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Unlike most Nickelodeon cartoons, which generally end with a movie, Jimmy Neutron began with one. Jimmy and his friends made their grand debut in the feature film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

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The film, released in 2001, did well in the box offices, with the tagline "Blasting Into Theaters". It was animated using Lightwave 3D and Messiah Studio (Lightwave was also used in such famous films as Jurassic Park, Titanic, The X-Files, and Iron Man). Written by John A. Davis and Steve Oedekerk, the movie introduced Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Libby, Cindy, and a number of other side characters like Nick Dean and Jimmy's parents. For those who haven't seen the film, here's a quick plot summary: after every single adult in town is abducted by the 'Yolkians', a group of hostile, egg-themed aliens, the kids build a fleet of intergalactic starships and set off to rescue them. The movie is brimming with typical Jimmy Neutron humor, and a cute naiveté that is lacking in the television series.

Speaking of which...
The Adventures of
              Jimmy Neutron

After the success of the movie, Jimmy Neutron blasted onto Nickelodeon with the show we all are familiar with: "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius". The show ran from 2002 until 2006, for a total of 3 seasons. Members of the production crew have stated that its eventual cancellation was due not a lack of viewership, but rather because of budget concerns, since episodes were costly to produce and Nickelodeon didn't want to foot the bill anymore. Money can't buy great TV, though, and to this day the series maintains an 8.5 rating, or "great" rating on tv.com. A spinoff series, "Planet Sheen", aired in 2010, but was canceled after only 1 season thanks to its low popularity (its tv.com rating is 4.9, or poor).


The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron boasted a number of talented and widely-known voice artists.

Main Characters

Jimmy Neutron          
     ~voiced by Debi Derryberry                                                     

     ~to visit Debi's website, click [here]
Debi Derryberry

     ~voiced by Frank Welker                                                  

     ~to visit Franks's website, click here: [link]
Frank Welker

Carl Wheezer
    ~voiced by Rob Paulsen
    ~to visit Rob Paulsen's site, click [here]
Rob Paulsen

Sheen Estevez
    ~voiced by Jeffrey Garcia
    ~To learn more about Jeff Garcia, click [here]
Jeff Garcia

Cindy Vortex
    ~voiced by Carolyn Lawrence
    ~To learn more about Carolyn, click

Carolyn Lawrence

Libby Folfax
    ~voiced by Crystal Scales
    ~Crystal's Wikipedia Page:  [link]
Crystal Scales

Minor Characters:
  • Judy Neutron - Megan Cavanagh
  • Hugh Neutron - Mark DeCarlo
  • Winifred Fowl - Andrea Martin
  • Nick Dean- Candi Milo
  • Britney - Candi Milo
  • Ultralord - Jim Cummings
  • Bolbi Stroganofsky - Phil LaMarr
  • Sam Melnick - Billy West
  • April the Gorlock  - Alyssa Milano
  • Coach Gruber - Jim Belushi 


  • King Goobot - S. Scott Bullock
  • Ooblar - Martin Short
  • Professor Calamitous - Tim Curry
  • Beautiful Gorgeous - Wendie Malick
  • Eustace Strych - Rob Paulsen
  • Grandma Taters - Edie McClurg
  • The Junkman - Charlie Adler
  • Tee (sort of a villain) - Kevin Michael Richardson 
  • Zix - Maurice LaMarche
  • Meldar - Tim Allen

Production, Cast,
              and Crew
Directed by:
  • Keith Alcon
  • John A. Davis
  • Mike Gasaway
Produced by:
  • Keith Alcorn - executive producer, producer
  • Benjamin Gilberg - line producer
  • Albie Hecht - executive producer
  • Paul Marshal - producer
  • Steve Oedekerk - executive producer, producer
  • Julia Pistor - executive producer
  • Jed Spingarn - co-executive producer (2003)
  • Jed Spingarn - supervising producer (2002)
  • Victor Wilson - co-producer
Written by:
  • John A. Davis - creator
  • Steven Banks - head writer
  • Evan Gore - writer
  • Gene Grillo - writer
  • Butch Hartman - writer
  • Steve Oedekerk - writer
  • Chris Painter - writer
  • Tom Sheppard - writer
  • Jed Spingarn - writer
  • Darwin Vickers - writer
  • To view the full list, and to see who wrote each episode, go here: Episode Writers List

Original Music by:
  • Charlie Brissette
  • Brian Causey
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