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Note: We only link to COMPLETED fanfics on this page...and though we gave priority to our faves, we tried to include a number of different genres and pairings. Some of the fics are hosted here on IDOJ, while others are located on fanfiction.net. If you'd like to give the authors feedback or check out some in-progress fics, head on over to the forums. Once you're there, you can also request that your fic be added to this page!

Jimmy Neutron Fanfics Hosted on IDOJ

The Other Side of Tomorrow

Author: Mara S.
After Jimmy's latest teleportation experiment fails, the gang finds themselves plunged into an alternate universe. There, they become entangled in a deadly conflict and slowly begin to piece together a vision of their own future far too terrible to imagine. ILLUSTRATED!

Red Eyes and Black Clothes
Author: Cami
Summary: The funniest freakin' thing you will ever read, that's what.

Invasion of the Soil Snatchers (season 4, episode 1)

Summary: As Jimmy leaves town for a trip to NASA, a new batch of villainous aliens arrive in Retroville - and they are bent on destroying the town for their own greedy, dirt-mining purposes! Can Cindy lead the gang to save the day and prove herself the genius she always strives to be? Designed to be a continuation of the show we all know and love, this "episode" picks up just after the end of season 3. Enjoy!

Cindyrella (season 4, episode 2)

Summary: This fic is based off of Karin's suggestion for a fairy-tale themed episode!

Under the Waterfall
Author: Hyeree
Summary: The gang goes on a vacation, but what happens when Cindy decides she and Jimmy need a little one-on-one?

Maid of Honor
Author: SunshineDayDream

Summary: Jimmy and Cindy are getting married. Sheen and Libby, now in their 20s, meet again after being broken up for five years.

If Only
Author: Jimlover54
Summary: It's just a simple visit to the lake, right? Not for our five favorite teens. As the day wears on, hormones break out between our favorite couples and night brings hidden desires. But what do you do when all you do is think negatively and hide your true feelings?

Author: Beks
Summary: It's Mother's Day in Retroville...but why is Sheen so sad?

The Phantom of the Halloween Party

Summary: When someone - or something- crashes Cindy's Halloween Party, she's forced to go to Jimmy for help...the only person she didn't invite.

A Day in the Life of Goddard
Author: Snazzo
Summary: The story of just another day in Retroville, told from Goddard's perspective.

Tomb of Doom
Summary: A mysterious phone call leads Retroville's Boy Genius, Jimmy Neutron, to the headquarters of S.E.F.S., where he receives a life or death mission. Apparently, Professor Calamitous has concocted another maniacal plan to take over the world. But to do it, he needs five precious stones that he hid in Queen Howsaboutislapya's Tomb...and he's forgotten where they are. It's up to Jimmy and his friends to travel to Egypt and retrieve them before Professor Calamitous does - and the whole world is depending on them. But with wild desert animals, sandstorms, mummies, Jimmy and Cindy's constant rivalry, (Ultralord Stories), and just plain bad luck, how can they possibly succeed?

Pink Dresses
Author: SollunaEstrella
Betty agonizes over whether or not she should or could ever win Jimmy's heart.

Fanfics hosted on

To Cross the Rubicon
Author: pottergal
It all started with a simple bet...but ends with an unexpected twist. Where will it lead our two heroes?

Confessions of a Moron
Author: HermioneCrookshanks919
Jimmy never imagined that asking Cindy to try out his newest invention could end so disastrously. Why was it that whenever he tried to include her, she took it as, "I want to kill you"?

Dojo Dialogue
Author: WeAsLeYkid8
Everyone has their days, and for Cindy, this particular one was pretty bad. When Jimmy discovers Cindy trying to deal with her problems, an interesting talk ensues between them.

About a Boy and a Girl
Author: Katia
One shots dealing with Cindy and Jimmy's relationship. A-Z, going from before the movie till the end of the series and beyond. Now completed.

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