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(starting 6/25/06)


TONS of stuff is happening here on IDOJ this month! We're in the middle of a NEW YEAR'S FUNDRAISER, the single biggest collaboration since the site's founding. We're collecting artwork, fanfiction, character bios, music videos, and banners and avatars (for a new section!) from innumerable generous donors from all over the web. This project connects the mainsite, the forums, livevideo, youtube,, and Deviantart in a superhuman effort to amass as much new material as possible! **pant pant** You can check out the progress of the fundraiser here: click!

It's official. We now have ALL the regular episodes and TV movies uploaded to the site...with the exception of the second Jimmy Timmy Power Hour (I'm working on this). What ISN'T official is our permission to host them...I'm STILL trying to work up the guts to write Keith Alcorn and ask for formal permission (since this site IS replacing - which Keith approved of - as the leading episode distributor).

In other news, we have 3 new music videos - Cinderella (made by me), One Week (made by Amanda). and Merry Christmas Baby, a timely Xmas tribute from aeharding. A bunch of new art has been donated, including some rare JimmyxBetty art, thanks to my good buddy Twisted-vision. Some new stories are on their way, although the volume 5 of The Other Side of Tomorrow is still stuck on chapter 30 (sorry everyone! I'm doing my best). The "about us" section has been completely updated with new information - the profiles now include up-to-date info on the site founders, as well as links to their assorted livevideo channels, deviantart accounts, and myspaces. Check it out !

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.


Finally, time for an update. Recent site work has mostly been on nitpicky details, such as wording and links, but some major renovation has been completed as well. The fanfiction section is finally finished (well, as finished as it needs to be at any rate, there's always room for improvement later on). Two new music videos have been added and the fanart section has been updated with lots of new artwork. Speaking of art, IDOJ now has its very own club on Deviantart: IDOJ Jimmy Neutron Fanart Community. If you haven't been there yet, I recommend going. The club is in need of new members, so please sign up!


Big huge gigantic massive update time (you knew it was coming eventually, right?). First and foremost, the fanfiction section overhaul has begun. Multiple new fanfics have been added, and the new "fanfic submit form", engineered by aeharding, is up and working. The fanfiction section is still a bit fragmented, and not all the links work, but bear with us. It's a work in progress, as usual :-D The character profiles section has taken the back seat for awhile (unfortunately) although many bios have been written and Principal Willoughby's has been added. A new music video has been added, along with some fanart, and we now have a new feature: "archived updates". Scroll down to see what I mean. Episode-wise, things are...complicated. We're currently trying to get formal permission from Keith Alcorn to host the episodes on our website (like Sammickk did for, which sadly is no more). Just about all the episodes are uploaded...we just kind of need permission ^_^

In other news, the IDOJ theme of the month is "how to advertise". We're trying to get word out there on the internet about our lend us a hand! Link to us wherever possible to increase our pagerank on google, and tell all your friends! If you know a JN fan, recommend this site (actually, just tell everyone! Many people are JN fans at heart, they just don't know it yet).  A Deviantart club with all our fanart is currently in the works, so if you'd like to get involved, let us know! Also, admin/site email addresses will be changing sometime soon (due to inhumane amounts of spam) so keep an eye out on the forums for further updates.
Lastly, some raw data. We want to give the casual reader a bit of an idea of what we have at IDOJ.

At the current moment we have:

~  1 active administrator - Mara, with numerous helpers
~ 19 on-site fanfics
~ 40 music videos
~ 7 character profiles (pitiful, we'll admit)
~ 115 pieces of fan art (before this update)
~ 68 episodes
~ 5 TV movies/specials
~ 358 registered members on the IDOJ forums
~ 78 IDOJ email account holders


Wow, long time no update, huh? Well, just because there haven't been updates on the main page doesn't mean that we here at IDOJ haven't been busy! The Fanart section has been completely redone, and innumerable new pics have been added, as well as a new music video. Snazzo and Darklord have been hard at work writing character profiles, which will be added shortly. A new fanfiction section is also on the way, with a little help from aeharding, our programming genius. As I go off to college in a few weeks, things might slow down for awhile, but they won't stop! Stay tuned for more updates in the forums!


June is renovations month here at IDOJ as we celebrate our one year anniversary. The site is getting a complete makeover - so far Mara has begun construction on the music videos page. Preview images have been enlarged and new instructions added, and thanks to jimmyandcindy we now have a new music video. More updates (including a new homepage!) are in the works, but with Mara's impending graduation and Ally's numerous Mac issues, things are proceeding at a snail's pace. Wish us luck in the coming weeks, and thanks to everyone who's helped to make a great place to be!



June is big change month for IDOJ! Starting now and finishing up in the end of June, IDOJ will be receiving a makeover courtesy of Mara and Ally and well as dozens of volunteers from the forums. Thanks a lot you guys! Don't be surprised if things are kind of up in the air for a while...we're working on getting the site up to an even higher quality standard. So, as usual, be patient. We're working on it! ^_^



It's time once again for an update. Thanks to the efforts of NekoGirl, -Krista, and Mara, a bunch of new episodes have been uploaded. Win Lose and Kaboom is now available in .rar format and two Spanish episodes, See Jimmy Run and My Son the Hampster, are also up. Who's Your Mommy, Send in the Clones, Make Room for Daddy-O, Jimmy Goes to College, and See Jimmy run bring the standard episode count up to 38. So check out the episode download page to get the latest eppies. In addition, Sunshinedaydream's fic, "Maid of Honor" is now available on the fanfic mainpage. We HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you are an S/L fan. The 3rd volume of "The Other Side of Tomorrow" is also now available on the Feature Fanfics page. Finally, if you haven't already signed up for Gigi's JN fanclub newsletter, you should! This month's edition was great, with an interview with Keith Alcorn and everything! Email to sign up.



The new year brings some changes to IDOJ! First of all, as you may have noticed, we're in the middle of re-doing the entire fanart section. We added some new pictures, changed the background, and changed the image organization from by artist to by subject. This is an ongoing process and we're still experiencing some glitches, so bear with us. '07 also brings with it some changes to the fanfiction section. The newly added feature, "Mara's Fanfic Wishlist" shows the fanfics we REALLY want but have not gotten permission to use yet because the author obviously doesn't know how much we LOVE them. Anyway, if you see your fic on the wishlist, PLEASE send it to us! Also, Ally is in Japan, so Mara's pretty much taking over site stuff for now despite the fact that midterms are eating her alive. In other news, akstylish has volunteered to help us get the episodes onto our server...hopefully. Please confirm this akstylish! Finally, the first volume of Mara's fic is up, and volume 2 hits the boards January 19th. Happy New Year everyone!



Merry Christmas, Mele Kalikimaka, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, een plesierige kerfees, Chung Mung Giang Sinh, & all that good stuff. And, if mentioning Merry Christmas in all those languages wasn't politically correct enough for you, then Happy Hannukah, happy Kwanzaa, happy other religious event, or happy non-religious winter celebration. Whatever floats your boat, man! Anyway, to all of you who have been EAGERLY awaiting the arrival of Mara's fanfic, The Other Side of Tomorrow, only to find your plans FOILED by a faulty link, this link is actually not faulty. Rather, Mara just hasn't uploaded the first volume yet, since she still has several author's notes, dedications, etc. and one illustration to finish. As soon as she wraps all that stuff up, the links will be accessible. Sorry to torture you guys for so long...she would have finished it a couple of days ago, but it IS Christmas, and family comes before fanfic, both in order of importance and in alphabetical order. So just a day or two more, OK? That said, enjoy your time with your family and to eat a WHOLE bunch of pie, because Christmas is really the only time of year you can eat until you're ready to pop without feeling too much shame whatsoever. Woohoo! Yeah!




Well people, shocking as it sounds, we FINALLY uploaded "Red Eyes and Black Clothes" by Cami and "Strange Things" by Ally onto the feature fanfics section of IDOJ. Ya, uh-huh. Sorry it took like...FIVE months or so, but editing two 60ish page fanfictions is a daunting task for anyone, especially when they are riddled with typos. But, fortunately for you (and for Mara's aching wrists) they are done and ready for your reading pleasure. Chances are they still contain typos, but hey, even our superhuman spellchecking abilities have their limits. Anyway, go check them out! And keep an eye out for Mara's fanfic "The Other Side of Tomorrow", which, if we're lucky, might be finished sometime next YEAR. LOL.



Wow, sorry about the HUGE lapse in updates guys. We've been doing most of our updating on the forums, so check there if it seems like we've been out of touch for awhile. Anyway, in response to the complaints that we haven't been updating the main site, I have several things to say. Firstly, the process of uploading new episodes to the site has come to a SCREECHING halt due to the unforeseen closure of Whether the site will remain down is unknown...we need to talk to Sammickk... In addition to this problem, people haven't been submitting ANY music videos and there hasn't been any artwork or fanfiction either. I actually have to go scouting on Deviantart to find any decent submissions. So, if you have art, finished fanfics, or fanvids sitting around on your harddrive, please send them in! Art can be attached to an email as a .jpg or .png file, and word documents need to be saved as either a .doc or .txt file (.doc is preferable since it preserves formatting) and attached to the email. However, videos need to be in .wmv or .avi format (NOT in .wmm AKA windows movie maker format) and sent using or Whew! What a mouthful! To answer another question that has been frequently posed, Steph no longer works on the site, having become a much bigger Avatar than JN fan, and Cami simply vanished from the face of the internet. So, it's down to Ally and me. We appreciate your help, but don't worry, we're doing just fine. We want to give you guys a big fat virtual cookie and a pat on the back for being so patient with us!



Wow, long time no update! OK, a couple of things here: we've taken care of that fanfiction backlog and now we're itching for more! Let's get some more music video, fanfic, and fanart submissions here! LOL. While you're at it, we'd love all the help we can get on those character bios far nobody has volunteered to help. Seriously people. This is called a fansite for a reason, not a "Mara and Ally site". We're also looking for some if you have your very own JN related website or know someone who does, give us a ring! OK, that's all for now!



Sorry about the major lapse in updates has started back up again, and that means...we're swamped! SWAMPED I tell you! Between school, homework, extracurricular activities, jobs, and a social life, we have very little time left for goofing off on the internet. Rest assured, we don't tend to abandon this site; rather, we'll just be a little less "regular" in our updates. Speaking of updating, we have a bunch of new mv's for you to see! We also have a MAJOR fanfiction cloggage...we've received tons of submissions but we just haven't had time to deal with them yet. So, if you've sent us something and haven't heard back yet, don't feel bad. We're working on it.



Good news people! Not only do we now have Lady Sings the News, El Magnifico, AND How to Sink a Sub, but we finally got the Forums up and running! I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty darn awesome. So go on, check them out! It'll be just like the message boards, only without moderators breathing down your necks (instead, Ally and Mara will be doing that xD ).



Great news everyone! We finally got a hold of Lady Sings the News!!! We'll try to get it uploaded to our site soon, but first we need to get the video's owner to send it to us = ^.^ =. In other news, Mara FINALLY finished Jimmy's character bio and she also completed a new music video called "Rocket Man," so be sure to check it out. Well, that's all for now!



'Sup guys? (Hehe)

Anyway, we've got quite a lot to cover today! First off, we've got three new music videos up and running. "The Girl Next Door", a Cindy-Jimy-Betty love triangle m.v., as well as "Straight Up" and "I'm Alive", both submitted by JimmyNhero. All three are awesome videos, so make sure to take the time to check 'em out! We were also lucky enough to recieve two new fanfics. "Sugar, We're Going Down" by Stripes, and "Videogame Chaos" by Mr. Muscle are both gripping adventures. Over in the Fan Art section, our talented administrator Mara has submitted some more drawings that are definitely worth checking out. All right, one final thing. This may be the most important update of the week. We are desperately struggling to get those character bios completed, but they are rather time consuming and frankly, we just don't have enough time to care for the site and write the bios. So, we are turning to you, our dedicated users, and pleading for help! Simply visit our Character Profiles page, select a character that has not yet been written about, and start writing! You can look to some of the completed bios for ideas on what to include. However, you can keep in mind that many of the characters that are yet to be profiled play relatively small roles in the series. Therefore, their bios don't need to be pages and pages in length. Just make sure that your work is high quality! Once you've completed the bio, please email it to Thanks for your time!



Hey everyone,

long time no update! We've got a lot to tell you! For starters, we just got two new fanfic submissions..."Under the Waterfall" by Hyeree, and "If Only" by Jimlover54. Both are excellent stories, so be sure to check them out! I'm sure the authors would be very excited  if you did. Also, we've uploaded quite a few season 3 episodes, which are now available to view in our episodes section. We're working on getting the whole series online, but trust us, it's a VERY long process. Let's see, what else...oh yes! We recently got a request for a music video to the song "Accidentally in Love" by the Counting Crows, and Mara has just finished that up. In final news, we have a bit of a administrative shift here on idreamofjimmy. Cami and Steph have relinquished their administrative duties...but since Ally owns the site and Mara designed most of it, their absence shouldn't make too much of a difference. We'll miss them though!



Hey everyone,

what's up? We just added a new vid called "A Star is Born" (thanks to Ashley for yet another great submission) and also updated the art galleries with some new pictures. We've been getting a lot of great artwork, so keep it coming! A few reminders:: if you get the chance, register for an email account! It's free and totally confidential...we would never give your info away to spammers. Also, we're a bit short on fanfic submissions, so dig around on your hard drive for any JN stories you've written. We'd LOVE to have them. Also, Mara will be on a trip to Ohio from July 12th to the 19th, so direct any questions/requests you may have to Ally. Thanks a bunch!



Guess what y'all? The fanart page has been given a complete overhaul, and we now have three lovely galleries full of artwork for you to view! We'd LOVE to expand this page, so please send us your artwork at From doodles to anime, we'll take 'em all! Also, we added a new music video: "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. Special thanks to NeutronMoviesInc for submitting it.



Thanks to Mara, the episode page has been updated! You can visit the page for more information regarding the future of the page, as well as admire the beautiful job Mara did with the background! We have also been receiving some awesome fanart, so keep checking back for more there! However, don't think that means you should wait to submit! We would love to have your work on the site. (Just remember, it needs to be related to Jimmy Neutron.) Feel free to contribute your own music videos too, or, you can place a request for a video. Just email us at Thanks!



Music Video Viewing: If you use Mozilla Firefox or Netscape as an internet browser, you may have already noticed that you are unable to view the music videos. I would recommend using Internet Explorer to browse IDreamofJimmy, as it will make most things easier for you. A high speed connection would certainly help to speed things along as well. Thanks, and happy viewing!




Hello, Bonjour, Salut, Konnichiwa, Hola, Hallo, Ciao, Aloha, 'Sup dawgs...and all that jazz. We just uploaded a bunch of new videos including Behind Blue Eyes, I Predict a Riot, Eye of the Tiger, I'll Never Love Again, Supergirl, and Geeks Get the Girls. This brings our music video count to 21 altogether, and we're still adding more. Go us! Hmm, what else? Ahh, yes. We just added a new graphic on our homepage...our new site "logo" if you will. Special thanks to Mara for her mad Photoshop talents and ridiculously large amount of time invested. That's all for now...

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