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Libby Music

Hello and welcome to the Music Videos Page, now listed in alphabetical order (so you can easily find all your fave vids)!

If you'd like to watch a music video, just click on the title! If a box comes up and appears to be downloading something, don't worry. It's just creating a temporary folder so you can view it using Windows Media Player or a similar program. If for some reason you feel particularly attached to a certain music video, you can also right click and select "save target as" to save the mv to your computer.

We're no longer updating this page with new music videos, so if you'd like to share yours, please post it on the forums instead!

A Love Meant to Be    Title: A Love Meant to Be  

    Song By: Beyonc�
    Presentation by: MissAshP.Y.T.

All of your Love
    Title: All of Your Love
    Song By: HelloGoodbye
    Presentation by: Krista

Amaranth by Laura
    Title: Amaranth 
    Song By: NightWish
    Presentation by: Laura (Fire Pearl)

Too late to Apologize
    Title: Apologize
    Song By: TimbaLand
    Presentation by: Rachel (CraazyOne)

 A Star is born                           
    Title: A Star is Born 

    Song From: Hercules Soundtrack
    Presentation by: Ashley (retroville9)

Dumbfounded Cindy - Accidentally in love     Title: Accidentally in Love   

     Song By: The Counting Crows
     Presentation by: Mara S.

Beat it!     Title: Beat it (Greatest Fight Scenes)
     Song By: Michael Jackson
     Presentation by: MissAshP.Y.T.

blue eyes    Title: Behind Blue Eyes
    Song By: The Who
    Presentation by: Ally

Sheen getting Zapped     Title: Best Years of Our Lives
     Song By: The Baha Men
     Presentation by: Mara S.

breakfast in America
    Title: Breakfast in America  
    Song By: Supertramp
    Presentation by: Alex

Carl     Title: Burning Love
    Song By: Wynonna
    Presentation by: Kohirihiri

The Boys are Back in town    Title: Boys are Back in Town
    Song By: Thin Lizzy
    Presentation by: Katie


Chicken dance    Title: Chicken Dance     
    Song By: Stupid
    Presentation by: Mara S.

Cinderella     Title: Cinderella
     Song By: Play
     Presentation by: Mara S.

  Libby scary                             
    Title: Come on Get Happy (A "One of Us" Tribute)
     Song By: The Partridge Family
     Presentation by: Mara S.

Cosmic Castaway    Title: Cosmic Castaway   

    Song By: Electrasy
    Presentation by: Mara S.

crash and burn     Title: Crash and Burn
     Song By: Savage Garden
     Presentation by: Ashley (Retroville9)

Sheen dancing    Title: Dance Dance
    Song By: Fallout Boy
    Presentation by: Ally


Dancing in the Moonlight image    Title: Dancing in the Moonlight     
    Song By: Toploader
    Presentation by: Pigquet

Dare you to Move    Title: Dare you to Move 
    Song By: Switchfoot
    Presentation by: Rachel

hDevil woman, a video by Mara S.
    Title: Devil Woman 
    Song By: Cliff Richards
    Presentation by: Mara S.

Diary of Jane, a video by Mara S.
    Title: Diary of Jane
    Song By: Breaking Benjamin
    Presentation by: Mara S.

Don't Stop Me Now by Kohirihiri    Title: Don't Stop Me Now 

    Song By: Queen
    Presentation by: Kohirihiri

Attack of the People named Frank Johnson    Title: Dragostea Din Tei
    Song By: O-zone
    Presentation by: Kohirihiri

Drops of Jupiter    Title: Drops of Jupiter  

    Song by: Train
    Presentation by: Nicolette

karate    Title: Down for the Count
    Song By: Bowling For Soup
    Presentation by: Kohirihiri

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