spinoff, "Planet Sheen", which is due to hit the airwaves next summer. You can read the official press release here or look it up on tv.com.


We've officially switched forums! Don't worry, all our topics and members migrated with us. We're just using a new board with improved capabilities. And, once I figure out what the heck I'm doing ^_^' , things should get right back to normal. Stay tuned for more developments!


Hey everyone - as you can see from the update just below this one, Alex has volunteered to help me out with administrative duties here on IDOJ!  We've got two new music videos to keep you occupied - "Pimp Mofo" by Katie and 'Waiting for the World to Fall" (S/L) by Mara.  Haaaave fun with it!

Sorry for the downtime we've had the last couple days -- We're still having a couple technical difficulties with the administrator interface (but the site's fine otherwise). The problem lay within the auto-renewing billing. But now it's fixed (hopefully), so enjoy the site once again!
Also, stop by our forums -- We're working on some awesome projects, including a better forum hosting to work on our master plan to conquer teh internetz!


Updates this time 'round include 4 new music videos, dozens of new characters in the character profile section, and of course some new fanfiction as well. More fanart has also been added to IDOJ's deviantart subsidiary: Jimmy Neutron Fanart Community.  New submissions are always welcome! We also encourage you to try out the oekaki boards if you haven't already...they haven't been getting that much use, which is a shame because they're freakin' awesome.


Good news everyone! We now have an Oekaki board of our very own! For those of you who don't know what an Oekaki is, let me explain: Oekaki internet forum systems allow artists to draw pictures with a drawing program stored on a server and post their drawings on the internet forum. Artists do not upload their images on Oekaki internet forum systems; they draw pictures inside web browsers with a computer mouse, a graphics tablet, or a touch screen.
So, basically, it's a place where you can create JN fanart in realtime! You can also comment on other people's artwork, chat, or generally goof off. Make sure to try out this new feature, as it marks a big expansion for the IDOJ mainsite. Enjoy!


Another year dawns for the illustrious IDOJ! We have some new fanart, new music videos, and new members on the forums! We've also been working on extending our reach on zhe interwebz >.< , so we've been working on a Jimmy Neutron section over at TVTropes. We're also keeping an eye out for the Sheen spinoff rumored to premier in 2009!


Ye Olde Monthe of Oktober brings with it some great new stuff. I updated the music videos section with several new mv's, added new fanart to 6 of the 8 fanart galleries, and added Katie's fanfic, Invasion of the Soil Snatchers. Other updates include new banners and icons, as well as more pictures in the character profiles section. Check back soon for more goodies!


Wow, I haven't updated in...forever o_O. Not because I haven't been here, but because I've been extremely lazy and have only made my update announcements on the forums. Hey, it's summertime, ya know? ^_^ Anyway, I added 4 new music videos, including a J/B one by Nekogirl for all you alternative shippers out there. 10 new bios have been added for the top posters on the forum, so check them out as well! [link] The fanart galleries have been updated, and we now have JN themed emoticons on the forums!  And, if you scroll up, you can check out the new banner o2n the homepage, courtesy of Liziana. Ta-Da~!


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