painter's pallete with the gang on it

Hello and Welcome to the Fanart Page! This is the place where all you JN fans can exhibit your artistic talent...or lack thereof, if that be the case smilie .
Each character and pairing has his or her own gallery! We've decided to manage the galleries using Deviantart now, so when you click on the following links, you will be directed away from IDOJ. To view the images in the galleries fullsize, click on them!

                     Jimmy Neutron

                            Cindy Vortex

                            Sheen Estevez

                            Libby Folfax

                            Carl Wheezer

                            Other Characters

                            Pairings  - Jimmy x Cindy - Libby x Sheen - Other Pairings


So, you want to know how to send us art? Post it on the forums or submit it to our group on Deviantart! The only rules are that it must be JN related and it can't be anything obscene. So, try to keep really violent or gory art to a minimum, and no blatant pr0n please. We don't want to discourage "creativity", but we don't want little kids being scarred for life either. Happy drawing!

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